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Jon Cryer -- Time on His Hands

2/1/2011 11:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer has been involuntarily freed from pesky tasks like learning his lines on "Two and a Half Men" -- at least temporarily while Charlie Sheen figures out his life ... and there's an upside for his kid.

Jon picked up 10-year-old Charlie from school Monday in L.A.

They say the best things in life are free.  Good thing, because according to documents obtained by TMZ ... Cryer is losing $400,000 an episode while Charlie is MIA.


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I really like Jon Cryer and the rest of the cast on 2 1/2 men, but I stopped watching the show when Charlie Sheen attacked his wife (ex) at Christmas time a year ago. Why does CBS put up with his ****?? $$$$$$$$$$$ That's why, but good ole Charlie isn't really acting is he, he's getting paid to play himself. CBS wake up!! This show can make it just fine with out this loser!!

1361 days ago


sheen is nothing more tham a spoiled hollywood As%&$#e. A coke head that should be in prison getting wht he deserves! Pooe baby has a painful med. condition which requires alcohol and drugs-What a pus#Y!!

1361 days ago

Pamela Alley    

Don't let Charlie ruin it for everyone. Do NOT shut down production! The other characters are funny too! If the show is on hiatus, then Charlie will think he can't be replaced.
I know they can come up with story lines. CHALLENGE YOURSELVES!!!

1361 days ago


They really should put a scare into Charlie Sheen and show him the show can go on without him. I would watch it without him. I won't watch it with him at this point. The show just glorifies his real personal lifestyle week after week. I got tired of it. I'd love to see something that revolves around the other excellent and interesting "sober" characters. Drunks really arent' funny in real life. They get sloppy, annoying, they fall down, they get angry, destroy families, drive while intoxicated often injuring or killing others. Not funny!

1361 days ago


It's very sad to read so many cruel and judmental comments about Charlie Sheen. This man is suffering from a disease of the mind and body that is progressive and often fatal. Please educate yourselves about the nature of addiction. No one chooses to be an alcoholic or drug addict. Mr. Sheen needs help, along with understanding and compassion. Millions of people suffer from this disease and often die from it.

1361 days ago


I have watched Jon Cryer for years. He is a seasoned comedic veteran, with a great talent. Just ask Carol Burnett...He is capeable of carrying that show along with the other cast members. I hope Charlie gets better, but it seems crazy to not give all the other cast a chance to continue to work...I for one am surprised that the character "Berta", has no offers for a spinoff show with "Charlie" and "Allens" mother, actress Holland Taylor...The writers are great on that show...The cast would do great...My best to all involved...From 2 1/2 FAN...

1361 days ago


Poor dude's losing his hair over the stress of the whole thing. I'm not a fan of the show, but I'm pretty surprised to find out he only makes $400,000 an episode. Sheen makes $2mil (WAY too much) and doesn't the kid make around $300,000? I mean, wow.

1360 days ago

the captain    

charlie could be replaced by a long lost relative who shows up at charlies house in a similar manner that alan did 8 yrs ago. now, who could fill that roll?

1359 days ago


No one diserves to get 2 million dollars.
You just can't work that hard. It's imponsible.

1339 days ago


For those who think it's sad to debase Charlie Sheen for his "problem", all I can say is your sympathy is sickly misplaced with the abuser. The ones you should be sympathetic to are all the victims--the friends, family members, and associates that are hurt (sometimes permanently) by the antics of addicts. The innocent victims deserve more than your sympathy for the abuser.

1332 days ago


Jon provides the real humor on that show and does it so well and with class. Too bad CBS thinks Charlie is the show. They can do it without Sheen and the audience would love it! Hey, CBS, give Jon the lead and bring in somebody like Ray Romano!

1332 days ago


I REALLY wish the would finish off the season without Sheen. I agree that the remaining cast could pull it off. Cryer and Angus are so funny. Cryer has been carrying the show and doing all the physical comedy while Sheen sits on the couch anyway. Who isn't over the same old story line, "Charlie's drunk" "Charlie has a bimbo in the bedroom" They should get on it and get some episodes going. Why wait till the fall?! Nobody says much about Angus. Poor kid! Imagine what he's been through. He grew up on that show, and to have the rug pulled out from under him at such a vulnerable age. It's a shame. He's a cute kid who's grown into a hilarious teen. Hope he wasn't exposed to too much insanity on the set.

1326 days ago


I hate all the new ones with Charlie and Rose!I like the episoids with Alan,Berta and Jake thay r the best!!!

1326 days ago


I love Jon's role in 2.5 men. He's soooo clueless and harmless. I'm glad he's got some down time - obviously more than he wanted on this date 3/11/11.
God bless you Jon and I'm glad you told everyone you were a troll - :) LOL!

1325 days ago
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