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Britney Spears -- Maid of Honor

1/30/2011 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was the maid of honor at her assistant's wedding yesterday at The Spanish Monastery in Miami, FL.

"Hold It Against Me" would make a great song for a first dance.



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Brtney is looking just as haggered as Madonna these days

1362 days ago

your not all that    

Sorry, they dont have photo shop at weddings ****ney. OMG she RUINED their wedding pictures. She has CRAZY EYES and she looks like a PHYSCO.....................and her least its not so matted up in this pic. Is this wedding going to be on MY BIG REDNECK WEDDING???????????????? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL SHES ALWAYS HIGH !!!!!!!!!!!! And ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL her friends are PAID WTF????????

1362 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA at .97 ^ she kinda looks like a fish hehehe (;
. |

1362 days ago


ohhhhhhhhh my god she's always out if fashion pfffffffffff

1362 days ago


The dress is pretty, elegant, and understated.

I heard that due to privacy concerns, Brittany changed hotels that night and stayed in a $15,000 a night suite. $15K but she couldn't afford to get her hair done? The brunette looks classy in the exact same outfit. Brit looks like she stepped out of the shower and showed up with a towel dried rat's nest.

1362 days ago


Its just the micro-second photo folks how many darn photos have you had taken and all of them look may take 20 dam photos of the same shot to get one good picture of a person... I don't see what is wrong with it otherwise. They all have red/flash eyes and the light flatten out on the from the flash...

As for the man...grooms don't walk down the aisles with the brides maids I would say he is a groomsman or the best man since she was matron of honor...and the other girl is probably another matron or a maid of honor...

Face it , she's no longer a 17 teenager she's closing on 30 and had two kids for god sakes give the woman a break...

I've you ever had to wear some of those bridemaid dresses you would know they are not designed to outshine the brides they why they in up in the back of the closet never to see the light of day again.........

Just give the woman a break already she's trying to live a ordinary life like ordinary people if TMZ and others would let her..... She had the hollywood limelight and it almost killed her. Git off her back and go find Lindsey I'm sure she would welcome the attention......

1362 days ago

moe l.    

doesn't spears have the look like she's just stepping out of her trailer park trailer?

1362 days ago


At least she was covered up for a change and not in ratty looking clothes-Too bad someone didn't do something with her hair-it always looks stringy-

1362 days ago


Poor Brit has a neck like a linebacker.

1362 days ago


Inviting Spears to a classy event is like bring a bologna sandwich to a banquest.

1362 days ago


Jeezus... those "dresses' look like those plastic disposable aprons that autopsy/morgue employees wear! puke!

1362 days ago


The other bridesmaid is hands-down better looking than Britney

1362 days ago


Maybe she took her "looking crappy" to a new low b/c she didn't want to steal Brett's thunder. However, it's pretty easy to look uggghhh like brit-**** - just don't shower or care about your hygiene - it's just a typical day for her. At least bitch could have curled her (fake) hair or some ****.

The other bride's maid looks better put together and actually clean...

1362 days ago


She's been married, so she can only be a MATRON of honor.

1362 days ago


Britney NEVER looks good...only when 150 people are working on her face, hair and clothes...wait a minute...forget what I said about the hair because the fake hair never looks good. Not jealous of her either. Feel sorry for her that she has lost her looks so young, lost her voice, lost her mind, and is completely controlled by her father.

1362 days ago
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