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'Two and a Half Men' -- The Show Will Go On!

2/1/2011 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will return to "Two and a Half Men" in 3-4 weeks -- at least that's now the plan -- and producers will make up the episodes so no one from the cast or crew will be out any money ... TMZ has learned.

Two and a Half Man Update
Sources connected with the show tell us ... although nothing is in stone ... they're told by the addiction specialist that Charlie could be back to work next month. If that happens, producers would most likely make up the two missed shows at the end of the production season.

Bottom line -- no one will lose money and the show could be back on track.


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Shove a guest star in there. Ricky and Lucy did that all the time. Lindsay Lohan isn't doing anything. Or, hire a different actor. That role isn't rocket surgery anyway. Conan, George Lopez or Justin Beaver. Chevy Chase, Charlie Chase or Mel Gibson could do a show about writing songs for Temple. Russel Brand, David Hasselhof could fill in and he sings. Heck, give Charlie a long break.

1357 days ago


I can't believe these networks don't have "conduct" clauses so when stars act like this they can re-write the show & get rid of the "star". This is why ensembles are better. If one gets out of hand, the others can carry the load.

1357 days ago


Everybody should boycott the show. Normal citizens like myself would be in jail not under the spot light.

1357 days ago


The show has to go ! The boy is almost grown and the show has gotten filthier every episode. Sheen is a looser like the rest of his worthless family and needs to be chopped down to size.
He plays everyone as a fool trying to buy his way out of everything and one of these days he will wind up dead because of his stupid ways....I say can the show while your ahead!!!

1357 days ago


Have Lindsay walk around in negliges alot. In two months, no one will even remember Charlie was on the show.

1357 days ago


Charlie you rock!!!! Your living every mans dream

1357 days ago


In my humble opnion Charlie Sheen should be made to pay all the crew and cast's salary for all the time he is out every time he pulls these stunts! Part of the problem is the same as dealing with children...he is never made to take responsibility for his actions...maybe paying everyones salaries will be a step in the right direction...he can certainly afford it!

1356 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a great actor. But I think if CBS where to replace him. Matt Leblanc would be just as great at being Charlie Harper.

1356 days ago


Hey Charlie hang on in there, me and my husband are big fans of Two and Half Men. I believe that your come back will be a successful one in the name of Jesus Christ.

1356 days ago


May god be with him during this time.

1356 days ago


well go charlie, show them you can do it!

1356 days ago


Hello,Charlie, You are in our thoughts and Prayers. You are a very 'Tough Customer'- what you are doing takes a lot of Courage! Do what you have to do you sure have given so many people so much inspiration ,and so many many laughs during our struggles--Thank You. Get well! God Bless-- from Rocky

1356 days ago


goes to show u whether your the bum off the street doing mac and cheese commercials or a big hollywood star. once ur an addict your always an addict. should kick em off the show, and give somebody a chance who deserves it.

1356 days ago


Are yoou kidding me - I was downsized from my $100,000 a yr job and this Dumbass cant keep it together enuff to make a 1/2 hour show a week, Hey Charlie - Wake the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you need a normal guy to babysit you until you get your your **** togeher - pay me what i madwe as a corperate projects manager in which ,y main job was keeping the CEO from doing anything that would hurt him... and i will be there tomorrow.
Its a tough economy - your acting went gown hill, and just get it together man - - you can find a decent woman, settle down and have a meaningful life with people to care enuff about you - not your starpower or what you can do for them. What do you want to do be on where are they now in 10 yrs after you blow every limited opportunity still out there for you.
What you need is a month of living like the rest of the average world to see what your pissing away.

Jim Hughes in buffalo NY

1356 days ago

sherry sumner    

wow!!!!! some sure harsh comments.....yes charlie has some issues....we all do!!! his is only aired in the public eye.....if it were any of us...would we not want our jobs held open for us if we were in the same cir***stance??? after all life gets to all of us!!!

1356 days ago
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