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Lindsay Lohan


About Charlie Sheen

1/30/2011 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan believes Charlie Sheen is in the midst of a "life or death situation" ... and has told friends she's "thrilled" that he's checked himself into a rehab center.

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen
Sources close to Lohan tell us ... Lindsay is "worried" about Sheen because his most recent bender shows "obvious signs of addiction" ... something Lindsay knows about all too well.

But after Sheen decided to check himself into a treatment center Friday afternoon, Lohan is confident he can get his life back together ... if he commits himself to sobriety.

We're told Lindsay "understands the problem of having the wrong people around and wants Charlie to understand that he needs to surround himself with positive, sober people."


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@ 104

Jezebel has a topic about this exact question. But, when you read the comments section there is a lot of consensus that Charlie for all his serious flaes is still LIKED by the public.

LL has burnt her bridges with the public with her disrespectful response to her misdemeanors and probation and her general BAD work ethic.

What ever you say about Charlie he goes to work and to court and his management know how to keep their mouths shut.

1366 days ago


Pot...there's a call for you on line 1. It's kettle.

1366 days ago


I just read on another media site that Charlie "tweeted" yesterday and he basically informed us that it was not his choice to go the rehab... it was either rehab or his job.

My bet is... one week (long enough for this to die down and LAPD off his bu**, if they are on it at all) and he will be back to work and his fans will pat him on the back again for a good try!!!

1366 days ago


Lindsays worried about Charlie....REALLY? OMG

1366 days ago


Number 110 Thats a good one....:)

1365 days ago


Lohan didn't want to go to rehab either. It was rehab or PRISON for her.

1365 days ago


Oh Betty Ford or the other PROFITEERING LOW LIFE REHAB "centers" should pay LL to go and "mentor" Charlie...she'd be prefect since she is exactly the kind of ADDICT they hire to drive OTHER addicts them...and of course then SUPPLY them with drugs while in "treatment"

Ask ANY addict where the best drugs can be bought...they'll tell you REHAB.

1365 days ago


Well look right here. It's the pot calling the kettle black. WTF does she know? Who is she to comment on anything related to addictions? She has NOT conquered her own demons. She needs to keep her fat mouth shut. BTW, I wonder when she will be back in rehab since shes such an expert now all of a sudden. Just Saying...!

1365 days ago


WTF is she talking about? She still HAS the wrong people around!

1365 days ago


The height of arrogance to believe one has the right or responsibility to comment on another tragedy in the making 3 weeks out of rehab. Time will tell for LL. Shame on TMZ for thinking her comments are worth reporting.

Posted at 2:37 AM on Jan 29, 2011 by Sharon

1365 days ago


@ 10, tony, that was WAY harsh. Politics don't even enter the picture here and his father is DEVASTATED about this. You are aware that addictions can be passed down thru DNA, right?

Also, Charlie is an adult and his father is NOT responsible for his choices. It's completely unfair to blame Martin and to be honest, you're a bit of a jerk for doing so. Play nice.

1365 days ago


L.L is just happy to see someone who is successful that like drugs as much as she does! She would LOVE to hang out with Charlie his Briefcase full of coke and his check book

1365 days ago


Lindsay just needs to get married, settle down and have a couple of beautiful babies. I would love to be her husband. Hey Lindsay, do you ever get down to San Diego?

1365 days ago



You might have something there. She's pointing out another actor with issues that works possibly to suggest she's employable too?

1365 days ago


@ 10, tony, that was WAY harsh. Politics don't even enter the picture here and his father is DEVASTATED about this. You are aware that addictions can be passed down thru DNA, right?
Posted at 8:43 AM on Jan 29, 2011 by ellen

Now THAT is the funniest post I've read so far...NO "ellen" STUPIDITY and ARROGANCE are "passed down" both Charlie and his father (back in the day) are so arrogant that they abused whatever drug they fancied and could afford.

This is NOT A DISEASE like M.S. or Leukemia...its a CHOICE..his father CHOSE to stop using...Charlie CHOOSES not's that simple.

1365 days ago
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