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Halle Berry's Custody War -- A Long Time Brewing

2/1/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have been locked in conflict over custody of 2-year-old Nahla for months ... and much of it centers around Halle's movie career.

Halle Berry Custody Battle

Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ ... Aubry has complained when Halle leaves town it interferes with his ability to be a father.  Accommodations were made for Gabriel to accompany Halle and Nahla to London last August after he complained. 

Sources say the couple has never gone to court to establish custody and visitation rights.  They have tried working it out between themselves, but the situation has now become impossible.

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel filed for paternity last month.  Officially we're being told it was a formality.  In fact, it was a prelude to what has become a bitter custody fight.

Halle Berry


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She should change her name from Halle to Hell. It's a much better fit.

1325 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

She slept with him and bore his child because of his perfect Caucasoid genetics, not because she was sexually attracted to him...

1325 days ago


When she desperate to have the kid, she was making Aubry sound like he walked on water. Now that he doesn't want the controlling dumb ass, now she's "concerned".

I hope she loses and he gets full custody. She is so selfish and does not have any concern for the kid.

No wonder every one dumps her!

1325 days ago


these comments read like a bunch of crazy people!! You all sound like you actually know Halle Berry and make snap judgements based on a magazine article or movie?....What a bunch of losers!!..LOL!

1325 days ago


Notice that she did not bother to put his name on the birth certificate. She is a narcissist who believes she should not have to share custody/deal with a man she dismissed.
She has no kind words for the men in her life, she lied about adopting Eric Bennet's daughter saying she was just like her own kid. That poor child was promtly discarded with her father who Halle blasted in the press when she tired of him.
Halle may be beautiful on the outside and only cares about herself and her image.

1325 days ago


@Posted at 7:22 AM on Feb 1, 2011 by Nunya

Aubry has a better reputation and track record than Halle. His family is more supportive than Halle's with less problems.
Halle has personality problems along with her many relationship issues.
BTW Get a bar of soap and wash that nasty mouth of your's out and go back to your trailer park.

1325 days ago

Steelers suck    

Sounds to me like the dude is bitter about the breakup and this is his only way to get back at her! I'll leave it at that and not say what I'm thinking about you other redneck racists that think just because she makes movies and is black there is something wrong with her. Maybe, just maybe it's his self-entitled ass. None of us know.

1325 days ago


Kids need to have both parents involved in their life!! I suggest Halley needs to smarten up and not be so selfish.

1325 days ago


Halle Berry is a crappy actress - always was. And she always portrays herself as a victim in every relationship that goes bad. She clearly does not put her child first!

1325 days ago


@Posted at 7:51 AM on Feb 1, 2011 by Steelers suck
Nah, sounds like the guy cares about his kid. Imagine that how novel. According to comments, others claim Halle does not like the women he dates. Gee, they were not married and what right would Halle have to say who Gabriel can see? Sounds really like someone has control issues.
Redneck? Multi racial would be more accurate for me. Take your ethnicity issues and shove them up your...

1325 days ago


That's why you don't have kids if you don't plan on staying together because this is what happens! Kids are not pets! No matter what people say kids need BOTH PARENTS!!!!!

1325 days ago

Steelers suck    


Exactly my point douche, "others". No one actually knows what is going on unless you're in their inner sanctum. But you people making comments about her race are ridiculous. Oh, and Anonymous........Oooooooo, hurt my feelings..........NOT. ROFLMFAO!!!!!

1325 days ago


Wait... Halle Berry had sex with that guy and had his child? Halle Berry? She always came off as a woman who likes a high class, clean cut man who dresses in Armani. This guy looks like Kevin Federline! Halle must have had a hellova hangover the day after they had sex.

1325 days ago


Fathers have rights too. Are we as a nation forgetting that?

1325 days ago


@23 Kevin U sure told kinm and gave great true-life examples!

1325 days ago
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