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Charlie Sheen

Checks into Rehab

1/28/2011 7:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen voluntarily checked himself in to an undisclosed rehab facility earlier today ... and his show "Two and a Half Men" has been placed on indefinite "hiatus" while he undergoes treatment.

"Two and a Half Men" producers released a statement saying, "Due to Charlie Sheen’s decision to enter a rehabilitation center, CBS, Warner Bros. Television and executive producer Chuck Lorre are placing “Two and a Half Men” on production hiatus."

The statement continues, "We are profoundly concerned for his health and well-being, and support his decision."

Sheen's publicist tells us, "He is most grateful to all who have expressed their concern."

As TMZ previously reported, Sheen had a briefcase of cocaine delivered to his mansion during a 36-hour bender earlier this week ... and was hospitalized early Thursday morning for a hiatal hernia.


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I thought it was illegal to have cocaine. Why does he not get charged and regular people do.This is not right. Too many people in the system getting pay offs. If they don't charge him then they should never charge another person with that crime

1363 days ago


he'll be dead before 2012.

1363 days ago


Rehab won't work for him. He needs a mental hospital.

1363 days ago


As the man said, if you can afford rehab, you don't have a f***ing problem yet. If you can still afford a mansion, porn stars, and a briefcase full of blow, what does that mean?

As a side note, there is no way in hell a middle class guy like me could pull as much crap as Sheen has without getting a lengthy prison sentence. Everyone is equal before the law, but some are more equal than others.

1363 days ago


HAH - seen him do it, done it, how many times before. Didn't he and Brooke have sober coaches while on vacay? Let's face it, Charlie's gonna do what Charlie wants to do. In all honesty he should be in jail on coke charges.

1363 days ago


You don't recover from smoking crack especially when you don't think you have a problem.

1363 days ago

W Harrington    

That's around 100 people (crew) now out of work while this empty shell of human being carries on just being himself.

1363 days ago


cop dogger

1363 days ago


Way to go Charlie, humiliate your children and show what an idiot you truly are, then run to rehab. Hope you stay, doubt you will. This will be what? Eighth trip in the last year alone? Tell your spin drs they are fired, get yourself some real help before your train is totally derailed

1363 days ago

think about it.    

who cares?? your not there because you hit rock bottom. you there to save you arse's job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your not ready and you know it you love the life your leading.. sad. it only leads to a cold grave

1363 days ago


does he have to tell us why he's in rehab?....duh!!

1363 days ago


About time. My guess is it won't last and he won't stay. Real fine way to embarass your children Charlie. Keep up the good work.

1363 days ago


briefcase full of cocaine??? cocaine is illegal, thousands of people are being murdered so this pathetic excuse of a loser can have a "bender"... dont we have a DEA??? if they gonna arrest the $10 an hour mexican crossing the border with kilos you better beleive they should go after this jerk and all other celebs---

1363 days ago


Yeah..whatever happened to the much touted

24/7 "Coach" who was supposed to watch this moron? What'd he do? probably LINES with old Charlie boy...,those "coach's" are addicts too...

1363 days ago


This is a win-win all the way around. Charlie gets a break before he does himself in, the show gets more PR and can keep the star going longer before he sooner or later offs himself, plus everyone in his circle can hope he'll change. Reality is he'll be back at work soon enough and living the same lifestyle again, before you know it. It doesn't appear this guy will take this seriously(based on his track record) and he's only doing it to get people off his back for a while. Prove us wrong Charlie.

P.S. - the staff on the show will need to file UI for the period they're off and won't be paid. At least the flunkies.

1363 days ago
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