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'Sister Wives' New Home

A Neighborhood Divided

1/31/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown and his "Sister Wives" might need to invest in some good fences -- because a few of their new neighbors aren't happy the polygamist reality show stars have moved into their hood.

As TMZ first reported, Brown and his fam recently relocated to Las Vegas so they could explore new job opportunities. TMZ spoke with several of the new neighbors and while some sound tolerant of the Brown clan ("It's a quiet neighborhood, and as long as it stays drama free, then we're fine") others want nothing to do with them. 

One neighbor told us, "I don't want my family surrounded by polygamists."

Another was upset because now her young children are asking her about polygamy -- and now she plans on moving. She told us,  "I am not tolerating the polygamists or their TV show in my neighborhood."



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Michele Austin    

Welcome to Nevada !!!!! I enjoy watching your life unfold for all to see and share.....stay strong to your beliefs no mater what others may's YOUR truth and thats all that matters. Love is unconditional and it seems your family has found it.

1324 days ago


OMG we all have such an opnion on this. I don't agree with what they are doing. But you know we all live in glass houses and we all need to take care of our own laundry not worry about a family that practices polygamy. Frankly I don't care who lives next to me as long as they are law abiding citzens and keep their property up( yes I know Polygamy is Illegal). Frankly if we didn't have some interest in their story we would not be posting here or watching the show.

1324 days ago


I bet TLC bought the house for them.

1323 days ago


The only reason anyone even cares is because they use the words polygamy and wives. If it was just a guy having multiple affairs and fathering other children with them, would you feel so compelled to move? Would you even care? I would be more concerned about sexual predators, druggies, and murderers living in the neighborhood than these people.

1323 days ago

Miss Cleo    

Good luck TLC, I generally enjoy your programing.
But, I'll fore-go this offering. And it has nothing to do with this group's lifestyle.

Kody's personality, mannerisms and voice are as irritating as fingernails scraping down a chalkboard. And he is a pompous ass.

I would rather munch down on shards of broken glass than put myself through that torture of watching him/listening to him when all I really want to do is veg out with some mindless television viewing.

1322 days ago


It is Gods place to judge not ours!These people have a kind and loving home this works for them.Right ,wrong or indifferent it is between them and God. I choose my friends to be my friends for who they are not by their religion or beliefs.I don't pick my neighbers and I surely don't want my neighbers to decide if I can live here.I want to be excepted but not judged. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.Bless them and you will be blessed. Good luck,Keep your head up and smile God loves you!

1322 days ago


This life style is not for me, but for some why not? Probably 75% of people in the US are really living a "Paligomist life". You have men and women out there sleeping and having kids with several different mates! Kody is legally only married to one of the women, so legally they have done nothing wrong. As far as people not wanting them in their neighborhood,? Whats it to you what they do in their own home, they might not like what you do behind closed doors either!

1319 days ago


Why is this such a huge issue? Middle Easterners still practice this, and in AMERICA people. It's not our place to tell them how to live. At least they are all functioning together...which is more than I can say for how I would feel in this situation.

While I don't support in any way this kind of multi marriage living, I also don't support the widespread hatred for them either. Look at the Old Testament bible, it happened all the time. Think about the children people. That is what is most important.

I look at this just as you would a gay/lesbian couple. It's just another lifestyle. At least he isn't just sleeping around and leaving his children. They are functioning. Putting him in jail or seperating them is not the only decision. I mean look at what Octomom did with NO DAD for the kids. I just don't know what the right answer is and I for one am not these peoples judge. God is.

1319 days ago


I am a big fan of Sister Wives, it is the idea of a large family that interests me. How these people live their lives is no concern for others, people should not judge. If they don't like the show, then just change the channel. I really liked the epsiode where they visited the ranch. I thought that comment that they are never lonely was so great. Maybe some people need to get up in the morning alone, no family and face the day alone in the world with just strangers they happen to meet at stores etc. I know what I am speaking about, I experience it everyday. It isn't the man Cody (Kody) who is of interest it is the idea of having the support and connection with each other for those women. They are not alone as they grow old, as you see with those two older ladies at the ranch. Before you start commenting on these people with judgement, try living a lifestyle, then maybe you will have an idea what you are talking about. I always say if I have not experienced something myself, then I really can not judge, or give advice. I hope this show stays on T.V it fills a lonely hour or more for me......

1307 days ago


I would love t have them as neighbors here in Indiana, people need to grow up, and leave these people alone they aren't hurting anyone and if thats a problem move then... they have rights and I love the show and as long as it is on TV i will be here every week watching it. I think it took a lot for them to come out and the way people are treating them is sad.GO SISTER WIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1303 days ago

eloise robinson    

Do not let anyone bring you down. I was in a single family relationship and he left us for another woman then he left her for another woman. My kids are grown now but i had to do it myself. Their father was not there for them. Tell everyone that at least the childrens father is here for you and your children, he has not left when times got rough, the kids will be proud of their dad when they grow up becase he was not self absorbed. I think the reason people may be upset over your chose of life is the possibilities of some women being taken advantage of. Some may have cogniive disabilities and end up doing things that they really do not understand. As for Robin, be wary of her (questionable cognitive abilities)

1292 days ago


Regardless of my life style with one husband, I feel "Sister Wives" is a BEAUTIFUL example of what and how a husband and wife should be as a couple....NICE to each other and respectful. I bet most of the people who are critical of the show are probably in need of a little "NICE Pill". Stop being so harsh about others and see the beauty in how to be towards each other. That's life!

1284 days ago


Regardless of my life style with one husband, I feel "Sister Wives" is a BEAUTIFUL example of what and how a husband and wife should be as a couple....NICE to each other and respectful. I bet most of the people who are critical of the show are probably in need of a little "NICE Pill". Stop being so harsh about others and see the beauty in how to be towards each other. That's life!

1284 days ago


I agree with "yes". Would they want to move if a gay person or a couple just shacking up. These people are on tv ,the news, magazines and the internet. They might as well b living in ur house with u .If their life wasn't interesting they wouldn't b on tv. You don't have to agree with their lifestyle or b their friends,just leave them alone and don't watch them or read about them.

1281 days ago


oh come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,,, who cares what they do,, its their lives and their choices, thats the proublem with everyone,, just cant mind your own buisness..and NO..their not out to make you all live their lifestyle and run around converting your little chrildren,, haha'''' they just want to live happy so BACK THE HELL OFF..

1256 days ago
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