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'Two and a Half Men' -- The Show Will Go On!

2/1/2011 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will return to "Two and a Half Men" in 3-4 weeks -- at least that's now the plan -- and producers will make up the episodes so no one from the cast or crew will be out any money ... TMZ has learned.

Two and a Half Man Update
Sources connected with the show tell us ... although nothing is in stone ... they're told by the addiction specialist that Charlie could be back to work next month. If that happens, producers would most likely make up the two missed shows at the end of the production season.

Bottom line -- no one will lose money and the show could be back on track.


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COME ON! This man has time and time again screwed up. I mean, I'm all for Charlie going to rehab - but as an addict - they only think of themselves. I feel for the crew on the show as they have no control over him and unfortunately their lives/wages are in his hands. Glad to see he can think of only himself! Get rid of him. There are other actors who can replace him and why make him feel like GOD, like the show can't go two episodes without seeing his face!

1324 days ago


he's a high functioning addict... his way worked, it will take a lot of effort for him to see that he may have gone too far. It's his life to lead though if i were him i'd probably do the same thing :d

1324 days ago


54, you cracked me the h up!

1324 days ago


I've read all of these comments, and I'm sorry but some of you people are just ****ing CRUEL. I hope at some point in your lives, should you fall victim to substance abuse, or require any help or support what-so-ever, that people treat YOU with more compassion than what I've seen here. Some of these comments I've read absolutely sicken me. The man is ill. He has a disease and requires serious help. Yet some of you fail to see that with your blatant ignorance. Reading some of these posts.....the PURE hate.....just makes me wonder what this world is coming to. It really does sadden me.

1324 days ago


Say what you want about Sheen, he's never denied who he is or what he likes.

1324 days ago


And to the re-hab specialists...........Want to buy the Brooklyn bridge??? Better next month..LMFAO

1324 days ago


I wish the sponsors would pull out and show some dignity by not promoting this drug addict. What is this country coming to when we use drug addicted actors to make money for the network. And what kind of people enjoy watching these type of dysfunctional actors. Everybody is prostituting somebody....all for the almight dollar!!!!!

1324 days ago


Just shoot some episodes with Judd Nelson playing Charlie and pretend it's Charlie.

1324 days ago


hmmm... wasn't he at Passages Malibu many moons ago? The same Passages that claims there is a CURE for addiction? Guess that didn't work, did it? He needs more time off than 3-4 weeks. Too bad the execs pocketbook is more important than Charlie's life - anyone seen Country Strong? VERY realistic!! My best wishes to Charlie, whom I hope tells his staffers to take a hike and to let him recover to his best ability so that he is actually in tip-top shape - IF that's what he wants. If not, I guess another one is biting the dust so to speak!

1324 days ago


Can't they film a bunch at once or is this a live show?

1324 days ago


This show is the best comedy on tv!!However Charlie seriously needs help!!

1324 days ago


Is this not Feburary sweeps coming up for TV ratings? Next one in May.

1324 days ago


The "addiction specialist" knows he can go back to work in a month? This is just pathetic. And this pretend rehab is going to blow up next time he goes on a bender of drugs and porn. Doesn't anyone really care about this guy?

1324 days ago


Charlie Sheen needs to hit a rock bottom before real recovery is possible. He'll never hit that bottom, however, if the network continues to enable him for the sake of the money. I agree with most of the other comments that CBS needs to stop enabling Charlie Sheen and let him hit rock bottom. If they do not let him hit rock bottom he will continue down the same path and either he will kill himself or someone else so CBS needs to wake up, but I do not think so, because CBS only thinks with their wallet not there head...

1324 days ago


Why are people watching that dry no good show?/ I lost all respect for this crack head. He shows no emotions and thinks he's god gift to earth. People that watches his show are supporting his habit! Instead of helping the needy, he's going around supporting hookers and drug dealers! Way to spend your money right Charlie! Lets see when he doesn't get a pay check coming in and see how 30K will go a long way! CRACK HEAD! He's had wayyyyyyy tooo manyyyyy chances! Sorry for his kids.

1324 days ago
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