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Halle Berry Will Fight Baby Daddy in Court

1/31/2011 8:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry is at legal war with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry ... and she's going to court to protect 2-year-old Nahla.

Halle Berry Gabriel Aubry

Halle's rep tells TMZ, "Halle has serious concerns for her daughter's well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time and is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect her."

According to the rep, Halle will go to court and has canceled an upcoming film production in New York this week to handle the matter.

Halle Berry


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I love Halle Berry BUT I am stunned & shocked by this. This whole move seems to be about power & ego. Halle went around saying to the world what a great father he was NOW suddenly she has concerns????? It is EGO & POWER. As soon as Halle got involved w/ another man it seems she wanted to have more control over matters w/ the baby daddy. What a shame!!! As soon as the father moved to his interests suddenly she seems to turn nasty!!

1340 days ago


+1 #7 RD. It's not a mystery why every one of her relationships end badly. She may look good on the outside but the inside ain't sweet like apple pie. You fight Gabriel and get her to pay the legal bills.

1340 days ago


this chick has bugged me since her hit and run. she's kinda over isn't she?

1340 days ago

They are crayz!!    

I LOVE HALLE ~ but damb woman ... bitter much?

1340 days ago


Isn't she the one who is prancing around town with a new guy like WEEKS after splitting with her baby daddy? She hooked up with her co-star, probably while they were still together....and NOW she has concerns.

Gabriel even went to were Halle was filming a movie to be with his daughter. He wanted joint legal and physical custody with halle. Yep, she just wants to control the situation.

1340 days ago


This is why you take your time with choosing a man with which to have children. Sure, he's gorgeous, but how will you feel about him several years after the glow of new love wears off? A sperm donor would have been a better idea. Halle hasn't figured out what a man of quality is yet. That is, assuming he isn't. She may be the one with issues and doesn't want him to get any of her money or have any control. Who knows?

1340 days ago


I don't believe you Halle!

1340 days ago


Why do these women have babies as a single with no proper legal paper with the father and then worry about it later?????

1340 days ago


Shame on Halley Berry for making this sort of thing public. Matters involving her daughter should not be told to TMZ (or anyone) by her rep or anyone else. Should be a private matter and the court sealed from the press.

1340 days ago


Say what you want about Halle but, she was the greatest Catwoman ever, a vision in shredded skin-tight leather with the strength, speed, agility and ultra-keen senses of a cat...
I only wish there had been a Catwoman II with the beautiful and vivacious Halle repeating her role in that sequel.

1340 days ago


Lets face it.
Ms "Halle" went on Oprah a few years back saying she wanted a daughter "alone".
She got a daughter, but now the FATHER wants to remain a FATHER and stay in his daughters life.
THAT wasn't on Halle's agenda!
She is a beautiful but SPOILED girl!

Posted at 3:10 PM on Jan 31, 2011 by JoJo

I recall her saying that. It appears she shopped around for a hot guy-she got that-made a baby and thought he'd take a hike. I saw this coming.

Halle is HOT, but for whatever reason [psycho-bitch] she can't keep a guy. He recently filed for custody and that set her off-apparently he knew what her agenda was and was going to "protect" his rights, he wanted to get everything nice and legal and she didn't like that. let the fireworks begin.

1340 days ago


She's already trashing him, trying to discredit his ability to take care of their daughter. The trouble is she's got way more money than him so can hire better lawyers and fight longer and harder. This will probably turn really ugly just like the Baldwin-Basinger custody case did. Unfortunate they can't act like grown-ups and spare the stress this will cause the child.

1340 days ago


I would not let that freek around my dog. or cat.

1340 days ago


He is the father of this child and she has no right to keep gim out of her daughters life. Halle is a nut job who does not have a kind word to say about ANY of the men she ever involved with, it is always someone else at fault. She thought she could keep the kid to herself if she left his name of the birth certificate, think again cuz the kid was born in Ca a 50/50 state and he is just as capable of parenting as she is.

1340 days ago


Halle is so controlling that's why men don't stay. Eric Benet got tired of her ass trying to control him. I bought two of his CD's cause he is a very talented artist and when Halle gets mad she seek to destroy. Support the men in this situation, this trick is sick!!!

1340 days ago
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