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NHL Star -- I Didn't Punch That Woman!

1/29/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NHL all-star Mike Komisarek has told LAPD investigators he NEVER punched a woman in a Hollywood nightclub earlier this month -- and witnesses are backing his claim ... TMZ has learned.

Mike Komisarek Punches Woman
Sources close to the investigation tell us multiple clubgoers who were partying near Mike and the women all seem to have the same story -- Mike never raised his fists.

However, we're told witnesses are telling officials the two seemed to be getting along in the club for a while when the Toronto Maple Leafs star picked her up off the ground ... and allegedly refused to put her down ... so she slapped him in the face.

As Mike went to put her back on the ground, witnesses say, she smacked her nose on his head ... and the woman began to bleed.

But the woman told a different story to cops -- insisting Mike punched her in the face after she slapped him ... and that's what caused her to bleed.

So far, no charges have been filed against Komisarek ... and the investigation is ongoing.

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It's looking like 2011 will be another year for the "gold diggers".

1365 days ago

Jason Smith    

I would be suing this girl for millions! I am sorry but this has to stop! This girl was out to seek money the the porn stars that are latching on to charlie sheen! Come on she should have to pay or do life in prison! This would stop allot of false allegations.

1365 days ago


When this story first broke, everyone was one here wanting this guy to be put ot death for assaulting a woman...where are all those same people with apologies snd demanding the woman get prosecuted for assault, filing false report, defamation, etc.? Oh yeah, this is America, where the woman is ALWAYS the victim no matter what. These women are pathetic! You cried you wanted equal rights. Be honest, you want equal benefits without the equal work and responsibility. There are some men out there that have the same mentality but, you rarely ever see them dragging their ex-wives throught the ringer so they can live for free off the work of thier ex-wife. GOLD DIGGER is a word that refers to women, not men.

1364 days ago


Not sure how the girls IN the club saw it when the alleged incident happened OUTSIDE.

1364 days ago


Maybe this whole thing is a conspiracy to get komisarek off the ice and not play for the leafs. Just think if komi serves jail time and doesnt play for the leafs it might be better.

1364 days ago


It states in the story that she slapped him in the face after he picked her up off the ground and refused to put her down, I would slap him too if he picked me up and refused to put me down, keep your dam hands to yourself and no one will accuse you of assualt!

1364 days ago

Joe Canada    

Komi is not an "all star". He is a washed up american hockey player playing for one of the worst teams in the league (the leafs).

1364 days ago


lol at all you guys hating on the Leafs. We are clearly not playing good, we are not competition, we barely even win, so why do you hate us so much? I don't get it.

Anyways, if he punched this girl in the face he would have knocked her out and there would be a lot of damage done. She's just a gold digging whore.

1364 days ago


chzman, why should we apologize for the comments we made about Komisarek? Just because witnesses are saying that he didn't punch the woman doesn't mean he's innocent of EVERYTHING that night. The witnesses are still alleging that he picked her up off the ground and refused to put her down, which is behavior befitting of only a caveman! Whether he punched this woman or not is now in question, but whatever he did, he still caused her to sustain an injury because of HIS actions and HIS stupidity! If she slapped him because he picked her up and refused to put her down, then good for her for defending herself! Why should she just put up with it? How would you like for someone to do whatever they want with YOU and ignore your requests for them to let you go? Nobody in this world has the right to put their hands on another human being and do whatever they want with them against their wishes.

If, somehow, it is proven that he didn't even pick her up, THEN I will apologize for my comments. Until then, I still say that he had NO right to treat this woman the way he did and that HE ought to be charged with assault. He got what he deserved when she slapped him for it. Women DO have a right to defend themselves from men grabbing them and treating them like rag dolls! And as SNAPPLETEA said, if Komisarek had just kept his hands to himself to begin with, there never would have been a problem!

1364 days ago


Hahaha. Just to clear something up, Mike Komisarek is NOT an "all star". He's one of the worst players on one of the worst teams in the NHL.

1364 days ago


I'm pretty sure if a man 6'4 240 pounds punched a woman in the face she would be knocked unconcious or at the very least have a broken nose!

1364 days ago


yeah. this case is about the only thing he'll have any chance of winning if he's on the leafs.

Posted at 7:18 AM on Jan 29, 2011 by Leafs Suck


Funny, sad, and probably true. However, I still love the Leafs. And way to commit to the hatred..."Leafs Suck" as a message board ID? Legendary.

Our day will come! (And by that, I mean we'll win one game, not the Cup)

1364 days ago


these women are pathetic today. you want to hit a man, then when you get hit back, you want to cry abuse. And our court system that protects these women are just as pathetic. They've given women the attitude that women are entitled to assault a man with out retribution. You want equal rights, get equal treatment. All he did was pick her up and that justifies her to assault him? Let's use that mentality in everything. You bump into me so I can shoot you.

1364 days ago


a man going up to a woman, lifting her up and not putting her when she told me to is assault on her. if a man lifted me up and didnt put me down after i told him to, i would of slapped him as well.

1364 days ago


Actually there might be some truth. Me and my girfriend met him in Montreal when he was playing for the canadian team a few years ago and while he was nice, he tends to be grabby and not get that no means no. He was after my girlfriend who was not interested and once she tried to go away, he pulled her by grabbing her hair and refused to let her ago until she had to push him away by actually kick him. It happened quickly and my friend was pretty shaken. So please stop putting those freaking hockey players on pedestal. They often use their popularity to use women.

1364 days ago
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