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Kim Richards

May Not Return

to 'Housewives'

2/1/2011 10:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Richards may not return to the cast of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ... so her sister said during a taping of "Ellen" today.

Sources close to Kim tell TMZ .... her substance abuse problem has been an issue dogging her and her family for years ... and when Ellen asked Kyle Richards if Kim was returning to the show, Kyle said, "I don't know yet."

T0201_kim_richards_video_smallMZ obtained a video which we ran Friday ... showing Kim drunk at an airport last summer.

The "Ellen" episode airs tomorrow.


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Kyle is a biotch awful bully with her posse of friends.
Kim should not come back and I totally believe Kim paid for the home. Kim take care of urself and get healthy distance from Vile Kyle.

Kyle chooses TraylorTrash and her snake instigating ways over her sister time and time again.

Why should Kim put up with this.

1323 days ago


Hey NICOLE, I mean Kyle, that is you, isn't it? Calling people delusional gave you away BTW.

We know you are a cokehead. I hear Charlie Sheen has a nice stash.. you know where he lives. ;) Can't wait to see you in rehab now that your "secret" is out.

1323 days ago


Oh you are right Madison...Kyle calls people "DELUSIONAL" about 5 times in each show...BUSTED Nicole/Kyle...ahhahahaha. The person calling the name and ratting out others is usually the one with the problem...Kyle needs to stop grinding her lower jaw and lay off the cocaine.

1323 days ago


Just watch the episode where Kyle attacks her sister Kim in the limo after the party and listen CLOSE to what Kim says when Kyle LAUNCHES herself at her! Listen close...Kim points her fingers and her eyes get wide like "Pot calling kettle black!" and Kyle starts SCREAMING...SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP...and drowns out Kim's voice...either that or Bravo lowers the volume to save that little nugget for later :)

1323 days ago


Get a clue Kyle aka Nicole-stop using delusional-your 'buzzword' for your 15 minutes of fame! HAHAHAHA

1323 days ago


hmmmm...funny nicole/kyle just disappeared...whats the matter?, shocked you were outed and can't take it?.

1323 days ago


Kyle is a meanspirited disloyal sister to Kim. Poor Kim -- she looks frightened and abused by Kyle. I hope she doesn't return to the show because Kyle will destroy her if she can.

1323 days ago


@"Demi" I have no clue what airport nor do I think you did either or which city, state or terminal, Kim...I mean "Demi" ;) ;)

1323 days ago


I can see both sides of the coin on this one.

I have a close relative who is an alcoholic, and believe me they are EXTREMELY manipulative. Everything is "poor me". I believe Kyle has been covering for her sister for years and had finally reached the breaking point when she unloaded on Kim in the limo.

As far as Kim, I feel bad for her that she had a stage mother from hell and spent the best years of her life supporting her family. I also feel bad for the way Kyle and the other girls ganged up on her at the party.

However, I think it's time for her to grow up, forgive Mommy, get into rehab and get her life together. It's not fair to blame Kyle for her problems.

1323 days ago


yes it appears Nicole/Kyle is shocked she was outed and when she doesn't have her 'friends' to back her up she runs away like the little girl she is. She talks like she has at the most a 5th grade education and thats being nice. She's probably never heard of a thesaurus so she's calling all her bully friends to tell her other words that also mean delusional...that or having another drink of vodka out of her 'water bottle'. And no one blames Kyle for or IF Kim has a drinking problem, what they blame her for is broadcasting it on tv instead of handling it like a loving caring sister in private. But NO, Kyle wants to play the role of martyr and wants everyone to see how 'put upon she is' when in fact Kim has done ALOT for Kyle and even if Kim had never lifted a finger for Kyle, if Kyle's not willing to help out of love and expect NOTHING in return than don't help. period. Kyle is the most vicious kind of bully there is and she's upset we ALL KNOW IT

1323 days ago


Kyle is a nasty piece of work...nuff said.


Camille has redeemed herself in my eyes. Kyle couldn't even accept her gracious apology.

1323 days ago


Kim is not only an alcoholic but is also an emotional vampire who sucks the life out all who cross her path. She is gonna be up the creek when her more than $20 thousand a month in child support from Gregory Davis runs out and has nothing to show for it. It gets old dealing with a drunk & I do not blame Kyle for losing patience with her older sister.

1323 days ago


Give me a break. I blame Taylor and Kyle. Bullied her and Kyle didn't have Kim's back when Taylor caused the scene at the party and started it and Kyle is too busy having Kim's back. Outing Kim on national TV because Kyle has anger management issues is unbelievable. And Kyle wants Camille to apologize; yet, when everyone address the way she talks to Kim, she says that's just the way I am. Kyle can tell everyone else what is wrong with them but can't seem to accept criticism. Their issues about Kim's drinking has nothing to do with the way she talks to her about little things. I liked Kim on the show. Taylor is a biotch and I hated the way she treated her on the Reunion show saying, treat softly, should he discuss her mental state. No, Taylor, let's discuss yours, since you're the one that started trouble twice this season but won't own up to it. Rant over.

1323 days ago


@Sam-I agree, Camille has redeemed herself she OWNED her mistakes and from doing that a person can grow. Kyle will never own her mistakes because she is so full of hate and envy so the only role she can or wants to play is victim...everyone else is at fault, feel sorry for poor Kyle. Problem is, her outrageous behavior was not that of victim but rather of a bully and an unforgiving person. We all make mistakes and wish we hadn't said or done something and yet both kyle and taylor cannot fathom that they too could make mistakes..its camilles fault, it's kims fault. truly sad

1323 days ago


There is no way Kim won't return. It showed this season how she is trying to get back into acting. She would never say no the exposure in this age of bad behavior making people famous.
Not saying she behaved badly, but she won't turn it down thinking it will keep her from getting real jobs in acting, that's for sure.

1323 days ago
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