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'Golden Voice' -- The Secret Homeless Money Drop

1/28/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Williams just pulled off a HUGE surprise for the homeless man he shared a tent with on the streets of Ohio -- when he drove up to his friend's corner and dropped off a MAJOR wad of cash.


Sources connected to "Golden Voice" tell us ... shortly after Ted ditched rehab, he reappeared at his old stomping grounds Monday ... but this time he was being driven around in a black SUV.

We're told Ted located a man named Victor (pictured right) -- his best friend and tent-mate on the streets --and immediately pulled over the car.

The reunion was emotional -- and after the men exchanged a hug and some kind words, Ted gave Victor a wad of cash and promised to help him out once he gets his own life back in order.


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Another loser supporting the drug lords. And our companies handing these creeps money like crazy to do so. I wonder how Kraft would feel if we stopped buying their products. I'm sick of supporting these sick a** people. He walked out of rehab after lying big time to Dr. Phil... he wants nothing more then money to purchase drugs with and these companies are giving it to him, they need to back off and stop.

1328 days ago


Sounds like a lot of you are hoping and praying that he ends back on the streets. I'm hoping that he doesn't. He's been there long enough. I'm sure that he realizes that he has to get his sh*t together before he can help someone get theirs together. One thing you can say about him that you can't say about all these other fools out here...he has a skill/talent. So once he gets himself together...his opportunities will come.

1328 days ago


Sure are a lot of negative comments on this board about Ted Williams. I had no idea there were so many people in the media that are jealous.

1328 days ago


#29 - Who would you believe... Dr. Phil or a drug addict? ummmm.... my money is on the Doctor.

1328 days ago

Brandon Hex    

as usual, it's pretty disgusting to read half these comments from people who are and probably never will be homeless and hopeless only to find a way out, if even only for 15 minutes

The world is full of s*** balls and most of them get to spread their hate online while keeping their smart asses mouths shut in the real world

but hey everybody... GOD BLESS CHARLIE SHEEN RIGHT

1328 days ago


Why would Ted want to go back to that sh*thole known as Columbus, OH?

Good way to get back into drinking and drugging--hanging around your old drinking buddies.

Too bad. Someone with so much promise and a great 2nd chance to blow it.

1328 days ago

Virginia Ruiz    

I think it was nice of Ted for giving his old roommate money and I hope Ted gets the help he needs in order to become sober, so then he´ll be able to really help his friends and become a some kind of role model people will use as an example of overcomming rough paths in life.
Hope he can accept all the help he needs and really take it serious and commit to it. Wish him the best.
By the way, TMZ you guys are the best!!!

1328 days ago


that's a nice gesture.

1328 days ago


Becky...why would to boycott Kraft simply because they gave time man a job. Are you boycotting Charlie Sheen show and the network after all the sh*t he's been pulling for years? And tell me what did you do to support this guy? Please share.

1328 days ago


I am appalled by all of the judgemental comments on here. I just cannot believe how many heartless people are in this world. It's very sad.

You haters know nothing about this "tent-mate" of Ted's, but yet you are assuming that just because Ted drank and did drugs, that this guy did, too. Get over yourselves! Ted does something nice for someone and he's bashed for it! This is very sad.

God Bless them both, and I hope that they both have the courage and strength to better their lives. I really hope Ted is able to pull through and straighten his life. Go Ted!!

1328 days ago


#42 - Mike - Stop supporting the losers of this decade is all I'm saying (drug lord, prostitutes). Bad judgement on the part of MTV, CBS and Kraft. I get helping the homeless man with the great voice but I'm a business owner, I would never have pick up some guy off the street who has a drug and drinking problem and put his voice or face on my product. What I would have done was offer to him to get clean and great chance at life and then I would have put his voice with my product. What it was was a great gesture from everyone that blew up in their face. I would give the job to guy who really needs and wants one and will show respect for my company.

1328 days ago


#42 Mike - So to answer your question. Charlie and this Guy represent the companies they work for. It is CBS's fault and Krafts fault and I'm throwing MTV in because of the crap them seem to throw at us daily (Jersey Shore, Etc.). They represent those companies and CBS represent the commercials that air during those shows. So Boycotting the show and the product gets rid of the garbage.... we pray!

1328 days ago


Tedy Williams probably gave the money to his homeless buddy to snort cracked cocaine together for later on!

Posted at 9:44 AM on Jan 28, 2011 by CrisDizzle

You make an excellent point. I hadn't thought of that but it's totally plausible.

1327 days ago


Becky...PLEASE!!! You're the loser. I support anyone or anybody that wants to get themselves togther. Some people may have ben nieve to think that giving this guy a shower and a haircut will solve all of his problems. He's been on the streets for a long time and its goig to take time to get rid of those old demons. I hope that he and well as his buddy get themselves together and stay off the streets. Clearly you arent the ones to give them another chance.

1327 days ago


He's being chauffeured? I know he didn't make THAT much money.... It's going to be sad if he ends up back on the streets for doing dumb sh*t.

1327 days ago
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