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TMZ Live: Sheen in Bad Shape, Cutler Walks

1/27/2011 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Far from your average TMZ Live today -- Charlie Sheen was hospitalized this AM after a serious bender -- forcing Harvey inside the newsroom to take care of business ... live as it happens. Plus a question for Shevonne, Robin from Ohio asks a question via Skype, Dax fills in for a bit, and Twitter questions galore!!


AND ... if you want to ask a question live during the show via Skype, email us your info (name, phone number, Skype ID) by clicking the pic below!!!


(0:00) Charlie Sheen was hospitalized this morning after a serious bender ... and Harvey catches us up on all the latest.
(2:55) TMZ will be involved in the Super Bowl pregame show!!! Harvey is stoked.
(4:55) Why isn't Shevonne a fan of Christopher Reeve?
(6:50) The Tila Tequila sex tape ... the latest with Mike.
(8:25) Harvey bails on TMZ Live to handle a story in the newsroom ... and we watch LIVE as he takes care of business. Jason is left all alone.
(13:50) Backup finally arrives ... and it's Dax.
(14:40) Robin from Ohio asks a question via Skype: Is Charlie Sheen's body giving out?
(17:45) More changes ... Jason leaves, Harvey returns ... and he digs Robin's digs.
(21:40) OH NO ... now Dax has to leave -- Harvey's on his own now.
(22:00) Twitter questions: What's up with the Jay Cutler video? Snooki and Jwoww's script leaked ... will it affect the show's ratings?
(23:00) Crazy day ... over and out.


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Does harvey masterbate on a regular basis? Who in studio would best fit in with charlie at one of his parties?

1367 days ago


Please no more skype call ins!

1367 days ago


Charlie Sheen's symptoms - and being serious - could be acute pancreatitis. Alcohol causes this among other drugs and medical situations. If this is the case - the problem has a 50% mortality rate. With more information one can determine if this is higher or lower if this is what is transpiring with him. He is too young for other acute abdominal issues - obviously appendicitis, acute bowel obstruction are in the differential as are toxic reactions to medications/drugs and toxicities. If it is indeed serious - then it is a big problem.

1367 days ago


I think charlie just found his missing Patek Philippe watch.
Capri Anderson put it in charlies bum.

1367 days ago

Julie G.    

Why does ANYONE care about Charlie Sheen?
He's a spoiled brat who needs a good slap across
his face.
He's 45 years old....time to grow up. If not, then
let the chips fall where they may.

1367 days ago

Mat Trevino    

Who would you pick to replace Charlie on the show????

1367 days ago


The Skype segment of the live show is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

Everything else is great...especially the outside part!!


1367 days ago


Hi TMZ how come Canada is such a pile of ****. The country is run by pedophiles who have drugged, raped, & killed children for decades. Ya I know you know what I'm talking about which makes you all losers. Randy Quaid said it, how many countries has America bombed killing women & children playing your game because your all pedophiles. Stephen Harper is a pedophile & so is Obama. You continue to allow the **** to happen & were still [playing who the most attractive women is? They are disgusting & ugly, all women are whores.

1367 days ago

who dat    

Cut the skype questions down. I don't tune in to listen to hacks banter with the TMZ staff. Charlie Sheen is already dead. What you don't understand is, you can't save someone from themself. Get Sheens obit ready.

1367 days ago


Oprah just come out already everyone knows that your a lesbo. John T should not play gotti since he is a *** just like Tom cruz and Ryan seacreast!!!

1367 days ago


Why do you tape so early, even though you are in CA. Why not tape later in the day or morning when you can better get fresh news and /or get a handle on more of the days news and breeaking news...

1367 days ago


i hope he's not trying to commit suicide.

im sure lindsay likes all this sheen madness

1367 days ago


I never cared for Christopher Reeves either. Many years ago Morgot Kidder (I think that's the name) accused Reeves of what would amount to a crime if it were true. Never heard anything else about it, but I remained negative on Reeves.
Shevonne doesn't need a reason to dislike C. R. or anyone else. Most of us don't love EVERYBODY. I love how honest she is, even when she holds an unpopular opinion.

1367 days ago


You guys are really going to be disappointed if doesn't die, aren't you?

1367 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

dude. tmz, all the 'porn talk' on your site keeps getting me kicked off of public library computers....just a mention. take that as you like!!!!!!!

1367 days ago
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