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Charlie Sheen's Twins -- With the Nanny

1/29/2011 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With daddy a little preoccupied, Charlie Sheen's twin boys -- Bob and Max -- went for a stroll with their nanny outside their home in Los Angeles.
Not a care in the world.


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those kids are f*ked

1340 days ago


Where's Kooky um, you are concerned about sunglasses on those kids but don't mention the mess of a father they have...which one do you think is more harmful?

1340 days ago


I'm not sure I like the looks of the nanny! She doesn't look like she takes care of herself. At least the boys look clean and happy.

Posted at 7:33 AM on Jan 29, 2011 by Muppet

I don't see anything wrong with the woman, and yes, the boys do look "clean and happy." IMO that makes for a good nanny, not a bad one. I can't help but wonder if your comment is racially motivated.

typical Mexican nanny taking care of our kids

Posted at 8:27 AM on Jan 29, 2011 by j-cob

I KNOW this comment is racially motivated. There is nothing typical about a "Mexican" nanny, but you wouldn't know that would you; like you could afford a nanny anyway.

It's simple: if you don't want someone of the Latin persuasion as nanny to YOUR kids (yeah, right) hire someone else. Stupid comment.

1340 days ago


Does he even remember he has kids? Or that he's a father with father responsibilities? If this was their mother doing what he is doing, she would be eviserated by the media; but, because it's a man, he gets away with it. How about everybody getting on the band wagon he's a bad father? Maybe if he spent a little more time with the things that really matter on this earth (like his kids), his evaluation of what's important would change and he'd clean up his act.

1340 days ago


These poor little babies. Born to two drug addicted selfish people. Who cares what the nanny looks like? She is taking care of these two innocent children because their pathetic parents aren't.

1340 days ago


These poor children are already damaged goods, doomed to be emotional basket cases. While their parents should have been bonding with them & being part of their early developement, both were off their heads on drugs and un-available. Calling the revolving door of help "Nannies" is like caling Charlie a "Chemist" just cos u dabble in **** does not make you a expert in the field. These kids deserved better, sadly they have been grossly neglected by parents to selfish to care.

1340 days ago


I use to work as a nanny for folks that were much like these two parents in Bel Air. Let me tell you, as an American who is educated, I got treated like **** and worked like a dog. I was on call 24-7 even though I was suppose to have two days off. I can only imagine what her work week is like. I'm guessing at lease 80 hours per week. So honestly dont measure the Nanny by how she looks. She looks a lot like most broke, single mothers with twins.

1340 days ago


$2,000,000 an episode and he has a mexican nanny? His kinds are going to hate him for so many reasons.

1340 days ago


I'm sorry and don't mean to insult anyone...

BUT, is she even legal???

At least Denise Richards protects and takes care of her daughters.

You never see this drunk/drug addict of a mother Brook, spending any time with these boys. Their gonna turn out as screwed up as Charlie!!!

1340 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Here's a perfect instance where the best thing for these kids would be to be given to some family far far far away from Hollywood that wants them and has demonstrated that they can successfully raise children.

1340 days ago


Who is the idiot commenting on the appearance of the nanny. If you knew any better you'd realize when someone actually looks after the children they don't have time to spend on making themselves look pictureperfect. These are the amazing people in the world who give themselves to others.

1340 days ago


I have a 2 1/2 yr old son and it is a fight to put a hat on his head much less get him to wear shoes when we go for our walks! (Although I do toss his sandals in the back and today, he chose to wear his pumpkin bucket on his head when we walking over to the beach.

And also, they are going on a "walk" not walking.

This is one of those "emergency" strollers, so who knows if she was getting the boys out of the house for a reason quickly. I am sure that happens all too many times in their poor emotionally unsafe home.

I am sure this caregiver is taking very good care of both of them. Most children in this type of environment tend to connect more with the caregiver than the actual parents.

I am sure there are many stories that can be pulled up about "american" nannies on camera beating and throwing your kids around. So please, give it a rest and leave her alone.

Bob and Max's parents can't even take care of them and you are going to pick on whether she is sloppy or legal?

Jeez....pick a better fight to fight.

1340 days ago


#14. Well said.

1340 days ago


and #25 "MeToo", YOUR JUST AN INGORANT IDI#T!!! Go take a diversity class!

1340 days ago


Cute kids. Too bad their parents are losers. As far as the nanny goes, who cares if she is illegal or not? At least the kids have someone spending time with them. Their dad is too busy snorting coke and spending time with prostitutes. Their mother is too busy doing drugs and who knows what else. It's sad when the kids end up paying the price for their parent's stupidity. At least Denise Richards spends time with her daughters and isn't out partying and getting in trouble.

1340 days ago
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