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NHL Star -- I Didn't Punch That Woman!

1/29/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NHL all-star Mike Komisarek has told LAPD investigators he NEVER punched a woman in a Hollywood nightclub earlier this month -- and witnesses are backing his claim ... TMZ has learned.

Mike Komisarek Punches Woman
Sources close to the investigation tell us multiple clubgoers who were partying near Mike and the women all seem to have the same story -- Mike never raised his fists.

However, we're told witnesses are telling officials the two seemed to be getting along in the club for a while when the Toronto Maple Leafs star picked her up off the ground ... and allegedly refused to put her down ... so she slapped him in the face.

As Mike went to put her back on the ground, witnesses say, she smacked her nose on his head ... and the woman began to bleed.

But the woman told a different story to cops -- insisting Mike punched her in the face after she slapped him ... and that's what caused her to bleed.

So far, no charges have been filed against Komisarek ... and the investigation is ongoing.

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agree with 7 & 8! he used to be top in hits... now who are you komi?!

1328 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

Yeah... i have no pity for this woman in the absolute least, they really give the rest of us a bad rep!

this also explains why no one else stepped in... cuz he DID NOT punch her. I don't care how much alcohol is involved, he's not that strong, he would have had 2 hands on her to put her down, so where did the mythical fist come from? the back of his head?

i find it ironic that people still think he's lying, he's not a good enough hockey player to be able to write sizable cheques to keep all their stories straight.

it's plain and simple... she saw an opportunity and decided to take it, and she ovsiously doesn't care how she's going to look when they find out she's lying... her 15 minutes are long over

1328 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

It states in the story that she slapped him in the face after he picked her up off the ground and refused to put her down, I would slap him too if he picked me up and refused to put me down, keep your dam hands to yourself and no one will accuse you of assualt!

Posted at 10:24 AM on Jan 29, 2011 by SNAPPLETEA

The problem with that statement is the problem that no one else supporting the bitch can seem to get into their THICK SKULLS..

She slapped him because he picked her up and refused to put her down... fine... but if she went with that story, she might've had a chance

but no... she LIED and accused him of punching her in the face. Instead of telling the truth say, "i hit my nose of his head when he finally did put me down" they might have arrested him.

so now she has to deal with a bunch of witness statements all claiming the same thing that there was NO PUNCH.

cry wolf? get eaten

but i guess that goes along with the person who stated "this is america where the woman is always the victim" so i guess that means all the witnesses are lying right?

1328 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

a man going up to a woman, lifting her up and not putting her when she told me to is assault on her. if a man lifted me up and didnt put me down after i told him to, i would of slapped him as well.

Posted at 7:46 PM on Jan 29, 2011 by kris

Than you're lumping yourself in with the rest of the women who think that it's ok for a woman to assault a man, but it's not ok for a man to do it to a woman.

i don't condone violence in this manner, but this unjustified violence women put on men makes me sick. I've seen women who will slap a man because in a drunken manner he leaned over and told her she looked pretty, but she thought he was disgusting so she slapped him. That man got thrown out of the bar because it was "assumed" that he harassed her, which he did not. I was sitting right next to them.

i agree with the equal rights thing. You want equality, prove that you can behave in an equal manner

1328 days ago


Squeaky Shoes, dont twist my words around. I dont think its ok for women to go around slapping men. i said if i was in her position, I would of slapped him too. HE put his hands on her first by lifting her up & not putting her down when she asked. If anything that slap was a reaction to his actions.

1327 days ago

Jungle Gym    

If this clown spent as much time practicing on the ice as he does drinking in bars; he might actually become at least a semipro calibre hockey player.

1327 days ago


Squeaky shoes is a two-dollar whore

1321 days ago
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