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Tiger Woods with His Kids -- A Real Pick-Me-Up

2/1/2011 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods spent some quality time with his two kids, Sam and Charlie, along with his mother Kultida yesterday in Orlando.

After losing yet another golf tournament this past weekend ... Tiger really needed a lift.


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Listen up "Laughs At You" @ 63 ... your contribution to this discussion is nil and therefore we have just two words for you ... the first word rhymes with "truck" and the second word rhymes with "blue" ... figure that out and then go back to bed !

Hey "ALGONQUIN" ! ... are you still out there ? ... it's been a while, but it sure would be nice to hear from you again ... we could use your input here on this story ... Blomfeldt

1358 days ago


Well said, Whamo! That's EXACTLY what it is!

1358 days ago


Tiger got screwed,his wife was frizid,told him to go get laid when he did and got caught,she was acted innocent,din't love him,hated his mother ,didn't even like oral sex "that dirty".poor guy got set up and probably doesn't even realize it.

1357 days ago


The children are beautiful. As for Tiger, he made many terrible mistakes, but I know everyone that judged Tiger, MUST BE PURE,AND SIN FREE. Open that closet, OH BOY.He just got caught, I hope he learned from this. I hope him and his family a better year.

1357 days ago

out rage    

hi no matter what people my say you will always be the number one tiger golf jest keep in maind people wish that thay was you in bed and out of bed have a nice to me you are a good man and that what you are frist for get people may-your kids live and love life

1357 days ago

tom decker    

you've paid hell of a price, and you've shown great character in how you handled the situation.
If your not sincere, you've fooled me.

1357 days ago


Blomfeldt, hey, how are you doing? I thought ole "Tiger" as he named himself had died or something. It's strange we don't hear about him cutting loose with his harem of sluts now that's he's free. Oh wait, he's probably burned out by now and tired of paying millions for some action e.g. Rachael Uchitel. He should have stuck with his good looking Swedish wife.

I agree with you Tiger's parents created some sort of Frankenstein monster by driving him so hard practicing golf since he was two years old. No wonder he's so twisted. He didn't have a normal childhood. But I think if he'd had more character, he possibly could have overcome it when he was more mature, but he didn't try hard enough obviously. He and his son don't look particularly close. Can't blame the little boy. lol He might beat the living daylights out of his father later when he learns what he did to his mother; not that I'd wish that happens, but could you blame the kid if he did?

It's a GOOD thing the children got their looks from Elin. The girl resembles Tiger more, only she's better looking than him of course.

1354 days ago


Hi Algonquin ... it's nice to hear from you ... everything's going good, here in my neck of the woods ... I was down in LA the week before last and on my final day there in Oceanside, I had three options from which to choose: A) play golf myself at a local course ... B) visit Sea World in San Diego ... C) go and see Fish Lips practice at Torrey Pines. Well, I chose option A, as I figured that options B & C were one and all the same ! Your commentary is always truthful and entertaining, and you've hit the mark here yet again. In this picture, the little son appears to be "striking" father Eldrick with a right-handed jab ? ... almost like a defensive type of blow ? It is strange, but then again, perhaps it isn't so strange ? Your analysis that a child can overcome a deficient upbringing, is indeed valid and worthy of consideration. But like you say, I don't think that His Highness ever had the fortitude or strength of character to see right from wrong. In fact, I'm convinced of that, given all that has now been revealed about him. Anyway, it's going to be fun this week, as the Buddhist is set to tee off there in Dubai on Thursday, against the world's very best (eg: he's only going because of the idiotic "appearance" fee that they're paying him ... soon though, they'll be paying this fool to "not" appear!). I completely agree that someday the son is likely going to "put the boots" to daddy, after he realizes all that has happened. And that's really a shame, but that will be the inevitable result of poor, narcissistic, parental behavior. Take it easy and let's talk some more ...

1353 days ago

Ron Lipscomb    

Wow we really have some mature people out here. Give me a break people, you judge him for his mistakes like you have never made any (you guys must be GOD) NOT!!!. You people make me sick and to call his Beautiful kids ugly you need to be slapped!!!! We ALL Screw up at some time in our lives and granted some bigger than others but we all still make them and you need to point the finger at yourselves because none of your dead asses are perfect by any means!!

1351 days ago


"Ron Lipscomb," I agree the children are cute and shouldn't be dissed. However, I think you're being much too generous with Eldrick. It's not a mistake if a wrong is committed over and over again. With him it was done on purpose and became a way of life. Eldrick trashed his family by having unprotected sex with a legion of prostitutes, thereby exposing his wife and mother of his children to some nasty sexually transmitted diseases. Hopefully she is well and not permanently damaged by his disgusting actions. He's a dog in many people's eyes.

1351 days ago


Hey "Lipscomb" ... either you're a Sockeye Salmon who's somehow figured out how to use a computer, or you're Eldrick himself writing under an alias ? Whichever the case is, please don't come here preaching to us with your naive "one size fits all" attitude ! As "Erica" has expertly stated, making a mistake is one thing ... being a serial adulterer over a period of years with literally hundreds of prostitutes is quite another ! Not to mention the filth, disease and lies which this man subjected his own family to. If people like you lack the moral backbone to speak out against this type of despicable behavior, then fair enough, just stand aside. The majority of us however are decent folk, who know right from wrong and we do have backbone ... and as such, it is our collective right to register our disgust at the ways of this person.

1350 days ago


Tiger Woods, deserves a second chance as Everyone should be given a second chance, I hope he learned from his mistakes, and not MARRY anybody, until he is finished with playing around. He
lost a lot for the things he did,BUT he did not give the ones he was with a RED CENT.period So I wish him all the happiness &
luck in whatever he does. U GO TIGER WOODS!!!!!!

1350 days ago


why is everyone almost everyone picking on the kids they havent done anything so you cant blame them for their dads mistakes

1350 days ago


I bet all these negative comments are coming from White people!

1350 days ago


He may be the worst husband but he still has a chance to be a terrific fasther. It's not too late. And as for the hater that said the kids are ugly....what if someone said that about your kids? Your a silly person.

1350 days ago
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