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Halle Berry Will Fight Baby Daddy in Court

1/31/2011 8:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry is at legal war with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry ... and she's going to court to protect 2-year-old Nahla.

Halle Berry Gabriel Aubry

Halle's rep tells TMZ, "Halle has serious concerns for her daughter's well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time and is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect her."

According to the rep, Halle will go to court and has canceled an upcoming film production in New York this week to handle the matter.

Halle Berry


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Why is anyone surprised about Halle! There's nothing beautiful about her. She's physically attractive to a point but that's it and now she has a little girl that she will bring up to be a man hater just like her.
Aubrey is a fool, he thought that she was just misunderstood but the laugh is on him.She's boring, bitter and a farce.

1369 days ago


He may be a good amazing father and that is good. However, that does not mean he needs joint custody of the child. Can he handle long term custody and day to day needs of the child? I think he is bitter because Halle moved on.

1369 days ago

Cecilia Ma Magdalena Gamboa Mirasol    


1369 days ago


She is quickly becoming the "C" word!!! And I NEVER use that word!

1369 days ago


Sorry Halle, unless you can prove him unfit, you will actually be doing more harm than good. If he was good enough to have a child with and live with for a few years, then seems to me he's good enough to have his child half the time. Guess what, I bet he loves her as much as you do.

1369 days ago


She chose him as Nahla's father and surprise, surprise he actually wants to be her father. I know that might not be how Halle pictured it but she doesn't get to erase Nahla's father just because she wants to. This chick admits she has serious father issues and it seems she is projecting them onto her daughter's father. Why she thought he would just buckle to her whims is a mystery especially how he talked about them having more kids together. It was clear he was in love with his little girl and wasn't keen on being a sometime dad. Instead of feeling great that he wants to be there she is complaining. He is not asking for full-custody he just wants a formal legal 50/50 split that all parties have to abide by. Considering her past I'd say the only Nahla might need protecting from is her mother not her father. It's not a money situation, Gabriel has plenty of money to take care of himself and Nahla. Halle is the one who had to have Oprah pay for the judgment against her when she was in the hit and run several years back.

1369 days ago



1369 days ago


Yep...he better protect his rights from this unstable woman. Gabriel was such a good father and now that he is dating the wheel turns. MY opinions about Halle went south when she left the scene of a hit and run accident with victims. But this an opportunity to keep her name out there. Think about it, the new talent of AA actors coming up in the ranks has a range, the have a broader set of skills. Halle's full range is showing up, taking off her clothes and having sex...that's it. On the other hand, I think she'll continue to do well in porn. Gab be strong and stay in for the long haul....

Attractive or not, she is on her way to being a has been!

1369 days ago


GO Gabriel! He has a right to have official, legal rights when it comes to his child. I don't believe Halle one bit that he is an irresponsible father. Halle just wants to be with someone who will tapdance to her tune and Gabriel is sick of it, so he's doing what he needs to. She needs to get a grip and settle this thing amicably.

1369 days ago


Imagine my surprise to find out Halle was seeing that little brother from "Growing Pains".

1369 days ago


This chick is a raging biotch!! Team Gabriel.

1369 days ago


If they were still living together and raising this child together, would she still have concerns about the child's safety? Would she turn down movies because she was so concerned she felt she needed to stay home to keep an eye on things rather than work?

I don't think so. Whoever brought it forth is correct - if she wanted to go it on her own, she should have gone to a sperm bank.

1369 days ago

Law Lover    

California courts dislike it when one parent tries to alienate the other. He will get 50/50.

1369 days ago


Please. Tell this tired old ho to sit down. If she were really worried about Nahla's well being, she would separate herself from the child. Halle is one messed up individual. Anyone else remember her hit-and-run?

1369 days ago


Halle sounds like an enormous pain in the butt. How obnoxious that she instructed her rep to make that statement. Someday her daughter will see that. Halle is a total victim. At the end of EVERY relationship she boo hoo's and says they hurt her. This happens EVERY time. Isn't that weird?

1369 days ago
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