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Vietnam War Saves 'CHiPs' Star from Jail

1/28/2011 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Wilcox – star of the '80s show  “CHiPs” -- was spared a jail sentence for his role in a financial scheme ... partly because he fought in the Vietnam War.

Larry Wilcox

Wilcox -- had recently pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and was facing up to five years in federal prison.  Instead, Wilcox was sentenced to 3 years probation and 500 hours of community service.

After Wilcox shed a few tears inside the courtroom, the judge explained the actor was spared the slammer because of his service in Vietnam coupled with his extensive record of community service.

Wilcox joined the Marines in 1967 and spent 13 months in Vietnam as an artilleryman.

Semper Fi.


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Mike is right. Prison and judicial statistics will bear him out. And I am not black, by the way. It is unconsciounable that a judge would be influenced by an actor's tears and not do the right thing. Securities fraud should not be punished by community service. Even Martha Stewart had to serve time for lying about her securities infraction.

Posted at 10:54 AM on Jan 28, 2011 by Barb


Sorry, but nowhere does it say the judge was influenced by the actors tears. The judge stated he we influenced by the fact Wilcox is in his an old man who has no prior record, has served his country in war at a time when it was never more popular to NOT serve your county, and the fact that he has a long standing record of involving himself in community service type projects that benefits local communities.

But yeah toss him under the bus because black people get a bumm rap too. Nevermind actually pursuing justice for all. Heck why don't we just enact Sharia law while we're at it. Forget those ideals of due process and all of that other nonsense. /sarcasm

Personally i don't see any problem with him getting the sentence he did. Some crimes just don't warrant serious jail time, or any jail time at all.

And don't even get me started about Martha Stewart. She was overcharged, very publicly prosecuted in a prosecutorially self agrandizing way, and sentenced harshly by a judge who was publicly pressured to not look soft when sentencing a world renown celebrity for a white collar crime. As i said to Mike, throwing everyone else under the bus too because some get a bumm rap isn't the solution, it's just creating further problems. The solution is to fix the damned problem that is racially biased sentencing, our seeking a harsher sentence then normal just because someone is famous, like Martha Stewart.

1341 days ago

george clooney    

Gosh Mike....whoa is me? Whoa are blacks? So, lets examine your complaint Mike....if it had been a black man, he would have gone to jail....uh....did the black man who did this also put a knife in the head of someone? Or kill someone besides the white collar crime? Well then, you have your answer Mike and we were only here for a couple of minutes. I have not read any articles on a white man who bit off the ear of another man to get ahead of him, have you? I did not see any articles where 9.9 out of 10 sport stars are at clubs with guns at 3AM in the morning, who just happen to be WHITE, have you Mike? I have not read any articles where a white QB tells another football player he is going to crush his head in for making a comment, have you? I sense a lot of violence here Mike....and could you help me out it the whites who are the violent group? Come on Mike, be honest.....noooooooo, be honest Mike...ok, so your head is going up and down and you are smiling and agreeing. Mike, you actually do see the problem then....ok, now I can go eat some lunch....(and pay for it!)

1341 days ago


Well, he was on CHIPS. Some things are sacred.

1341 days ago


Hollywood justice strikes again. Wilcox's role on chips is the real reason he was let up easy. Larry Wilcox played Officer Jon Baker, and comedic relief sidekick Ponch played by Erik Estrada as macho, rambunctious Officer Francis Poncherello. - Six seasons representing the california highway patrol bike officers doing good on california freeways. However, Larry Wilcox went white coller criminal, and th judge remembered his role on chips, and made an allowlence for this vietnam veteran service as time served. - If officer Jon Baker was black, he would have been thrown in jail because the judge was not black, and does not watch white television shows.

1341 days ago


My husband is a Marine, this man has lost the honor of calling himself that!

1341 days ago


I'm disgusted. Giving this guy a break because he is a marine?, THAT is an insult to the marines - either you get it, or you don't. Obviously this guy doesn't get it - he just gets a break, while breaking a lot of people who's life savings are wrapped up in that mess! Now who is he protecting and serving?!! Makes me sick that he is being touted as a marine

1341 days ago


Mister George...I don't want to get in the way of you eating your beans out of the can. But you're too funny!!! I haven't read any of those articles that you speak of. Brothers have done and said a whole bunch of crazy sh*t...just like every other races. No need to bring up what WHITE people do because unlike you...not trying to make you responsible for them. Enjoy the beans.

1341 days ago


I agree with Mike, and I'm not black by the way. Statistics on prison population and judicial sentances prove him right. And what the hell is wrong with that judge that he would be influenced by an actor's tears?

1341 days ago


Hey gimmeabreak. Give me a break. So, I suppose anyone who is old and has done community service should not be punished for fraud, and securities laws aren't serious? He broke the damn law along with his other pals. And Martha Stewart also broke the law. This is OK with you? I worked in the securities industry. I never saw any other "old man" not serve time for fraud. And if you think the judge wasn't influenced by this actor's tears, you are naive.

1341 days ago

Room Service    

This PUNK lives in the valley where I live.. I see him riding around from time to time.
I always ask him where is Pounch, just to piss him off.

1341 days ago


Thanks Barb! If judges are influenced by tears the jails would be empty because I know dudes cry like babies before sentencing. And its a disservice to Vet's who have served our country with honor to see a criminal get out of jail by flashing his Veteren Card.

1341 days ago


Gee, I help stray dogs and give to Toys for Tots. Does that mean that I can rob a bank?

1341 days ago


Gee, I help stray dogs and give to Toys for Tots. Does that mean that I can rob a bank?

1341 days ago


@ mike - just an observation. Black on black crime has long been a serious issue for the black community. Even Jesse Jackson has said he crosses over the the other side of the street when he see a couple of black guys coming his way, but not if their white.

From the Boston Globe...

"Jesse Jackson, the civil rights leader who rose to prominence seeking justice from white America, is launching a new crusade against black crime by demanding that blacks take responsibility for the violence, drug use and illegitimate births devastating inner-city neighborhoods.

In blunt language marking a sharp turn from the rhetoric he often used as a contender for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination, Jackson is telling black teen-agers and their community leaders that the most pernicious threat to black America now comes from within.

"I am rather convinced that the premier civil rights issue of this day is youth violence in general and black-on-black crime …"

Sorry to say it Mike.. but all of black America's problems don't revolve around whitey keeping them down. Plenty of black people are all to happy to keep their own people mired in the sorry situation so many of them find themselves in. In fact if you look at those judicial conviction records i think you'll find THAT EVEN BLACK JUDGES TEND TO MORE HARSHLY SENTENCE BLACK DEFENDANTS.

That's not to say that white on black racial bias isn't still a problem. But it's only one part of the problem black Americans are facing.

1341 days ago


Mike, you must have a short memory. Scoot up a few items and see Bruno Mars who ALSO just walked away from a prison sentence with only probation and community service. And I read about black athletes here on this very site who do the same. It's these people's FAME and MONEY that gets them out of jail. Let me let you in on a nasty little secret: when I get stopped by cops for traffic violations, I get tickets just like you do. I don't get to do the Lindsay Strut either.

Hope that makes you feel better.

1341 days ago
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