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TMZ Live: Sheen in Bad Shape, Cutler Walks

1/27/2011 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Far from your average TMZ Live today -- Charlie Sheen was hospitalized this AM after a serious bender -- forcing Harvey inside the newsroom to take care of business ... live as it happens. Plus a question for Shevonne, Robin from Ohio asks a question via Skype, Dax fills in for a bit, and Twitter questions galore!!


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(0:00) Charlie Sheen was hospitalized this morning after a serious bender ... and Harvey catches us up on all the latest.
(2:55) TMZ will be involved in the Super Bowl pregame show!!! Harvey is stoked.
(4:55) Why isn't Shevonne a fan of Christopher Reeve?
(6:50) The Tila Tequila sex tape ... the latest with Mike.
(8:25) Harvey bails on TMZ Live to handle a story in the newsroom ... and we watch LIVE as he takes care of business. Jason is left all alone.
(13:50) Backup finally arrives ... and it's Dax.
(14:40) Robin from Ohio asks a question via Skype: Is Charlie Sheen's body giving out?
(17:45) More changes ... Jason leaves, Harvey returns ... and he digs Robin's digs.
(21:40) OH NO ... now Dax has to leave -- Harvey's on his own now.
(22:00) Twitter questions: What's up with the Jay Cutler video? Snooki and Jwoww's script leaked ... will it affect the show's ratings?
(23:00) Crazy day ... over and out.


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en Todo Momento!!    

oh, i guess parents want to simply watch people like sheen on 'two and a half men', but not give a chuck what he does in his free time....such as promote the porno industry...yeah, i guess that makes a whole lotta sense!!!!!!! then be bothered when someone else does read about that. geeze, some adults are kinda dumb.

1334 days ago


Thank you thank you thank you for the Jay Cutler video. All the local sports geeks here in Chicago are defending the guy and criticizing fans who think he quit on the team. Your video tells the true story: He faked an injury to get out of the game with almost the entire half to go.

Thanks for the truth.

1334 days ago


Can you please put TMZ live back on your App so I can watch it in it's entirety? Mobile re-cap is not sufficient.

1334 days ago


Ok, the school cop that had the mug shot drawn -- was really trying to say DEE SNYDER of Twisted Sister did the deed right??? Looks just like him!!!

1334 days ago

Grannie Goldie    

Could this be a death watch for Charlie? Guy is overdue and the vultures are lurking. What a waste. Booze and drugs will do it every time.

1334 days ago


Why can't Martin Sheen get a 5150 order on Charlie? He's been hospitalized at least three times recently and his behaviour with the hooker in NY shows he can be a danger to others as well as himself?

1334 days ago
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