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'Sister Wives' New Home

A Neighborhood Divided

1/31/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown and his "Sister Wives" might need to invest in some good fences -- because a few of their new neighbors aren't happy the polygamist reality show stars have moved into their hood.

As TMZ first reported, Brown and his fam recently relocated to Las Vegas so they could explore new job opportunities. TMZ spoke with several of the new neighbors and while some sound tolerant of the Brown clan ("It's a quiet neighborhood, and as long as it stays drama free, then we're fine") others want nothing to do with them. 

One neighbor told us, "I don't want my family surrounded by polygamists."

Another was upset because now her young children are asking her about polygamy -- and now she plans on moving. She told us,  "I am not tolerating the polygamists or their TV show in my neighborhood."



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If all of them are truly happy then I say good for them and everyone should stfu and leave them alone.

1364 days ago


I watched the show once and I think Mary is fed up with the whole mess. I feel so sorry for her, she must love this ass of a guy, to put up with him marrying every time he gets tired of sex and paying attention to one wife. He thinks the whole thing is funny... I guess he's right.. he's the one laughing all the way to the bank, but I think the neighbors should run him and his so called wives out of the neighborhood and I wish wife # 1 Mary, should take her daughter and head for the hills.

1364 days ago


They seem like a nice family so their neighbors need to get over it! Hate high and mighty people!

1364 days ago


With Vegas's foreclosure rate the neighbors are probably happy to have anybody moving into the neighborhood.

1364 days ago


The Browns are a nice family. The mean neighbors need to stop prejuding them. If she watched the show she would know this. Don't teach your kids to dislike people because of their religion. What's wrong with you?

1364 days ago


The "sister wives" need to get a little self respect. Make the money from the show...take their kids...and run fast away from Kody...

1364 days ago


Whatever... I dont support them so I dont watch this show.

1364 days ago


Does anyone have a street address or approximate location for this guy?

1364 days ago


Does anyone have a street address or approximate location for this guy?

1364 days ago


Wow. People are stupid all over, aren't they? I thought it was just here in The South. Who's business is it what consenting adults do? Nobody's, that's who. I may be concerned about the reality show being filmed in my backyard, but adult polygamists? I had hoped this country was moving forward, but I guess not. (I've never watched the show, it's the marriage is for one man, one woman line that is getting old.)

1364 days ago


so, why is it ok to live a gay lifestyle but not this. Is not the main argument "freedom of choice to love whom ever you choose"? If it's ok to be gay, then it's ok to be polygamist. If you live in a shell and are afraid to speak to your children about polygamy, then what did you tell them about homosexuality? Are you afraid your children might find that more interesting than your existing lifestyle? If you feel you have the right to interfere with a polygamists choice, then you need to interfere with gay couples.
I'll bet more than 40% of your neighbors fall into catagories of swingers, pot smokers, coke sniffers, and likely stealing from thier job etc. Worry about your own house and not what goes on in someone elses. I'll bet they have better family values than your family and thier children will be less likely to end up in a rehab by 18yo.
I love how people pick and choose who they want to control. Like I said, if polygamy is wrong, so is homosexual relationships and you tell them to move out of you neighborhood too. You know there are a couple on your block, if not you.

1364 days ago


They need to go live at the forest, they are so NASTY NASTY....

1364 days ago

Sandy cargile    

If this schmuck can put up with all of these wives and kids I say let him be. Live and let live people. I wouldn't care if they were my neighbors as long as they were quiet.

1364 days ago


It is just pathetic that any woman would have so little self esteem that she would be willing to "share" her husband.

1364 days ago


This goes to the neighbor who "refuses to have polygamist in her neighborhood", guess what?? ITS NOT UP TO YOU OR YOUR ****TY BELIEFS. How about you do some parenting and your kid wont be affected by the polygamist family. Your a Sheep.

1364 days ago
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