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Halle Berry's Custody War -- A Long Time Brewing

2/1/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have been locked in conflict over custody of 2-year-old Nahla for months ... and much of it centers around Halle's movie career.

Halle Berry Custody Battle

Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ ... Aubry has complained when Halle leaves town it interferes with his ability to be a father.  Accommodations were made for Gabriel to accompany Halle and Nahla to London last August after he complained. 

Sources say the couple has never gone to court to establish custody and visitation rights.  They have tried working it out between themselves, but the situation has now become impossible.

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel filed for paternity last month.  Officially we're being told it was a formality.  In fact, it was a prelude to what has become a bitter custody fight.

Halle Berry


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I go with the fact that Halle is hard to get along with..Gabe has his own money and doesnt need Halle's. Gabe's daughter has his last name Aubry on her birth certificate..Halle had a baby with Gabe because he is white, and very handsome,and has a great modeling career, she really didnt want a dark child. I agree that she just kicked her last husband's child to the curb, when they broke up, without any thought to what she did to that child's feelings...I am glad to see Gabe fight for the rights to his child and not let Halle control , him or the little girl. Watch out Halle , you alienate a wonderful father from his daughter , and you will be the loser in the end.

1325 days ago


Why is nearly everyone so quick to jump on the kick Halle band wagon, how many of them live in the same house in the same bedroom. You can't possibly know what is really going on remember there are three sides to every story, his hers and the truth.

1325 days ago


A man who tries to be a father and being stopped? Go Aubry and fight for your baby girl!

1325 days ago


Halle's a witch, that poor little girl.

1325 days ago


This is just another example of the man being good enough to lay down and make a baby but not good enough to be a father. If she had such concerns about his parenting skills as a father she should have considered more than he looks to make a baby!

1325 days ago


Nobody knows what's going on between these two. I'm sure they both have problems as they're two busy working parents. It's downright stupid to call names and choose sides without knowing the FACTS. I hope everything works out for them and the child.

1325 days ago


I think the point is he doesn't want to be shut out of his daughter's life because Mom is away most of the time shooting a movie. He doesn't want to have his time with his daughter be at the whim of Halle and her work schedule. Informal child visitation agreements only work if both parents are on good terms and put their child before anything else.

I think it is safe to say that isn't the case with these two and he is only doing what a good father or mother should do. Instead of letting Halle call the shots about their child, he wants some say in how often he sees her. If Halle is going to use her job or whoever he is dating as an excuse not to let their daughter spend time with her dad, then he could do the same. That could only turn into a big mess. Let the judge decide.

1325 days ago


I think Halle is a wonderful mother... Halle is not married to this man- so why cant she take her child with her when she earns her living? I dont think he makes enough to support her and his daughter for the rest of their lives, and would he since they are not married? Halle is being forced to stop working, so that she can acomodate him. He knows Halle is a good mother, so why seek full custody?? That little girl would be destroyed. Sounds like he is bitter over the break up, and that Halle has tried to work out a schedule between the two of them, and he is using her career as an excuse and means to get back at her. No judge is going to give him custody over her period. By him filing for full custody, this has backed her into a corner to do the same. A man would not be forced to chose his career over his child, and this is essentially the excuse he is trying to use.

Posted at 10:01 AM on Feb 1, 2011 by SUN

What are you talking about,for starters he is the childs father, whether they are married or not..Also he wants 50/50 custody not full custody. He was the one who chose not to continue the relationship with Halle, like so many others before him. He is a world re-known male model and has his own money, he has no need for Halle's. She is throwing fits cause he is dating again, but its ok for her to do so..Halle has and always will be a selfish woman, with major problems, just watch a interview with her sometimes.

1325 days ago


He does not have any rights in the eyes of the courts until he is declared the father legally. What is wrong with that? Most women have to take their baby's father kicking and screaming to claim his kids. The fact that he is going to court to be declared the father legally is what's probably bugging Halle the most. Once he is declared the father he has rights in the eyes of the courts!

1325 days ago


I think it's sad. He knew she was an actress when they started dating and when she became pregnant. It's her job. Seriously, you complain becuase she works. That is hilarious to me.

I don't see why they can't just work it out that if she's on film location, he has custody and when she's returns, she gets the same amount of time he had while she filmed.

A compromise isn't hard. Nope, sounds like there's something else motivating court action.

1325 days ago


No one commenting on this board knows the real deal so stop assuming she's crazy or he's crazy. I will say this though. This is what happens when creating a child is a "business deal" whether than an expression of LOVE between two MARRIED people. I know Halle wanted a child very badly amd Gabrielle accomodated her which makes them both very selfish and very childish. We have to be mature enough to understand that we will not always have what we desire or long for. But, Nahla is here now and they both need to find a way to make the best of the situation.

1325 days ago


Halle never had a relationship with her all. She does not know the value of a father daughter relationship. Consequently that is why (I believe) she has had relationship issues in the past. She is being selfish and downright mean. She needs to put her daughter first and check her ego and other insecurities at the door!

1325 days ago


Halle's track record with men gives one pause. Every single man she's been with left her; EVERY SINGLE ONE....Where is Olivier Martinez? The men in her previous relationships have stated how emotionally draining it could be being in a relationship with her. Constant reinforcement of their love, desire for her, their relationship, etc... She has emotional baggage which man men will ignore because of her looks. This custody war is simply a matter of control on her part. You don't desire me or love me anymore, I will destroy you. I wish Nahla the best in this situation.

1325 days ago

Melissa Velasco    

Stupid controlling bitch ms half and half

1325 days ago


Ladies and Gents,
Don't be such haters. There is nothing wrong with either of them. They need to be civil to one another and each other for the sake of the child and if you don't know her personally how do you know she's a bitch. We all know there are two sides to every storyy.

1325 days ago
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