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Kim Richards

May Not Return

to 'Housewives'

2/1/2011 10:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Richards may not return to the cast of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ... so her sister said during a taping of "Ellen" today.

Sources close to Kim tell TMZ .... her substance abuse problem has been an issue dogging her and her family for years ... and when Ellen asked Kyle Richards if Kim was returning to the show, Kyle said, "I don't know yet."

T0201_kim_richards_video_smallMZ obtained a video which we ran Friday ... showing Kim drunk at an airport last summer.

The "Ellen" episode airs tomorrow.


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Hey thanks for sharing this information, and i am glad to read this article.
South Beach Java

1329 days ago


I was an actress,too. It wasn't all Kim". Still NO acknowledgment of how MUCH of what they had WAS due to Kim. Still. Nothing."

Look at Kim's resume vs. Kyle....I think Kim paid for it all. Your mom kicked Mr. Richards out of the house once she could live large off Kim's $$$.

Kyle is just jealous she was barely successful. They lived off Kim's income just admit it.

1329 days ago


I can't believe how cold and cruel Kyle is to Kim, I would be depressed and using too if my family treated me like that.

1329 days ago


In the House of Hilton it says that in her teen years Kim was bringing in somewhere close to 7 figures and that Ken Richards was in decline both physically and career wise. Kim's income all went to Big Kathy. So once again Kyle has discounted her sisters experience, in front of a national audience. Kim was supporting the family. Big Kathy was buying herself lots of jewelry with it as well.

1329 days ago


Kyle just can't get over the fact that Kim DID support the family and I believe what Kim says.. that she did buy Kyles first car and even house I think she said, because Kim has not lied on the show...what she's said has been backed up by the video footage. We're supposed to just believe Kyle whatever she says and I don't. There's no video tape backing up what she said except name calling, rants and close to physical abuse of Kim. Kyle just can't be gracious and I really suspect Kim is protecting some big skeletons in Kyle's closet and Kyle feels comfortable that Kim does indeed "have her back" and will never disclose the truth. It was so sad tonight when Kim was crying saying Kyle was too hard on her and Kyle just blows that off as 'well it's tough love'. Kyle needs to get into therapy and learn how to empathize and love people and I'm not talking about loving herself ....she's done enough of that!

1328 days ago


I was an actress,too. It wasn't all Kim". Still NO acknowledgment of how MUCH of what they had WAS due to Kim. Still. Nothing."

@Sam - I noticed this too. Kyle always tries to put her sister down. Maybe it makes her feel better about herself.

If Kim has a problem I hope she gets the help she needs and if it's not too much for her I hope she does come back to the show. I like her and I'm sorry she is treated badly by her sister. I hope Kyle and Taylor fall off the planet. They deserve each other.

1328 days ago


kyle is so shady
stay strong kim..most of america is on your side
if you do have a problem with drinking we will support you , unlike your horrible horrible sister

1328 days ago

Team Kim    

I don't usually post comments but after seeing the appalling behavior of Kyle I could not resist. Kyle I despise everything you stand for. I would venture to say that you are the most hated housewife of all the Bravo Housewives combined. The more I watched the more I saw your features depict that of a witch. Do you look in the mirror? You are an ugly woman inside and out!

1328 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

does anyone else think she kinda looks like Kate Middleton in this pic???

1328 days ago


kyle sucks fake and totally downplaying her sister. She is an ego maniac.. at least camille isn't a phony

1328 days ago

Coward Behind the Computer    

This show has been an interesting examination of power. All of these women have power because they are rich. Kim is not as rich and is really too sensitive for these fembots. They treat her horribly due to her lower station which she enables with her drinking. Kyle does not help Kim but hurts her. Kyle would have every right to draw the line if she did it in a compassionate way. But Kyle abuses her power just as Lisa did over Cedric. When you take on a human as a pet and make them your dependent plaything you should expect them to bite back. Kyle is a bully. Kyle is never wrong, it is always somebody else's fault. She has acted like a bully and mean girl in every single situation. She only occasionally tried to control her temper so Camille would use Mauricio's services. She has never had her sister's interests at heart. Kyle has manipulated Kim's children. Kim is desperate for an ally. Kyle is her worst enemy.
I am glad Kim will not be coming back. I hope she dumps those manipulative fakes (except the Maloof) and gets her life back.

1328 days ago

Shanan Li    

Kyle was a bewitch to Kim. Taylips, aka Shanna Hughes, aka Taylor Ford, aka VaJayJay Face should not return. I think she is more of a pig then Kyle and Camille put together. Taylor and her hubby have been known to fraud people out of money. Taylor cries about being in an abusive home, but wanted to abuse Kim, she did verbally. taylor is part of, boycott their products!! Oh yea, she and her hubby invested in a rehab center. I guess you do not need empathy for those in need, just money you frauded from people. I could see her breaking into records to climb her ladder. She used to tell people that she was part of the rich Ford family.

1328 days ago


they need kim on the show because she is an addict, they can all dismiss anything she says and attack her constantly. the tapes show that taylor ( such a vile liar) starting fights with her, threatening her with abuse, every time taylor looks at kim it is with such hate and disgust. when lisa said she should tell the truth, taylor didnt attack her. she is an abuser and picks on the weak person as most bullies and abusers do. and she has a charity for abused people. everytime kim tries to talk, taylor and kyle shut her down. kim has a problem, but these other ladies are just cruel and kyle never defends her sister, she sat next to her sisters abuser.

1328 days ago


Kyle is so self serving. What a bi^&tch. Kim was on the reunion show today and refused to discuss Kyles dreadful behavior.What class! Kyle sat there with fake tears. She is mean and self serving. Kim should not come back and leave her private life private. Kyle should go put her head in a hole. She sucks.

1328 days ago


Kyle is nothing but a BULLY. Very vindictive, manipulating and MEAN. She needs to stop being a bully to her Sister- Kim. Kim is so scared to face up to her. Kim is older than her and has worked since a young age. She has more acting credits to her name than an EVIL KYLE. People should pay attention to the last episode when Kim said to Kyle " STOLE MY HOUSE". Kyle acted like a mother then and it reflected in the way she acted towards Camillee too. Kyle should be the one that shouldn't be on the 2nd episode. She bullies, very controlling, shallow,materialistic,dummy and a vain that needs to get her acts together. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IN THIS WORLD THAT IS MORE THAN SISTERLY LOVE. She needs to be more nicer to Kim and stop bullying her.

1328 days ago
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