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Charlie Sheen -- Rehab for Three Months

1/31/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will be in rehab for the next  three months, derailing the next eight episodes of "Two and a Half Men" ... and possibly leaving the show's crew SOL.

Charlie Sheen Rehab
Sources connected with the show tell TMZ the crew is grumbling ... worried they will be the financial casualties of Charlie's problem. There are 300 people associated with the show, many of whom are nervous about not getting a paycheck.

Sources say when production was halted last February while Charlie was in rehab, the crew was  "partially compensated."

We're told the studio hasn't decided what to do this time around -- whether the staff will be fully or partially compensated. A decision is expected soon.

That said ... everyone we've spoken with is supportive of Charlie and knows he needs to get better, which ultimately will be the best job security.



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Good luck Charlie - an incredible talent and wonderful family which makes it all worth it.

1326 days ago


Shoot without him, he isn't the funniest person on the show. The actors are only as funny as their writers, are the writers so insecure about their own abilities that they think they can't keep the show funny without Charlie? There are lots of funny shows on tv that don't have Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen is not the magic ingredient that makes a show funny. Send him on vacation, have Rose kidnap him, make it work, geez.

1326 days ago


Charlie doesnt need luck, he's had years of it and he blew it, literally!! What he needs now is to get on his hands and knees and beg for his children's forgiveness. What a fantastic dad!!!. He needs 12 months rehab, no social contact with anyone, just hard work to become a functioning human being

1326 days ago


Love for Charlie! He is a unique human being. He's living the dynamic expanses of the human mind. Most people sit around in a flat lined existence waiting for their own deaths, not "living" a fraction of how they wanted or ever dreamt of. If I lived a fraction of the plethora of experiences (whether up or down) that Charlie lived I would have a deepened knowledge of life's existence and an immeasurable awareness that’s unfathomable to all but few souls in this world. I do have bit of advice for Charlie. Mine some girls that have the intelligence, sufficient respect and decency to be discreet. This NARC porn girl "KC J" that ratted Charlie out when she gave the “blow by blow” rant is the worst kind of hypocritical idiot. You just don’t do that to someone. It’s just not cool on so many levels and I hope someday she realizes that. In her statement she said the “bricks” of coke were about the size of her fist. That in itself is completely ridiculous considering the size of her fists and she can’t be exaggerating either right? She has no clue what she’s talking about. I’d wager large that she was ON IT too as she ran,ted on about Charlie, who probably did nothing but good for her. Stop talking about what others are doing and live your own life. It sounded like it was just a fun night and probably everyone including the Rat KC J had a great time. I wish more people were like Charlie. Much love for ya man! I’m with you Brother.

1326 days ago


No. I got it!! I got it!! Hey, writers, put Lindsay on the show until he comes back!! Haha. Just kidding ;)

1326 days ago


hey TMZ why dont yall do some digging as to why the cops arent investigating the suitcase full of coke.or is that just some made up story that yall never confirmed but posted it as gospel like you always do?

1326 days ago


I feel sorry for the guy . Its pretty obivous he never got the right parenthood . The guy doesn't have a clue what real love is about and by now I seriously doubt if any normal nice decent woman would want him , so his life will be like this forever , he got nothing else ... SAD

1326 days ago


If CS was a "stand-up" kind of guy, he could pay their salaries while he is in rehab as HE is the one responsible for causing their paycut.

1326 days ago


The crew should have refused to work with someone like this and sought other jobs. If he couldn't find people to work with him, then maybe he would have realized his problems sooner. Instead, everyone condoned his activities as long as it was giving them a paycheck. So in the end, money always trumps bad behavior. If they are lucky, Charlie will give them some of his $2mil and episode money he has saved.

1326 days ago


Interesting that ole Charly Boy gets a pass on his behavior while you goobers tear Lindsay apart. The man is the biggest dope fiend in the country.

1326 days ago


Isn't doing cocaine illegal? Why the hell is this guy never arrested if they know he is doing something illegal?

1326 days ago

JACK K    

Hey Charlie
How about compensating the workers on your show with the cash you spend on hookers and blow.
Let's consider this as one of the twelve steps done. I believe it is #6...make right your wrongs.

1326 days ago


If Charlie was a decent man he would fully compensate all of the crew realizing that he is the one responsible for their financial hardship for the next few months

in the 12 step programs isn't one of the steps something like setting things right-making amends??

he makes enough for just 1 episode that it wouldn't be difficult for him to reimburse people from just that 1 paycheck

Posted at 4:10 AM on Jan 31, 2011 by Sloane

LOL! Theoretically Charlie SHOULD understand about the 4th step-making amends but as many times as he's been in rehab, I'd bet he doesn't have the slightest clue about what any of the 12 steps are. His rehab stints are ALL FOR SHOW! I doubt he's taken a single day spent in rehab seriously. He just wants to get everyone, mainly the law, off his back & appease the 'money train' producers of his show. The guy is a hopeless narcissistic, sex/drug addict. Unfortunately, I think he's going to hit a 'medical' bottom before he gets anywhere near a financial one. THAT is going to be a sad thing but can anyone really NOT see this coming? Except Charlie?

1326 days ago


Charlie should pay their salary!!!

1326 days ago


I love this show.. The cast is brilliant & the writers are top notch. Charlie needs this rehab to get well & happy he's doing it. I myself think the rest can continue with the show, explain Charlie is in rehab which he is. Jon Cryer can carry this show without his absense for now as he is a brilliant actor, and just throw in some cameos from other actors or actresses in his ansence. It would work & the rest can still have a pay check coming in.

1326 days ago
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