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Lindsay Lohan


About Charlie Sheen

1/30/2011 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan believes Charlie Sheen is in the midst of a "life or death situation" ... and has told friends she's "thrilled" that he's checked himself into a rehab center.

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen
Sources close to Lohan tell us ... Lindsay is "worried" about Sheen because his most recent bender shows "obvious signs of addiction" ... something Lindsay knows about all too well.

But after Sheen decided to check himself into a treatment center Friday afternoon, Lohan is confident he can get his life back together ... if he commits himself to sobriety.

We're told Lindsay "understands the problem of having the wrong people around and wants Charlie to understand that he needs to surround himself with positive, sober people."


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What Lindsay just said is a "Crock of Sh*t". She would join Charlie in a New York second to be part of his "Entourage". This is a woman who has dodge so many bullets and should of done time. She would be a "Prefect Match" for Charlie. All she is doing is sending Charlie a message saying "I want to be part of your in crowd". Lindsay probably "text" his and said call me.

1328 days ago


Dear BLOWhan,

Who do you think you're kidding? You're the most arrogant, stuck up, self centered tw*t in hollywood; stop trying to get attention by acting "concerned", because you couldn't care less about anyone but yourself. Instead of making comments about other celebrities sobriety, why don't you instead focus on your own (which you apparently have already broken BEFORE you even left rehab). Or, better yet, please break it, so Judge Fox can toss your stupid arrogant entitled *ss into jail for 6 months MANDATORY MINIMUM.

The World

1328 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

@#10 Tony?!?

Hey you big dumb animal, did you ever stop to think why their other 3 kids have no problems & are well balanced? No, of course not. You'd just rather make judgements from the anonymity of your computer safe in the knowledge that no one knows who you really are. You know NOTHING.

1328 days ago


LMFAO at #355 Mike jr, Al and Cody dont have problems/issues

Hahahahahaha!! Dina you are hilarious!!! Codys behavior will end his little puke ass in jail (just like your brothers)

Ali has deep deep issues, and Mike jr. as well

You have destoryed ALL your kids, now STFU Monster Mother

And you wonder why EVERYONE in Merrick HATES YOU! As well as the entire world

Keep telling yourself those three other kids are "Just fine"!
Just like you said about Lunatic lindsay

1328 days ago


She is worried Charlie is going to do all the coke and not leave any for her.

1328 days ago


Opps #355 was talking about charlie, sure did sound like dina lol Never mind

1328 days ago


Charlie, after you have stroke from smoking all that crack and you're sitting in a wheelchair drooling all over yourself..where do you think all those bimbos will be? Do you still think anybody will call you their hero?

1328 days ago


This TRASH is giving Charlie advice? now that is comical given she is a known drug and alcolol abuser..what a joke she is! Im sure Charlie will turn his life around based on her advice! This girl never fails me in the stupid dept. Hey Dina do you have advice for Charlie too since your kid is such a success story? why can't the Lohan's just go away?'

1328 days ago


why "charlie boozehound" wants to get married/or ever wanted to have kids is beyond me.
he had a ball in the eighties and can't quite forget it-i get that- but why add the commitment of a family, that hurts those other people / when he cannot/will not/too lazy to/ do it?
just say no. it hasn't worked yet honey-why bother? get loaded instead.have a hit & a hit show.
he is 'married' to the charlie and the booze and the purchase of sex-it will kill him but it brings the kind of publicity to the show- which is well done anyway without it- but i wonder if that ties in with his addiction....

1328 days ago

In Plain Sight    

@grandma cracker

First, I never attacked you, tho you would like to play martyr and say that I did. You'll see only a response from me to each of the stupid comments you stated about me. There's a good reason you're the sole person to criticize my comments... but it would be wasted energy to try to explain it to you. You are clearly a bitter, negative person who tries to feel better saying rotten things about others and seeing yourself as some sort of sage/guardian to what's to be posted on a public board. I'd advise you to "get a life" but you would rather wallow every minute in bitterness wherever you are or whatever you do and there'd be no place on earth you wouldn't leave a little worse off than when you found it. But oh, yea, "ciao" - so cool, I'd say it to you too but you will no doubt be back to sling more mud.

1327 days ago


Lindsay would do well to focus on her own life instead of offering advice that she is incapable of herself.
And by the way,this sort of stuff is typical junkie behaviour...denial of one's own predicament and the focus on someone else...just remember Lindsay that when you point a finger at someone else, there are 3 fingers pointing back at you.

1327 days ago


Lindsey is worried about Charlie? LOL Too bad she doesn't worry about herself.

1327 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

IN PLAIN SIGHT, no mud slinging, I just think your idea blows.


1327 days ago


Wow,Lindsay doesn't seem to very popular? No loss for me, I didn't even know who she was! I was informed of the remake of " Parent Trap " Nope, nope, still not impressed. Charlie Sheen is funny and does seem to have quite a bit to offer. I hope he finds the right path and decides his glass is half full!

1327 days ago

In Plain Sight    

@grandma cracker
Somehow I just knew it'd be impossible for you to let another moment go by without opening your mouth to me again.

So, in acknowledgement of your superiority in seeking the last word, the following, sung to the tune of "And the beat goes on…" and accompanied by a really hot bassist, is for you…..
"grandma cracker's just dumb
"dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb"

1327 days ago
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