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Jean-Claude Van Damme -- 4% Tipper

2/2/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jean-Claude Van Damme dealt a low blow to his waiter at an L.A. nightclub -- tipping only $40 on a $940 bill ... and TMZ has obtained a copy of the receipt.

It all went down at Drai's in Hollywood this past Sunday night. No word on exactly what the former action star ordered ... but upon racking up the hefty tab ... our source says JCVD dropped a tip that amounts to just over 4%.

We're told the wait staff was not pleased. No duh.

In fairness to Van Damme -- he's from abroad. Folks in Brussels don't live by the 15-20 percent rule. Calls to Van Damme and his people weren't returned.

UPDATE: A rep for Drai's says a 15% gratuity was included on Jean-Claude's tab ... and that his $40 was on top of that amount.


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I guess the waiter/waitress/waitperson did not recognize him
and ask for his autograph. The tip was the result.

When I go to a restaurant and the whole wait staff does not come up to me and high five me and ask about my fabulous week I just don't leave a tip.

1361 days ago


Whoah, this is a surprise to me because Jean-Claude was at the restaurant that I work at recently, and my co-worker who served him recieved a 25% tip. He just stopped in for a few drinks, so his bill was really small, but he still left 25%.

1361 days ago


I'm sorry, I don't know JC and maybe he is a douchebag, but this tipping thing is very much an American thing. Or for example countries like South Africa where in many places the tips equals their full pay. However, in Belgium, tips are included in the prize and a tip, is an actual... tip. It's not something people count on. I'm sorry, but if there are so much rules around tipping in the US, maybe people should considering upping the wages of the waiters, or upping the prizes of the food. A tip should always be something extra, not something that is expected.

Also, maybe, just maybe, service wasn't excellent :)

1361 days ago


sometimes the waiter is a douche. sometimes they try to be 'cute' and not write down the order... then they bring the wrong order out. sometimes they bring you your food, then you dont see them for 30 minutes. when a waiter is good to me, i will tip 20 percent. no problem. when they suck or are idiots, then 4 percent is fine. for this waiter to take a picture and sell it to a news website, he obviously has no class. JCVD should totally sue this restaurant for this classless act !

1361 days ago


Here is what I don't get. What does the tip% have to do with the size of the bill? If I where to hypothetical spend 100.000$ i should leave a 20.000$ tip? Just because a 20% tip is expected?

The tip should be a fixed amount, related to the service level and not related to the size of the bill - and it should be optional depending of the actual service you get.

1361 days ago

Uncle Jim    

I agree...the whole tipping thing is a joke. If the waiter just brought a couple rounds of expensive drinks, then $40 is overly generous. "15-20%" is a guide and not the rule. Let's be realistic!

1361 days ago


Gimme a BREAK!!!! He's been in America for the most part of what - 20 years??!! He knows - he's just CHEAP! As a server i am DISGUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loser...

1361 days ago


Oh boo friggen ho! The waitress or waiter only got an extra $40 for bringing food to someones table. Why dont they try a "profession" where they have to do their job and dont get tips on top of their hourly wage.

1361 days ago


I worked in on of the biggest nightclubs in Phoenix for almost five years. I Saw lots of celebs and athletes come through. All of them are not like this, but MOST are! I've seen them run up six or seven hundred dollar tabs and they leave twenty bucks....EVEN THOUGHT WE COMP THEM MORE THAN HALF THEIR ACTUAL TOTAL!!!!!! They still left next to nothing. They are getting everything for free and can't leave something for the people who really work for a living. People who do that are s***bags.

1361 days ago


They don't even tip overseas. I don't see a problem with that tip and yes...i've waited tables. You want more money? get a better job and stop relying on tips for your income. I tip what I think the waiter deserved and I've been more than generous with some who most definitely didn't earn it.

1361 days ago


Why do waiters/waitresses/delivery people not only EXPECT a tip but nowadays they have the nerve to practically DEMAND a tip? People who work in fast food work harder then they do deal with *******s all day long and they dont get tips. (No I dont work in fast food but I did once)

1361 days ago


Maybe the service sucked.

1361 days ago

Stephen Park    

lets see all of the receipt - im betting it says "service charge @ 15% = $120" on a $800 bottle of krug or something

tip should not be expected - its an extra reward for good service ON TOP of "service charge"
perhaps the service sucked
do you leave a tip in mcdonalds??

1361 days ago


lets see all of the receipt - im betting it says "service charge @ 15% = $120" on a $800 bottle of krug or something

tip should not be expected - its an extra reward for good service ON TOP of "service charge"
perhaps the service sucked
do you leave a tip in mcdonalds??

Posted at 2:45 AM on Feb 2, 2011 by Stephen Park
If you're gonna try to be funny don't steal a line from Reservoir Dogs like a no talent hack.

1361 days ago


"Calls to Van Damme and his people weren't returned."

seriously, harvey & your "people" ... why does he owe an explanation to anyone for this? you have no idea what the service was and it doesn't matter.

if this establishment wants a specific percentage required, then require it. but im guessing with your wait staff selling this kind of information or feeding for free this kind of information to the tabloids, you won't be seeing many celebrities who - in your mind - tip good or not.

have a little respect for your customers - rich, famous or not.

why is it anyone's business and why in hell would you feel he owes you an explanation?

1361 days ago
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