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Lindsay Lohan


About Charlie Sheen

1/30/2011 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan believes Charlie Sheen is in the midst of a "life or death situation" ... and has told friends she's "thrilled" that he's checked himself into a rehab center.

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen
Sources close to Lohan tell us ... Lindsay is "worried" about Sheen because his most recent bender shows "obvious signs of addiction" ... something Lindsay knows about all too well.

But after Sheen decided to check himself into a treatment center Friday afternoon, Lohan is confident he can get his life back together ... if he commits himself to sobriety.

We're told Lindsay "understands the problem of having the wrong people around and wants Charlie to understand that he needs to surround himself with positive, sober people."


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LA me    

Lindsay is just trying to get close to Charlie's to get near his coke stash!

1334 days ago


You people call this news worthy. HAVE YOU ALL GONE CRAZY?

1333 days ago


I'm the same age as Charlie and love his show two and a half men, I also think he is a great guy . Kinda reminds me of myself but I don't have his earning power. Ignore all the negatives Chaz, hope you get well soon mate and back to making more hilarious episodes of my fave two and a half men, all the best fella. darron from leicester, england.

1333 days ago


Ha ha ha ha ha!!! what a hoot! Um...does she know Charlie IS the problem and not any evil friends trying to lure him down a cocaine laden path? Oh yeah...that's her. So sorry for the interruption.

1333 days ago


Where is he going to find a sober, positive porn star? LOL

1333 days ago


I don't believe this "exclusive" for a second. If it IS true, then it's incredibly stupid for Lindsay to make such a statement. I think it's a dumb PR stunt by the Lohan bunch to keep her name in the news.

1333 days ago


Charlie Sheen is 45 years old, it's time to grow up. What kind of example is he setting for his children? And why, if there are so many witnesses to his shena****ns with drugs, are the police never involved?

1333 days ago

robert william harris    

Really, this is listed in your top stories? Who cares?

1333 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

Here's the question, why does she have friends who tattle every least little thing to you guys?

Or, does she tell them things knowing they're running straight to you?

Or, does she say these things and ask you to word it that way?

Or, do you just make **** up now to put that pathetic waste of a career on your site.

I am shocked TMZ is not sued on a weekly basis.

1333 days ago


She is so full of ****!
Die already!!

1333 days ago


Hey Charlie, want to continue drinking? Come to the carnival in Brazil, I guarantee that you stop drinking so fast with party or not is not it?

Seriously man ... the time for that one there, or will not we see part two of the film: NO MAN'S LAND?


Life goes on, will want to stay there in this life of drinking? Americans do not understand that you are her big thing, by nature are killers, liars, Nawabs, but so what, I think of to live like this, see why, if people miserable all over the planet that has survived, why not you too?

Stop it Man, and for today.



1333 days ago


LL just wants to get into that suitcase of coke.

1333 days ago


Awwww, now isn't that sweet. Lindsay is worried about Charlie. Talk about 2 toxic people. So now she's an expert on everyone and everything that has to do with addiction. We ALL know exactly the same things she said in the above story. Never before has a person who played a particular role been SO perfect for it than Charlie Sheen in his role on Two and a Half Men. The only thing they don't bring up on the show is the use of drugs but it's implied, so yep, he's the consummate actor for the role of the person he's playing. But then again, when everything is coming natural then I don't guess it's acting, is it? He will continue to keep doing the same things he's been doing until all of Hollywood and all who support the shows throw up their hands with him. He's a consistent loser and just looking at him makes me physically ill. He is constantly lying to the fans, making them think he REALLY cares what they think about him. He's got some serious mental issues, the first being narcissism. All the Betty Ford Centers in the world will not help you Charlie. I used to like the show but I don't even watch it anymore and will never watch anything he does. I learn a lot quicker than some people.

1333 days ago


Now that's funny!!!!!

1333 days ago


I can sleep nights, now that I know the likes of Lindsay Lohan is interested in Charlie Sheen. Advice: Nobody cares what you think, Lindsay Lohan. You are a NOBODY. Just zero in on your fading looks (the woman has aged 37 years while in rehab) and your own drinking problems. Nobody cares what you think or have to say.

1333 days ago
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