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Jean-Claude Van Damme -- 4% Tipper

2/2/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jean-Claude Van Damme dealt a low blow to his waiter at an L.A. nightclub -- tipping only $40 on a $940 bill ... and TMZ has obtained a copy of the receipt.

It all went down at Drai's in Hollywood this past Sunday night. No word on exactly what the former action star ordered ... but upon racking up the hefty tab ... our source says JCVD dropped a tip that amounts to just over 4%.

We're told the wait staff was not pleased. No duh.

In fairness to Van Damme -- he's from abroad. Folks in Brussels don't live by the 15-20 percent rule. Calls to Van Damme and his people weren't returned.

UPDATE: A rep for Drai's says a 15% gratuity was included on Jean-Claude's tab ... and that his $40 was on top of that amount.


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I don't care how much the bill is, I never tip anyone anymore. It's a retarded practice. I don't get tips every time I great a customer at work. I do my work and so should a waiter.

1298 days ago

Stephen Park    

ok drais is a nightclub
on the bill it says 1 mag - thats 1 magnum
either champagne or vodka probably

and so he would have ALREADY paid a service charge of what 12-15-20%?

so probably he already paid well over $100 in service for someone to bring a bottle to his table and open it
usually the guests just serve themselves / pour their own drinks after that

so the $40 was probably an extra bonus for that one waiter ON TOP of the $100+ jcvd had already paid as a "service charge"
dont tell me the staff in drais dont get any of this? no way.

1298 days ago

Ze German    

This place has automatically charged me a 15% Service Charge. I have asked my waiter and was told that it is not a tip. Tip is expected extra and in addition to Service Charge and Tax. This is when I decided to pay another 15% (which now almost doubles the bill) and never ever come back to this funky operation.

1298 days ago


wow I can write any celebrity name at the top of a check too.....

1298 days ago

Toasty J    

I would bet that the tip was included in the total, and that the $40 was an additional tip.
I've paid bills that looked just like this and the tip was already added.

1298 days ago



You're an ass clown. If you frequent a restarant, I'd suggest not going there anymore. Messing with people that mess with your food is asinine. Of course, refusing a tip to someone that works hard to make you happy and is making $3.00 a ****ing hour (most of which is swallowed up in taxes) is also asinine, not to mention selfish, rude, inconsiderate. Boogers and spit are always present in your meals. Actually, don't stop going to your favorite spot. Explosive diarrhea is in your immediate future-Liquid karma.

1298 days ago


lol @ all you cheap toolbags... if you cant afford to tip properly then go to mcdonalds

1298 days ago


If the food was bad, I wouldn't leave a tip, especially if the food was very expensive. I've been to expensive restaurants before and they were all a big disappointment! They're a total waste of money! Just keep it simple and stick to what you like.

1298 days ago


Maybe they ought to think about if they did a good job or not. Giving a bad tip is how you show your displeasure with the service.

Also, if there was a lot of alcohol on the bill it doesn't count the same as the food.

1298 days ago


I enjoy traveling to other countries outside of the U.S so i don't have to tip the BS 15-20%. The whole thing is total BS. The service industry should increase the pay wage, so people don't have to tip here.

1298 days ago


I know a lot of people who work as waiters/waitresses who would be happy to get the $40. It's effed up that these people only make $2.13 per hour and basically have to live off their tips; but yes poor service should NOT be rewarded. If waitresses and waiters were paid at least minimum wage they wouldn't get so put out by non-tippers or small tippers.

It's a shame that for the hard work they do, they are supposed to be happy with $2.13 (those trays can get heavy), and HOPE that they make enough tips to survive, when there are still a lot of people who don't tip anything at all!

1298 days ago


I never understood the whole tipping thing. Employers not the customers should be responsible for the employees wages. Tipping is a luxury not a right. And $40 is enough to cover his cellphone bill for the month. But I think he should be fired for giving the stub to TMZ.

1298 days ago


He was probably annoyed management didn't comp him because he's a celeb. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

1298 days ago


Ok there was 10 guest so.
1. Tip could have already been added on to the bill.
2. He tipped 40 dollars and the rest of his party could have each handed the waiter their tips or
3. The waiter just sucked at his job.

1298 days ago


Everyone knows tip rules, if you can't afford it go to a drive thru window to get your food. If this is true he was in the wrong. No matter who you are

1298 days ago
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