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Charlie Sheen's Troubled Timeline

1/30/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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a bunch of hookerz and a case full 'o coke
i expected nothing less

1361 days ago


Charlie is uniquely Superhuman. He's pulling it off like nobody can, living the fullest dynamic expanses of the human mind. Most people sit around in a flatlined existence waiting for their own deaths, not "living" a fraction of how they wanted or ever dreamt of. If I lived a fraction of the plethora of experiences (whether up or down) that Charlie lived I would have a deepened knowledge of life's existence and an immeasurable awareness that’s unfathomable to all but a miniscule few souls in this world. I do have bit of advice for Charlie. Mine some girls that have the intelligence, sufficient respect and decency to be discreet. This NARC Kacey Jordan that ratted Charlie out when she gave the “blow by blow” rant is the worst kind of hypocritical idiot. You just don’t do that to someone. It’s just not cool on so many levels and I hope someday she realizes that. In her statement she said the “bricks” of coke were about the size of her fist. That in itself is completely ridiculous considering the size of her fists and she can’t be exaggerating either right? She has no clue what she’s talking about and I’d wager large that she was ON IT too as she ranted on about Charlie who probably did nothing but good for her. More people should be out having fun living life to the fullest and not being flatliners. It sounded like it was just a fun party and probably everyone including her had a good time. I wish more people were like Charlie. Much love for ya man! I’m with you Brother.

1361 days ago



1361 days ago


Someone stop this train wreck before it ends in suicide

1361 days ago


Charlie should be the next contestant on Celebrity Rehab....what a mess he is...

1361 days ago


What is wrong with this idiot??? I guess 2million an episode, fame, fortune, looks, women, family are just not enough for this guy? Why is he still allowed to carry on and everyone around him enables him to be so destructive which by the way will probably be the way his life will end. What does it take for a person to be happy???!!! He basically needs to be taken out of hollywood and his established lifestyle and taken straight to a pychiatrist's office so they can finally find out what ails this idiot. If the money, fame, fortune, etc. is too much for your Charlie, just pass it on to someone else who will appreciate that status in a more healthier way.

1361 days ago


this thing doesn't work, harvey leven must have coded it.

1361 days ago


Is he dead yet?

1361 days ago


Snooki (29): No, his brother Emilio was the one married to Paula Abdul. Here is a link about the shooting that everyone keeps bringing up (really, isn't one post enough?) apparently not...let's all point out the same thing 20 times over.

1361 days ago


wasnt he also involved in a shooting i think he shot a girl a long time ago didnt he ???? in the leg or something look it up you missed that one

1361 days ago

john doey    

I used to party with Sheen way too much in the past and I can tell you that this is how he rolls. I gave him a call in Rehab to send him my best wishes and to plead with him to slow down. I really don't want to see him end up dead from an OD like so many of our friends in Hollyweird have. What I can tell you from my brief conversation with him is that his heart doesn't really seem into recovery and that he will be back out doing his thing as soon as he gets out or leaves rehab. I have been talking to some friends of ours and we have been discussing if it's a good idea or not to have a serious intervention for him if he fails to give recovery a serious shot.

1361 days ago


I agree this timeline is WEAK. Missing tons of incidents. Do better TMZ! and BTW, Charlie never actually SHOT kelly preston. He merely left a gun in his pants in the bathroom, and Kelly moved the clothing and the gun went off. From what I've read, Charlie wasn't even there. Maybe he shouldn't have left the gun '****ed' or whatever, and lying around, but it sounds more like an accident. Not saying Charlie is innocent, but he may not be as bad as you think. I still love u charlie!

1360 days ago


But yet some of you people that say leave him alone he needs help. etc. are some of the main people saying that Chris brown should die. People this man Charlie Sheen is the animal he has been given chance after chance after chance. how many women will this man be allowed to hurt before you people wake will he have to kill someone first. But yet you say that a young man of 19 at the time who has but one incident and has learned from it and is changing his life and taking responsibility it the animal. sad just sad

1359 days ago
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