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Ted Williams -- Back at Rehab, But Not IN Rehab

2/1/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Williams returned to a rehab facility this weekend -- not to check himself back in, but to visit his girlfriend.

Ted Williams Rehab

As we first reported, Ted left the Origins Recovery Center in South Texas against doctor's orders last week.

Sources close to Williams tell TMZ he went to visit his girlfriend at the Safe Harbor facility in Costa Mesa, CA on Saturday. We're told Teddy rolled up with two bodyguards and only stayed about 30 minutes.

According to our sources, Ted told his girlfriend he'd like to get married when she gets out of rehab.


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Who cares what this guy does?????

1339 days ago

Mebal Zahari    

Strange looking dude.

1339 days ago


#12 Get a life! Why on earth does this guy have 2 bodyguards? Can he really afford to pay them?

Posted at 7:09 AM on Feb 1, 2011 by Amy"

How can he afford bodyguards? Do you live in a cave and have not been following this story? And if your name is Amy, I already do not like you.

1339 days ago


You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

Having a golden voice does not a stable man make. Sometimes it's best to let sleeping dogs lie. This guy lies through his (ugghh) teeth and is a classic addict b.s. artist.

The good thing? He's had his second chance. No one will throw good money after bad now. Help someone who will know what to do with the opportunity.

1339 days ago

Joe Camel    

Mr. President has aged horribly.

1339 days ago

TMZ is racist    

Hes Obamas doppleganger- The real Obama IS Ted Williams...a fake.

1339 days ago


Girlfriend is in rehab, but Teddy isn't?? WTF!

1339 days ago


Two bodyguards? I think that money would be better spent by hiring a life coach or someone like that to help keep Mr. Williams on a good path.

1339 days ago


I can't believe what miserable creeps you all are condemning this man. You're all perfect are you? No doubt you were all born with a silver spoon in your mouth? Never had a day's illness or bad luck in your lives. Never judge other people until you've managed to learn something about the vagaries of life or just what caused people like Ted Williams to turn out the way he is. Give the man a break. Quite frankly I think you're all totally jealous of the fame and fortune this man has found and I say good on him. I hope he can turn his life around.

1339 days ago


I agree with giving this guy a chance before you start jumping all over him. Let's keep it positive until proven otherwise. Be supportive you might be surprised!

1339 days ago


"The extensive oral surgery might cause his voice to change"!!!!!!! Did I miss something there because I am thinking along the lines of the continuing rot of your teeth will cause your entire face and mouth to become infected and the end result is the surgery that you should have gotten in the first place and now with more injections and antibiotics not to mention the pain from the song being played out on the various nerve endings.
It's more likely he didn't want to fix his teeth because like most people with dental problem,they're afraid of the pain and in his particular case the rot has not reached any of the nerve endings yet.

1339 days ago


Why would he promise to marry that ugly looking crack ho??? If he stays clean and takes those jobs he's offered he could definitely "trade up" in no time. I think he definitely deserves better. He'll never be a success tied up with her. She's the type that would drag a man down.

1339 days ago


I have not read anything about Ted being drunk or drugged. Has there been a story about this? I know he left rehab, but does anyong know for sure that's he's drinking or doing drugs? Or is he continuing to do his work that he was asked to do?
I wish him well and hope his g/f stays in rehab and cleans her life up.

1339 days ago


Muppet........I understand from what I read online, that Ted left rehab because a large part of the therapy involved him being on sedatives and the like which he disagreed with. Can't say I blame him at all.

1339 days ago


Where is he getting money for "body guards" transportation,and all the other things he is doing? I hope Dr.Phil isn't footing the bill,I think Dr.Phil got "burnt" once.

1338 days ago
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