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Kim Richards

May Not Return

to 'Housewives'

2/1/2011 10:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Richards may not return to the cast of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ... so her sister said during a taping of "Ellen" today.

Sources close to Kim tell TMZ .... her substance abuse problem has been an issue dogging her and her family for years ... and when Ellen asked Kyle Richards if Kim was returning to the show, Kyle said, "I don't know yet."

T0201_kim_richards_video_smallMZ obtained a video which we ran Friday ... showing Kim drunk at an airport last summer.

The "Ellen" episode airs tomorrow.


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Can they all NOT return? Sick of all the Housewives shows. They have run their course...Snotty, spoiled women. They do not represent the women I know and NO one aspires to be like them.

Bravo...Lose the Housewives shows but keep the A-List. Now there's a bunch of girls I love to watch. Much better show and better bitches!

1270 days ago


Another reality "star" goes away to rehab ... who cares

1270 days ago


Kim needs to handle her addiction issues, her sister should not have to babysit her for the rest of her life...

1270 days ago


Kyle is just a bully wicked witch. Bully's evil sisters like Kyle like to spin things and try to make someone else look like they have the problem. I know I have a sister just like her. I saw right through her when she did this to Camille and to her sister and said, "you need help". That's her favorite saying, but it's her that needs help.
Did you watch on the reunion and said that it was corrupt to do porno to Camille. Does she say this to her niece Paris Hilton? Difference is Camille's was soft porn and her skanky niece was hard core. When Camille was told that she might get 50 mil from the divorce she looked absolutely jealous of her. I see right throught Kyle. Mauricio was probably attracted to Camille. I think he likes blondes and Kyle got upset and jealous and did say that she was insignificant without Kelsey that is why her sister is silent...she knows the truth. Kyle you are the one that needs help and your evil witch. Allison saw right through you.'

1270 days ago


Kyle a witch? R u kidding me. People always find away to insult those who they are jealous of. If you have watched the show you can tell Kim is not all there. I do feel sorry for her. But there is no one to blame but herself. She won't even admit she has a drinking problem and that why she left rehab. She wouldn't admit she needed help. Really sad. But stop blaming others.

1270 days ago


I'd rather see Kim come back and Kyle leave the show. Kyle is manipulative, abrasive and dishonest. She probably did take Kim's house and acts like she's doing Kim a favor now. Kim probably supported the family financially her whole childhood. No wonder she is troubled now.

1270 days ago


Don't blame Kyle, Kim will play the victim until the day she dies. Kyle puts up with her because she promised her mom on her death bed that she would take care of her...Her mom knew she was nuts and so does everybody else. Another nutty child star, even though I don't know what she starred in but if a little sister has to take care of a big sister, there is a problem...

1270 days ago


Shea, I feel exactly as you do. How Kyle acted made for "good TV", but not for a good sister.

I am sick of the vague accusations being made against Kim. I really hope she comes back, but if it hurts her to be on the show, than I wish her the best in whatever she does.

1270 days ago

Home Skillet    

To clarify my point: I think Kim is a sweet lady. She is fragile, thin-skinned and lacks confidence in her ability to speak up. She has a drinking problem, possibly a problem with drugs, but she seems sweet, definitely. I do not hate Kim. Further, however, Kyle is a nice woman, too. She's sincere, down to Earth and truly loves her sister, but because of Kim's addiction(s), has been pushed past the brink. I don't blame Kyle - she's probably been dealing with drunk Kim for years.

I wish them both well.

1270 days ago


Every High School has a "Kyle". They all suck & I hate them all. Why God had to give Kim a sister from Hell is a mystery. Keep your head up in spite of your Evil sister Kyle. You can overcome your goblin's Kim. I Love you!!!! Been a fan since Witch Mountain. LOL

1270 days ago


Geez, Camille wasn't set up, Kim was! Kyle knew about her supposed drinking problem before this season but welcomed her on the show and Kim showed no signs of being a drunk but Kyle made sure she outed her any way. I will never watch that load of crap show again! ps-can't stand bully kyle whose STILL throwing her sister under the bus and not 'having her back'.

1270 days ago


Kim has never played victim on the show. Kyle is a bitch who has some bad karma coming to her. She had no business revealing Kim's issues on tv, that is if it's true.

And from what I hear, Kyle drinks A LOT!

1270 days ago


Just to show you how crazy Kim is she says she wants to have more babies, ummmm how old is she? Kyle had to talk her down from that stupid idea. Drugs, Drinking, and crazy doesn't go well with being pregnant. Why do you think that man did not pursue dating her and when the other man came to her home for a date she acted like she needed to be committed.

1270 days ago


@Vicky-I can't wait for the bad karma to smack that smirk off Kyle's botoxed face! And Kyle is the one who displays out of control DRUNK behavior, not Kim.

1270 days ago


Kyle probably bullied alot of people throughout grade school, high school, etc. she's a wicked witch...get over yourself you are no Demi Moore. You don't throw your sister under the bus like you did on national tv. Mauricio is probably having an affair on her..he seems to like voluptuous blondes. Kyle is a flat chested wicked witch!

1270 days ago
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