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Lindsay Lohan


About Charlie Sheen

1/30/2011 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan believes Charlie Sheen is in the midst of a "life or death situation" ... and has told friends she's "thrilled" that he's checked himself into a rehab center.

Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen
Sources close to Lohan tell us ... Lindsay is "worried" about Sheen because his most recent bender shows "obvious signs of addiction" ... something Lindsay knows about all too well.

But after Sheen decided to check himself into a treatment center Friday afternoon, Lohan is confident he can get his life back together ... if he commits himself to sobriety.

We're told Lindsay "understands the problem of having the wrong people around and wants Charlie to understand that he needs to surround himself with positive, sober people."


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They can do Inferno together. He likes his porn stars and she is like a drug addict too ! It bet it would win an oscar. Because they'd be playing themselves.

1366 days ago


Sheen is nothing but a BUM.

1366 days ago


Lol! Alotta truth to that Barbie!!

These two are no good together, disastrous. Plus I don't think Lindsay ever partied hard enough for the likes of Sheen.

1366 days ago


Ya right !!

1366 days ago


Lindsay just shut up, you look ridiculous trying to be rational about someone else's situation when you are a wreck yourself.

1366 days ago


death pool 2011

1.charlie sheen
2.david arquette
3.lindsay lohan

1366 days ago


Charlie is lucky he is WHITE/Hispanic. If he were black he'd been fired by CBS by now and in jail for the coke incident.

1366 days ago


Does LL even know CS? If not,why comment on someone else? LL is always whining about her privacy. Respect his. STFU.

1366 days ago


I am sure he will be thrilled to hear these words of wisdom from fire crotch.

1366 days ago


60 arrests Martin Sheen, your parents from Spain, do you simply hate America? You breed criminals that abuse women, Martin Sheen are you deficating on the Red White and Blue? You were addicted to heroin yourself Marty for 8 years, trickle down theory? Oh right we're talking about Charlie Sheen not his heroin addict 60 arrests father.
Nice voice Marty, voice actor. I've got some words for you Marty. Your a dirty heroin addict and so is your son. Pontificate that.

1366 days ago


Lindsay is just happy to see another celebrity who is almost as messed up as she is.

Almost as messed up. Charlie has yet to do a 100-mph run down the Pacific Coast highway with kidnapped victims.

1366 days ago


If she really said that, I'm sorry but you are the last person to be giving him advice. At such a early state of recovery you need to concentrate on yourself. Remember she only surendered after she was put there by the legal system. Thank God,she did. charlie has been sober off and on since his teens, he knows the program all too well.He needs to want to get help or nothing will stand in his way. Too bad he can't be commited long term legally by the state or his family.Long term is his only chance at survival, in my opinion.It's not like he can't afford to get the help he needs with no financial hardships.The question is, can he afford not to ? I think not.Someone must be able to get through to him. The last time it was his father, hopefully, that will work. God, bless.

1366 days ago


Who's gives a **** about Lindsay Lohan...? When is the last time this girl did anything even close to being relevant? I also find it hilarious she not is a drug addict, and yet are giving others advise on how to live their lives.

In case you noticed Lindsay, you are the biggest joke in society. The days of the Parent Trap and Mean Girls is loooong gone.

1366 days ago


Why does some douche always have to mention race with Charlie?

He's at least half hispanic and it doesn't matter what color he is.. he gets away with all of this because he is stinking, filthy rich.

Money lets him get away with all the drugs and pornstars... anybody else would be arrested for the nuisance value.

1366 days ago


P.S. Lindsay will be back behind bars soon.

She is not "sober". She is doing whatever to stay out of jail. Sobriety is the last thing she craves. Mark my words.

1366 days ago
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