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'Sister Wives' New Home

A Neighborhood Divided

1/31/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown and his "Sister Wives" might need to invest in some good fences -- because a few of their new neighbors aren't happy the polygamist reality show stars have moved into their hood.

As TMZ first reported, Brown and his fam recently relocated to Las Vegas so they could explore new job opportunities. TMZ spoke with several of the new neighbors and while some sound tolerant of the Brown clan ("It's a quiet neighborhood, and as long as it stays drama free, then we're fine") others want nothing to do with them. 

One neighbor told us, "I don't want my family surrounded by polygamists."

Another was upset because now her young children are asking her about polygamy -- and now she plans on moving. She told us,  "I am not tolerating the polygamists or their TV show in my neighborhood."



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oh come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,,, who cares what they do,, its their lives and their choices, thats the proublem with everyone,, just cant mind your own buisness..and NO..their not out to make you all live their lifestyle and run around converting your little chrildren,, haha'''' they just want to live happy so BACK THE HELL OFF..

1219 days ago


I do not totally understand the polygamist lifestyle. But I think that it should be their choice, just like I believe gays should be able to get married. I think this family really understands what it is to be a family, and that is inspirational. Personally I wouldn't mind living in a neighborhood with polygamists at all.

1219 days ago


I do not totally understand the polygamist lifestyle. But I think that it should be there choice, just like I believe gays should be able to get married. I think this family really understands what it is to be a family, and that is inspirational. Personally I wouldn't mind living in a neighborhood with polygamists at all.

1219 days ago


Hmm , why are people so upset , I am a Christian , I do not believe that it is right in God's eyes , Marriage is between a man and a women . That being said , moving your family to another neighborhood is simply ridiculous, we live in a world of immorality and your going to get upset with this ....please ..they are harmless ..there family is more functional and healthy than 90% of families out there ...I would not have one problem living next to them ..

1218 days ago


i have had 3 husband all 3 all 3 are gone....i do not like to share....some of cody wifes seem a little jealous of the new one...the candy wife...and something must be wrong she cry all the time.....i like to watch the show and make fun of then seems to be my humor for the week...

1213 days ago


What do I care how many wives this guy has. I can think of times in my marriage I WISH some other wife were around to help out. . . or even sleep with my husband - I'd have thrown her a shower if he'd leave me alone after being up all night with a sick baby - seriously, this sounds perfect to me. Not a Mormon - just a tired, practical wife/mom.

1212 days ago


if they moved to texas i would be there friend.

1212 days ago

Theresa Evans    

You people are nuts on here. You live in one of the most sinful cities in the world and you are concerned about a group of people who practices this lifestyle as their religion. REALLY!!!!

1199 days ago


They are all breaking the law & teaching their children to do the same. We don't have to right to pick & choose what laws to follow. The law is the law. They need to go to jail. Plus, are they also collecting welfare?? Large numbers of polygamist's do. So than he's screwing ALL OF US taxpayers too.

1198 days ago


Power To Them:) Is There Life Who Are We To Juge...

1198 days ago


This family has the wrong idea about our city Las Vegas by the way by the pictures looks like Henderson Nevada.We have laws here also and most follow them. This guy is full of it!!! Trying to make like we want his way of life which is not legal and that we allow his faith!!! One no two words Leave Vegas.
The only reason the show is still on I abmit to watching to see how long it will take to arrest this man. To go on tv and do a in your face then run run run. Go home go home. Utah doesn't want you nor do we so where is the money from you going to send you next. What did they expect they saw the dollors and as far as I see it threw the kids under the bus. There are so many good familys in this valley of Vegas we are just like others we obey the laws we work go to chruch just like all the other towns. If they are in Vegas I would love them to meet the major. He will kick them out of his city., to much work has been done to show we are a normal american town for familys.

1189 days ago


Sometimes I just can't believe what I read. How dare you judge the Mom who didn't want to explain what polygamists are. Hope she doesn't forget to tell them its against the law in all 50 states. Why should Las Vegas open their arms to in your face law breakers and expect us to be ok with that. Who gave them the right to deside which law to keep or break anyway. OH what is it with the homosexuals comments. People it is not against the law period. YOu might not like it but still its legal. I see no conparsion between the two. If I knew where they live I would join the neighbors in calling the police and complaning and the major and city couselman. We have a right to live in our homes without tv crews taping and people who openly break again the law. Tell us the address or street we can join together. I don't see any reason children that already live there should have this in their face. A child would see oh they don't have to live by the law so why should we?? Let them go to colo city or where their parents live. They put this on themselves by being on a tv show. I don't feel sorry for them at all. I feel sorry for the neighbors that will have there lives upside down with the film crews alone. The neighbors should call Goodman, he worked hard to show this town as a family town and moral one. Maybe Utah will come and get him since he made mub out of their laws, and got away with it.
Good luck for the neighbors. by the way the other familys that live here they live their lives like the rest of us. Taken care of our familys, work, they don't come out and make foollish acts.for us to judge them. Just in case you didn't know this the Bible says we are to obide by the law of the land. I try never to do otherwise. I am not perfect but I do my best to be good to myself family and friends plus neightbors. I hope the people get together and do it legal won't take long for them to leave our city also.

1188 days ago


I find it interesting that everyone criticizes Kody Brown for having four wives. Doesn't Islam allow a man to have four wives? Why isn't everyone up in arms about Muslim marriage and traditions? This is NOT an isolated thing, but he gets criticized like the ****ens for it here. Use a wider lens, people. Islam is coming here quickly, and this is the wave of the future in the United States. In many parts of the world, it's the norm. Does that scare you?

1155 days ago

Linda Royle    

I would not have more than one women in my house, because i would want my husband every night. But if thats what they beleave in then everyone should leave them alone, they are a neat family. My mom and i are planning a trip to vegis one day and i hope we run into the family. God Bless

1087 days ago


Who pays for all the medical bills,how do they file their income taxes,do they get goverment help,how does he support all those children & wifes.

1087 days ago
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