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Sheen's Uncle Looks to Capitalize on Charlie's Rehab

1/29/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Joe Estevez tells TMZ the guy claiming to be his manager is just an acquaintance and does not rep him at all. He calls the whole thing a "total and complete fabrication."

Charlie Sheen's uncle, Joe Estevez, is looking to cash in on the problems of his nephew ... by lobbying for Charlie's role on "Two and a Half Men" while Charlie is in rehab.

Charlie Sheen's Uncle Rehab
TMZ has obtained a letter sent from Joe's manager to Chuck Lorre, the creator and EP of "Men." The letter describes Joe as "by far the funniest of the Sheen & Estevez clan."

Joe's manager throws out the idea, "Chuck, just a wild thought ... How about a test episode of 'Two and a Half Men' where Joe comes to house sit while Charlie is on 'vacation?'" Good to know Charlie's family has his best interest at heart.


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Seems like I've read this before somehow.

Maybe it was when he and Brooke had the Aspen thing go south?

Jon Cryer is funny as he!! and could caarry the show on his own if need be, IMHO.

1341 days ago

Lah Suran    

I like comment #15 - it would be a good story plot. And yes, it may be self serving for the uncle to "step" in until Charlie comes back (he is a good older looking Charlie); but it would let the series continue(I love the series). Why should any one have a problem with the uncle looking for an opportunity - hollywood is full of agents looking for opportunities for their clients. There is nothing to be ashamed of- and Charlie would say "grear".

1341 days ago

norma rand    

two and a half is my favorite tv show of all times it just wouldnt be the same without charlie

1341 days ago


Uncle Joe is the Palin in the family.

1341 days ago


If they gave Charlie's job to his uncle, I'd actually watch the show. For having a briefcase of bloodstained cocaine in his home, Charlie should pay the piper. Let Charlie become truly desperate: drop Charlie of in some crap neighborhood in Juarez, since that's where he seems to be investing his fortune, let him join the dead that paid for his nose candy with their lives - all so he can babble like a robot with vapid whores.

1341 days ago


Have his brother find his crack pipe and have an intervention, Address the issue have some sweet cute girls in rehab with him make uncle the funny rehab dr.

1341 days ago

ashley macisaac    

im so sad for charlie- he culd only write a ceque for 30 grand to one girl- i mean comeon the people in egypt make 2 dollars a day-can't they help him out
ive had a coke addiction once and it isnt over till its over- and iif a rich man can't get clean- its cause he doesnt want to - why is everyone so surprised- lyndsey hire a driver- britney hire a nanny and charlie- jsut get it over with-casue you make americans look like bigger fools then even before

1341 days ago

Belle Pepper    

Joe Estevez=douche bag!!! Get a life, Joe. You have NO talent or we'd have all heard of you from something other than trying to take over Charlie's role.

1341 days ago


Who ****ING CARES!!!!

1341 days ago


keep partying charlie i'd be doing the same thing if i had your life

1341 days ago

C. Fox    

He WAS awesome in Soultaker.

1341 days ago


Shades of Joan Crawford filling in for daughter Christina Crawford on The Edge of Night or whatever soap opera Christina was on when she became ill.Even though the character was in her 20's and Joan was in her 50's or 60's.I'm no fan of Charlie Sheen's by any stretch of the imagination but this is really low.If Joe's so funny or talented,why is he begging for jobs he's completely wrong for?Jeez.

1341 days ago

Maureen Galster    

Charlie Sheen has a great work ethic, but his addictions are killing his liver and him. He is such a handsome and talented man, I do hope that he gets the help he needs before it's too late.

1341 days ago

JACK K    

We'll do a flash forward episode where Joe who looks 20 years older than Charlie gets drunk and crashes a car and ends up in a coma wrapped head to foot in bandages. We will be able to revolve the story around his accident and keep everybody working and the money train chugging along.
The best part is we don't have to pay Joe for a speaking roll and we can use an inflatable dummy for the hospital scenes thereby cutting Joe out completely except for his initial cameo.
Hey...Art imitating life...I luv it...make it happen baby
Yea Thats the ticket

1341 days ago


Charlie Sheen has never made any bones about who he is, what he does what he likes.

That's why he has no "morality clause" in his contract. CBS knew this of course. Sheen is playing himself.

The only thing not done on the show is breaking out drugs and cigerettes.

1341 days ago
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