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'Glee' Cast to Lindsay Lohan:

'We're Really Sorry'

1/31/2011 10:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The cast of "Glee" apologized to Lindsay Lohan for mocking her during an episode last year ... TMZ has learned.

Glee Apology Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay was out at dinner in West Hollywood Sunday night when she ran into the cast (minus Jane Lynch and Lea Michele) ... and naturally, that episode -- mocking Lindsay's frequent trips to rehab -- came up .

Sources tell us the cast walked up to LiLo ... apologized for the jokes ... and said they didn't mean to hurt her feelings. Lindsay accepted their apology and everyone parted ways.

0131_glee_launch_EX_TMZDon't expect the same thing to happen if Lindsay bumps into Jay Leno. Or David Letterman. Or Jon Stewart. Or Jimmy Kimmel. Or ...


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Never thought I would say this--but am starting to believe Lindsay has really turned a corner, and may just succeed at turning her life around. As for Leno, Letterman and the rest..they should apologize also....their entire careers are centered around making fun of others. That's not true success. Keep it up Lindsay...prove them all wrong.

1362 days ago


Lindsay should not be befriending people from the Hollywood(Actressing business.) She said it herself that she needs to keep only good company around!!! If you ask me, Lindsay still shows no signs of being cured yet, despite of what she says. Lindsay could be above it all, but she lowers herself down.. down.. down.. down.. When she could be above it all. She should concentrate on finding the right man, getting married, getting out of Hollywood, etc, etc, etc, not be concerned about getting apologies from so actors!!!

1362 days ago


How stupid of them.

1362 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

What is wrong with her mouth and teeth? Why does it look like she's wearing dentures in this photo. Oh and WHY is there even a photo of HER @ ALL of here? Who is she anymore? She hasn't been relevant since.. Wait, WHEN was SHE EVER relavant? Maybe back in her Disney hay-day, or when she was out putting on a show for the paps everynight. But wtf TMZ.. NO ONE cares about this washed-up drug addict anymore (if they ever didi!) Fake Fake FAKE person. Everything about her is PHONEY! Her hair, lips, Teeth, eyelashes, t*ts, skin color, lifestlye - ie: sexuality.
Leave this fugly lookin 24 going on 54 year old thing off the main page. NO ONE cares about her. I only clicked this story out of shock of seeing HER as a "Story" again. Notice how few comments she gets? She's done, and over with. Mel Gibson stories get 500-2500 comments, Michael Jackson gets about the same. THIS phoney druggie has what 20 something...? WHO keeps track of trending? WHO gets hits and who don't.. Mel and Michael get ATTENTION, Li-loser-lo phoney hoe gets NOTHING but pity comments.
My comment is an FED up comment. The rest of the commentors on this page also seem to be carrying the same message as I am. WE DONT CARE ABOUT LINDSAY!

1362 days ago


Oh, BULL****! This loser crackhead is allowed to poke fun at herself on MTV but it's NOT OK when GLEE does it? What next, GLEE...going to apologize for gay jokes? For anything and everything that people criticize???

1362 days ago


If she's going to get worked up about getting parodied maybe she needs to leave the business.

1362 days ago


She won't stay clean and sober.
People who believe her are chumps.

1362 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Sorry Sitting Bull, I do buy that you were drinking but I don't buy that you said a boo-boo.
Just my opinion here, but a really uncool move on Camp Lohan's part. Drunk posting=drunk dialing. If "very controlled drinking" is the kind of support this kid is getting-she's screwed.

1362 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

22." by Sitting Bull
grandma cracker...C'mon, you're one of the brightest people here. You can't possibly think I'm Dina. I was at a friend's home after a bachelor party. Lindsay drinking "very controlled" was just my drunken opinion. As far as the parties, she will get invited soon enough. Give it some time."

what I don't understand is why you are "rooting" for Lindsay to drink "controlled"...or going to parties. Where is THAT comming from? Most people (that aren't wishing malevalence on Lindsay but wish her hope) hope Lindsay stops drinking, and avoids parties, because its the common wisdom when dealing with addictions.

I had several conversations with Lindsay about this and every time Lindsay got mad and said "its my life" blah blah blah.. "I can still drink and drink responsibly" yadda yadda.. "its normal for people my age" ...and so on. And then I see her go hang out with really scarey/creepy/slimy people that looked like junkies (and in looking back..thats exactly what they were thats why she hung with them) Lindsay USED to say exactly what you are saying .. Don't know what she thinks now.. I talk to her anymore (cept maybe sometimes i reconize her anonymous posts on message boards)

1362 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Go Grandma cracker!!! You know its Dina Kick her ass!! KICK IT HARD!!!

1362 days ago


Thanks to Dina and Harvey for yet another Lindsey update.

Dina is getting better and better at this. She tells Harvey to "print" and Harvey follows suit. Wotta team.

"GLEE cast apologizes to Lindsey -" how interesting.


1362 days ago


Why are they apologizing? For the past few years Lohan has made herself a walking joke. IF anyone should apologize to her it should be that enabling, greedy, shrew of a momanger.

1362 days ago


C'mon already, this country needs to grow a pair. My God, EVERYONE'S offended these days . I'm pretty sure that in this country we can say any friggin' thing we want about absolutely anyone, don't give a hoot who it offends. Bunch of *******.

1362 days ago


The cast of GLEE just became punk-@ss ******* in my eyes.

ALL RESPECT LOST!!!!!! Kiss-@ss *******. You disgust me.

1362 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Frankly Sitting Bull, I originally had you pegged as Michael L not Dina, but the post last weekend had Dina all over it. Now the excuse making for her and the possibility that she will drink and control it is pure Dina. I have very often given much support for Lindsay in her recovery and have also called bull**** where I see it. Lindsay and the whole Dawn H thing was Lindsay sneak drinking and being a brat, plain and simple, and she got away with it. I am completely unimpressed with her glowing report from BF. What people do not understand is that a do***ent for a judge is very short, minimal wording, and quite concise. BFs report would not detail her breath test that night. There would be no wording like "well she passed a test but it was two hours late". That language would never be there. Why Dawn Holland did not record a refusal on her is a mystery to me, but I strongly suspect it was because she was dealing with a high profile client that was out of control and the cops were involved. If Lindsay would have pulled this crap on the day shift when brass was around this would not have happened. My guess was there was no one around in the middle of the night to make such a call, and Dawn did not have the authority to do it. I do not think that she has got it, and I think her big master plan is to only use a little bit, not like before. If that is her school of thought she is looking at a big brick wall. The inability to complete one's probation in a timely manor is indicative of chronic late stage addict behavior. Her failed drug test for cocaine while facing jail time is late stage behavior. In my humble opinion I think aderall is her drug of choice and I think she may have scored another prescription for that already. She had a dirty for aderall about the time as the coke test, but somehow that one managed to just disappear, because of a paperwork error. UCLA said she didn't need it and weened her off of it, but if she obtained a new prescription, a judge would have no power to over rule a medical doctor and pick and choose her medications. They can test her for prescribed dose amounts in her system, so I think that is where she's at right now, but when her supervised probation is over she will be free to take more just like she did before. The problem with aderall is that when taken abusively it literally causes psychosis. If this is her reality she is a long way from well. OK, I'll get off my soap box now, just wanted to add my 2 cents worth.

1362 days ago
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