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Chris Brown -- Hearing Had Zero to Do with Grammys

1/29/2011 8:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is not attending this year's Grammy Awards -- so the idea that he was in court yesterday to try and have the restraining order against him reduced just so he could go (and not risk running into Rihanna) is way off base ... this according to his rep.

Chris Brown Grammy Awards
As part of the Rihanna assault case, Brown's attorney asked the judge yesterday to reduce the "stay away" order against him to a "do not annoy" order. Doing so would have removed the part about Brown having to stay 50 yards away from RiRi.

Ultimately, while the judge again praised Brown for his progress, the ruling was put off until a later date because an attorney for Rihanna could not be reached.

As for the idea that this hearing has anything to do with Brown going to the Grammys ... Tammy Brook, a rep for Brown, tells TMZ, "This court date and the lifting of the restraining order is part of the planned ongoing legal proceedings. The date was scheduled months ago. Chris Brown is very thankful for his Grammy nominations, but due to scheduling conflicts, he will not be attending the Grammys."


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LET THE MAN WORK! Rihanna was with him a week after she got beat the hell's over!

1302 days ago


i think it bull****, he has every right to be there, i dont believe in hitting women or men, he's not goin to be there for her, he should be there for his career, the world doesnt revolve around her..............

1302 days ago


Who cares if he's not attenidng the Grammy's? That is a non issue.

1302 days ago


You're calling him an idiot and commenting about his tweets that he posts. o_0 You clearly riding his sack a little too well for you to revert to making that comment. If you don't like Chris Brown then don't bother clicking on a blog post to infest people with your hatred. Some of you need some serious help. Neither one of US were there when the incident occurred. Yes the pictures were there of what happned to Riri, but lets be honest, who the F are you to judge. Anyway, hoping for the best for Ri and Chris. These two youngsters are experiencing a lot with this legal issue.

1302 days ago


he's a ***.period.

1302 days ago

Clarrisa Toomer    

90% of the comments posted here...PURE IGNORANCE and HATE. It's so sad...I will pray that ya'll experience happiness ASAP, because the hatred and mocking and idiocy is disgusting, truly. You really think reminding a person of what they did is going to help them be a better person? If you do you are sadly mistaken. Try looking in the mirror, don't act as if you have never done anything wrong. Because you have...It's always the one who are unhappy and cold and unforgiving, that are always pointing the fingers...SHAME on you, because you are not perfect either. And I agree with the Charlie Sheen comments, people always seem to ignore that....hmmm I wonder WHY?????? >:( If you gone bash someone, acknowledge yours and others faults who have practically gotten away with murder...Don't throw stones at one person at fault and not the other who is doing the same thing.

1302 days ago


Why are there so many ignorant people in this world.especially on here.the **** people say outer their mouth amazes me.straight cruel and heartless.

1302 days ago


Charlie Sheen is now IN REHAB....chris brown should be in jail

1302 days ago


ok its only blacks who bring up Charlie Sheen and try to make the WEAK comparison what that animal Chris Brown did..

Here is a PHOTO reminder of what Chris Brown did


From what I see is that African Americans is trying to justify the actions of Chris Brown by comparing them to a drug & alchohol abusing addict.. For which if Chris Brown was an addict then maybe that would be an EXCUSE for what he did to Rihanna .. however CHRIS BROWN WAS STRAIGHT UP SOBER when he beat the living chit out of Rihanna.. so

THIS FALSE COMPARISON OF CHRIS BROWN AND CHARLIE SHEEN GOT TO STOP.. My black people need to stop trying to justify the behavior of Chris Brown who is a serial abuser. The boy should be in prison for what he did.

1302 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

CHRIS BROWN IS SO HOT AND FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1302 days ago


How did Charlie Sheen get brought up in this conversation...Sheen is every MANS idol!!!

1302 days ago


I'm glad that Rhianna is protected and respected by her managers and caretakers. I am so grateful that people are looking out for her. That doesn't happen often enough.

1301 days ago

Smooth Criminal    

RiRi is an Island Skeet Skeet who put this whole plan in action. She provoked him into hitting her by hitting him multiple times. His life is ruined and she gets to go on like she is the victim. I hope his career comes back with a vengence. And hers fail.

1301 days ago


Haha..ENRIQUE said Chris Brown is a SERIAL ABUSER. No he wasn't. That was a ONE time incident, even Rihanna admitted that herself on the interview. Don't try to make him out to be worse than he is. Be honest about it atleast...sheesh. AND THAT was Charlie Sheen's decision to get on drugs, no one forced him to do that. And it's not a matter of black and white, and no one is justifying what CB did. No man should hit a woman and no woman should hit a man regardless of they're on drugs or not, there is no excuse for physical violence AT ALL.

1301 days ago


It's 2011 and Chris has paid his dues. Let's pray for him that he never find himself in such another situation and that he will live his life to be a shinning example. We are not the Powerful One, who are we to judge. I know I will continue to literally pray for him.

1301 days ago
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