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Jon Cryer -- Time on His Hands

2/1/2011 11:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer has been involuntarily freed from pesky tasks like learning his lines on "Two and a Half Men" -- at least temporarily while Charlie Sheen figures out his life ... and there's an upside for his kid.

Jon picked up 10-year-old Charlie from school Monday in L.A.

They say the best things in life are free.  Good thing, because according to documents obtained by TMZ ... Cryer is losing $400,000 an episode while Charlie is MIA.


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His son is named Charlie?

1330 days ago


I wonder if these people who have lost their incomes because Charlie is so irresponsible can sue him. It's not like the guy is sick or has cancer or something...Charlie choose to do all these things that have landed him where he is today. Good he can laugh about it all the way home from the hospital but I'll bet there are more than a few of the people who actually make the show happen who are not laughing all the way to the bank.

1330 days ago

Sir Boo    

Great father-son time. The kid is texting.

1330 days ago


I know some of you don't wnat to hear this, but: there is no show without Charlie! I watch the show because all the comedy that happens on the show all stem from Charlie's action.

1330 days ago


can he buy the kid big enough shorts

1330 days ago


Loving the combover on the bald patch.

1330 days ago


2.5 Men producers are 1) not thinking outside the box, and 2) should have had a contingency plan!! How much common sense does it take to know this day would come? If you own a multimillion dollar property, you have insurance. If you have a trainwreck employee, you have some spare scripts and a secondary story arc. They could have lost no more than 2-3 days retooling, use a body double of Charlie unconscious in bed, and fade away to ambulance taking him away. Then if he is better next season, no big loss. He deals with the ongoing effects of sobriety on his lifestyle. Life can imitate art, or the other way around.

1330 days ago


I feel sorry for Jon and the rest of the cast. They are all incredibly talented and have a hit show and Charlie is ruining it for all. Charlie believes he is his character and that his antics are cute and funny. Guess what, life is not a sitcom and you are pathetic and disgusting! Get help, first for your kids, then yourself and then you fellow cast mates who have had to put up with your bs so long.

If it weren't for the support of such a great cast, Sheen's character would not be that interesting. The schtick gets old. I miss the "Chelsey" character too. I've often wondered if the actress left the show because it's just too weird working with selfish drug addict. Charlie, get a freakin' grip!

1330 days ago


jon is loosing his hair

1330 days ago


You're all crazy. It is a great supporting cast...There is no show without Sheen...Cryer is funny at times but has become increasingly irritating and I watch hoping for the day Charlie smacks him good and kicks him out for good. They can move in several directions with a new supporting case, they are dead without sheen

1330 days ago


Not true Amorale55. Any of those people could move on to have successful sitcoms without Sheen. I have been a fan of Sheen's as well but enough is enough. It's sentiments like yours that keep the folks around him enabling his destructive behavior. If people continue to do that, he's going to end up dead. I for one don't relish the idea of sitting around acting all befuddled over how it could possibly have happened and feining horror and grief. Someone needs to step up, clean house of greedy, starf*&%ing enablers and help this guy. He is obviously beyond the point of making wise decisions himself. His thinking is impaired. Hopefully Martin and family will succeed in this but I feel bad for them having to deal with it too.

1330 days ago


Cryer and Berta are the funniest part of that show.

1330 days ago


Tammy #37 wrote
I know some of you don't wnat to hear this, but: there is no show without Charlie! I watch the show because all the comedy that happens on the show all stem from Charlie's action.
So you don't think the writers could beef up some of the others parts? If you think Charlie's character is the funniest, fine. But remember it's the writers that put the words in his mouth, and give him his actions, not Sheen. They make it easy for him by writing the part so he just has to play himself. Charlie isn't the creative genius behind this show.

1330 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a freakin BUTT! Because he is a screwup, Jon Cryer loses income he was counting on and worked to earn. He makes more than 400,000 an episode, but that's what he is losing. The network has to pay him something, he is contracted.

1330 days ago


I think the show has gotten the point across that Charlie is a boozing, low life, man's getting old. Too many other story lines. I would hate for my livelihood to depend on someone else, especially someone like Charlie.

BTW, has anyone noticed that Jon and his kid have freakishly large feet?

1330 days ago
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