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'Idol' Contestant's Older Man -- That's Her Fiance!

1/28/2011 6:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" hopeful Jackie Wilson isn't just dating the CONSIDERABLY older gentleman she was smooching on "Idol" last night -- they are getting married!

American Idol Jackie Wilson
Turns out Jackie, 28,  and Phil Martin, 52, hooked up in May 2010 ... and got engaged in October. Sources tell us the two are like "high school sweethearts" -- except when he graduated high school, she was six years away from being born!

We're told they had to push back their wedding date because of "Idol," but hope to get hitched in Napa in June.



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Sociopaths are Sad    

Okay, NO ONE is jealous of this couple. I'm sure their union elicits a lot of emotions...but jealousy is not one of them.

1362 days ago


Don't push the wedding date back too far, . . . you might have to get married in a hospice . . .

1362 days ago


Basically it is no ones business but I guess it would be better if she hooked up with some loser closer to her age that will run off and leave her alone or leave her as a single unwed mother. Only in America do people really think that it is wrong for an older guy to marry a younger woman unless it is in hollywood and I stand by what I said Jealousy controls those who think his age should be a deciding factor

1362 days ago


What's really creepy is the number of young girls who openly state they would screw David Bowie. He's a lot older than this guy. Ewww.

OTH, I know a few couples with a 20 year age gap who are still happily married.

1362 days ago


hmmm... wonder if it's the same "millionaire" (per another poster) who's been a convicted felon since 1970 and has a huge rap sheet with recent felonies? If it's the same Phillip J. Martin, I wouldn't advertise it/him/the relationship on American Idol.

Same Phillip J Martin

1361 days ago


who cares. it's not our business. who can say. And he isn't a hollywood star so he may very well be 52. You all are just used to hollywood plastic surgery looks.

1361 days ago


LOL, you're probably right Al =)


My wife is 29 and I am 53. We have been married for 10 years. You young boys are jealous because she would rather marry a man than some little boy. You are not a man until you hit 40.

Posted at 8:18 PM on Jan 28, 2011 by AL

1361 days ago

steve I remember where I saw him....In my History book,,civil war chapter!!!!

1361 days ago


Let's see...follow the money or this guys hung like a horse and yea he's 52 like Jimmy Hoffa is the trunk of my car.

1361 days ago


Old man balls want fun too!!!

1361 days ago


I don't know fordtocarr...i'm 55 and my son is 33, sounds like ur relatonship with ur husband. I can't see it..

1361 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Eww.. That's kind of gross!

Believe what you want but the guy is 52 yrs old. He's also a millionare
Posted at 2:59 PM on Jan 28, 2011 by Yup

Oooh! He's kind of cute!! :)

1361 days ago


There is 24 years difference in my wife and my age and we've been happily married for almost 30 years. Just goes to illustrate how little some of you know about life..

1361 days ago


It's just crazy to box yourself into numbers. People are people. Do you sit around thinking geez my man/woman is such and such number, everyday? As long as you have shared interests and love and commitment, age is a number. We never get looked at as having an age difference and we never think about it. There is a 23 year difference and I'm female and the oldest. I've only ever had younger men ask me out throughout my life. Youthful spirits meet up with younger people as they are doing things and having fun pursuits still in life.

1361 days ago


I'm a bit flummoxed by all this hysteria. We don't know these people. It looks odd, but they may very well be extremely happy together. And not for nothing, but the woman is almost 30. She's not a young, innocent creature who doesn't understand what she's doing. My husband and I are 21 years apart. I met him when I was 26 and he was 47. I had a strict policy on not dating anyone more than 10 years my senior, and even that was pushing it. Then I met him, and I knew. There was just no one else. He's not rich, but he is responsible, kind, honest, loyal, and a great family man. He's also a more loving and constant father to my little girl than her biological father. I'm not saying the age thing is always appropriate. Sometimes it is plain gross. but these two are both old enough, consenting adults. Let it be. It's not our business!

1361 days ago
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