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'Two and a Half Men' -- The Show Will Go On!

2/1/2011 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will return to "Two and a Half Men" in 3-4 weeks -- at least that's now the plan -- and producers will make up the episodes so no one from the cast or crew will be out any money ... TMZ has learned.

Two and a Half Man Update
Sources connected with the show tell us ... although nothing is in stone ... they're told by the addiction specialist that Charlie could be back to work next month. If that happens, producers would most likely make up the two missed shows at the end of the production season.

Bottom line -- no one will lose money and the show could be back on track.


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CBS can tap dance their way out of this. They'll just work the storyline into the show!

1330 days ago


THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ALL THE PRESIDENT OBAMA HATERS! Charlie Sheen has replaced President Obama as the most influential being in our country. From the former foreign born governor of California, the present governor, the attorney general, all law enforcement, the L.A. police, who declined to ring Charlie's doorbell, even tho it was reported a suitcase full of cocaine was delivered, and the joint bodies of the senate and congress. Just think, all these California "lawmakers" DO NOT DARE approach, "His Royal Majesty." Their lack of leadership has this cocaine drug addict in his hip pocket while they sit back like the dummies they are, scared to death to cross him. Meanwhile, a young woman, Jaime Presly, faces a possible six months jail time for a DUI while, "His Royal Highness" enjoys "rehab" with all the comforts of home. Is it any wonder California has gone down the drain with this kind of "leadership" and a repulsive nothing named, Charlie Sheen pulling their strings like the puppets they are. These people cannot become any more disgusting than they already, are.

1330 days ago

Hey Now    

I used to feel your fire
But now it's coooooold inside
And you're back on the street like you didn't miss a beat, yeah

1330 days ago

Hey Now    

I was gonna say something about that Kacey girl - The one that is all over the tmz-type sites and won't STFU, but David Spade said it well just now on twitter

-- @DavidSpade chuck sheens girl should ease up on the press junket. 30 grand later youd think she might stop the blabalanche. relax, the check cleared

1330 days ago

Hey Now    

Just for the record let's get the story straight
Me and Uncle Tom were fishing it was getting pretty late
Out on a cypress limb above the wishin' well
Where they say it got no bottom, say it take you down to hell

Over in the bushes and off to the right
Come two men talkin' in the pale moon light

1330 days ago


And his boss should have a severe punishment for him, by way of no pay and charging him for the delay in production. I used to like him but this over the hill loser needs to realize the universe does not revolve around him and that he has children to think about.
Just goes to show, too much money and not enough brains and self control.

1330 days ago

Hey Now    

One more song for tonight.

I want to dedicate this song to all 3 of Charlie's beautiful daughters - the adult & the little girls. (Would he approve of this choice?)

The artist is Pink - and the song is called F*ckin' Perfect (or just "Perfect" on the radio edit for kids)

Catch the video here (copy & paste)

What do you think of the message? Watch the video.

1330 days ago


looser dude. has to buy sex. he is a crack head. kids of his will always be embarrass that he is there so call dad. only reason that 5'8" dude like him is able to get a porn stars is because he has jingle. Stupid enough to give a porn wannabe 30k. Now she is making you sound like a JOHN who culdnt get laid with out 30K. she wasnt worth $100 for an 1hr. You are just like a whore crack head. glad this happens to someone like you. Your just a puppet who got played by ur wanna be friends and ugly ass porn wanna be stars. You really think you have friends? Your kids had a great role model. maybe they will smoke out of the same pipe as you did. will you pass the pipe down to them? you looser. cant wait to hear about next months crack binge you looser. with that said please get help punk

1330 days ago


this is again. cant get enough of this crack head story that you are. is there a friend or a person you can get laid by that you dont have to smoke coke or give money too? i pray that your daughters does not have to take 30K from someone who is on crack or free base to get laid as your wanna be porn stars. in your case if they find someone like there father then it may be easy since your setting a great example. you have to admit it pretty easy money to take it from a clown like yourself..sorry for the abuse. but your just a DMF(dumb mother ****er)

1329 days ago


I don't have any sympathy for Sheen, but those porn whores are despicable. Talk about taking advantage. I bet their families are so proud.

1329 days ago


this is crackHeadsheen... best thing,,just let him hang his self. within a month he will be sucking on the pipe again. one award he want be wining... father of the yr. surly he does not get custody of any of his kids. Charley and Porn star should have kids together.

1329 days ago


Let's see....He is an alcoholic and drug addict. So he is going to do rehab at home and will be fine in 1 month! Then he is going to do his show and play a middle aged alcoholic who drinks from the time he gets up in the morning until ??? and yet stay sober in real life. Now that is some acting job!!! People keep talking like he is just sooo cool, but he is in serious trouble and if he doesn't get help (real help) he won't be around long and I know of no cool dead men! Too bad because he has the money, the name and the power to make such a differnece in this world!

1329 days ago


The show should go on w/ or w/out Sheen, If he can't get it together, he should leave it alone!

1329 days ago


The crew will lose money no matter what is printed here.

1329 days ago


He's a lost cause that should do something better with his life like get hit by car. Maybe then he'll gain sympathy from people and attract more hookers.

1329 days ago
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