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Lindsay Lohan


About Charlie Sheen

1/30/2011 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan believes Charlie Sheen is in the midst of a "life or death situation" ... and has told friends she's "thrilled" that he's checked himself into a rehab center.

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen
Sources close to Lohan tell us ... Lindsay is "worried" about Sheen because his most recent bender shows "obvious signs of addiction" ... something Lindsay knows about all too well.

But after Sheen decided to check himself into a treatment center Friday afternoon, Lohan is confident he can get his life back together ... if he commits himself to sobriety.

We're told Lindsay "understands the problem of having the wrong people around and wants Charlie to understand that he needs to surround himself with positive, sober people."


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oh here we go - pot calling kettle black. Good on ya Linds, glad to hear you're so perfect now.

1361 days ago


Lindsey needs to worried about herself, Charlie will be fine and still makes plenty of money, like over 2 million episode when did Lindsey make that type of money

1361 days ago

well it takes one to know one they say!

1361 days ago


IS there a story you won't deperately try to link your name to Lohan? If you think a public comment on this from you is appropriate, it shows how little you STILL understand about your own problems.

1361 days ago


Hahaha... Since we haven't heard from Lindsey "Not My Faults" Lohan for a few weeks ..... I just came to the revelation that - Lindsey & Charlie are the "Perfect Match!".... and they have been shack'n up together.... Wow!

1361 days ago


Hey C, look man you're a grown man that's been around money all your life , if you blow your thing out ie.. get high and still make 900g's a pop.. tell the world to catch up to your game... I got your back.. baby.. listen just don't get caught! BMC CEO

1361 days ago


jesus murphy!!! Charlie is old enuff to be lindsay's Dad. So wonderful that she has turned into such a guru

1361 days ago

A. Conda    

I'm not sure Lindsay Lohan could affect Charlie Sheen's behavior. Charlie seems insecure, grasping for some wild action that he can call a life until he meets the next nice girl that he would like to live with until that breaks apart, he pays her off and then he starts back up grasping for some wild action again. If it weren't for the income he has, he would have been living in a dump, scamming for drugs and hoping for bit parts to get him through next month's rent. Give it time, it will happen.

1361 days ago


Who gives a sh*t what this child has to say!! How long ago did she do Mean Girls? That's how she is always refered to, as being the "star" of Mean Girls. @ Tony - racist much? You are an angry individual who should be seeking counselling yourself!!

1361 days ago


LL, you have been given a free Range Rover to drive and millions of dollars for what??? Being an addict, an idiot and in and out of rehab. STFU!! NO ONE CARES get a job like the rest of society and then, just maybe, you will have some credibility....

CS, you are a hot mess, get it together for your kids and stop having nannies raise them.

1361 days ago


Birds of a feather...... I'm sure Lindsay wouldn't mind filming with the porn stars.

1361 days ago


Charlie makes money
Lindsay loses money

1361 days ago


Doesn't take an addict to know that CS has serious issues. Lindsay needs to focus on herself as it will be quite some time before she has a right to speak out about anyone else's issues.

1361 days ago


Oh please, LL would comment on anyone in the news just to keep her name out there and see stories like this on TMZ. If it wasnt for her being a worthless, cracked out junkie she wouldnt get any press or attention.

1361 days ago


I think Lindsay needs to stay focused on her own recovery and forget about talking about others with problems. Clean her own door step first...

1361 days ago
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