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Whitney Houston Performs at Brown Family Funeral

2/1/2011 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown reunited yesterday in Boston, where Whitney sang at the funeral for Bobby's mother.

Whitney Houston Mama Brown Funeral Video
Whitney performed twice during the service for Carole Brown, singing the gospel song "Precious Lord Take My Hand" solo and later joining in while Johnny Gill and the rest of New Edition sang "Never Would Have Made It."

Sources tell TMZ ... Whitney reached out to Bobby and asked if she could participate in the funeral.

Bobby's mother passed away January 20 in L.A.


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@45 What you talking about New Edition are back together it's evident at them being at the funeral of their groupmates mother. Was there need to call him a douche bag that was tasteless & classless on your part.

For your information. New Edition has millions of fans around the world and they will go on tour together all 6 members Ronnie DeVoe, Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Ralph Tresvant, & Johnny Gill this year. Bell Biv DeVoe are finishing up their shows & Bobby Ralph & Johnny are finishing up theirs up as Heads Of State and by the Spring they will focus on New Edition. You will see new music from the group as well as the side projects of members,. They are back

1362 days ago


This was classless, tasteless, ignorant, disrespectful, opportunistic & just downright a shame but not surprised at Candy the charlatan & her sidekicks at all.

I am not at all surprised that Candy Lowd (owner) of the
UNOFFICIAL New Edition fanclub pulled a stunt like this. She's owned this site for over 10 years and as it has grown so have the prices she charges for regular & "VIP Access" to COPYRIGHTED material (wonder how the labels feel about that). In addition she holds contest for which she charges substantial fees (yet there's hardly ever a winner or prize), she's "raised" money for various bogus reasons and has engaged in a wide variety of moneymaking schemes in the guise of NE. She's been able to profit because there is no other source to obatin info on the fellas & despite what many think they still have a solid following/loyal fans. In addition the turnover rate of "active" fanclub members is high so she continues to fool new people that find the site & dupe them into paying her exuberant fees. All above is how she's made a substantial amount of money off the group over the years. She doesn't work & has a family so figure it out people.Just because she's from Boston doesn't make her a fan, she's just been able to capatilize on an underestimated goldmind & she saw the funeral as another opportunity to do so & get more memebers which means more money

1362 days ago


No matter her condition or behavior these past several years, this was classy and nice of her. She's made great music and I can't wait for the day when we hear something new and wonderful from her.

1362 days ago


I think it was a lovely and classy gesture on her part.

1362 days ago


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1362 days ago


She sounds just as bad as she did on that "comeback to crack" CD. BTW, who do I talk to about getting a refund?!

1361 days ago


So typical. White folks make "crack" jokes while they applaud and defend Charlie Sheen, Lindsey Lohan and Miley Cyrus. I guess its in their nature to joke about someone's funeral.

Posted at 11:36 AM on Feb 1, 2011 by NatTurner

Spare me. Whitney has her fair share of defenders as well as detractors. And believe me, the lions share of posts about Miley and Lindsay are mostly negative. Charlie inexplicably has more defenders I will grant you that...and as a white chick I absolutely don't get it, rest assured. If you don't want bad jokes about you, don't do stupid things. You would think celebrities would have learned that lesson by now but most of them are stupid. I don't think it's cool to make fun of anyone's addiction problems I hope in the sense of you wanting to be fair and equal, you stick up for Lindsay when people dog her about her rehab chances as much as you do for a black celebrity...

1361 days ago

southern belle    

Shelly Smalls attended the funeral and uploaded it everywhere. She's an admin on the newedition fanclub and facebook. It just proves that folks will do anything for a $1, to make a name for themselves or to just cause trouble. It's pathetic and disgusting.
I heard the Brown family is very upset. Shame on you!

1361 days ago

southern belle    

Shelly Smalls attended the funeral and uploaded it everywhere. She's an admin on the newedition fanclub and facebook. It just proves that folks will do anything for a $1, to make a name for themselves or to just cause trouble. It's pathetic and disgusting.
I heard the Brown family is very uspset. Shame on you!

1361 days ago


The real funny part is you all up in the fan club when you can get meet & greets at concerts but you so quick to down candy now. Most of y'all know that candy wouldn't have done something like that and as for kiki miller aka krystal miller you always had an issue with her. The others need stop hiding behind your tmz name

1361 days ago


#54 I assume Shelly is also the administrator for Candy's personal facebook page where the video was also posted in addition to the neweditionfanclub's facebook page with the exact same message that Candy posted she had permission to post. I guess that was Shelly speaking when Candy said she took the video down not because anyone told her to but because a couple fans complained and she would catch it now from those that didn't want her to take it down. The only time this Shelly person was "supposed" to have said anything was when she said those that didn't like it were haters. Other than that Candy admitted it was her that put the tasteless video out.

Don't be fooled.

1361 days ago


are you seriously comparing a meet and greet with her recording at a funeral and posting it and now retracting her story, claimimg that "someone" got into her account?! GTFOH!!! That site has been dead for a while but now the heat is on and now it wasn't her!! c'mon of with the bull

1361 days ago


#56 Candy has said all along that it was not her that posted the video. Have you spoken to candy? Show me where she admited it was her. There is only one judge. 2faced hypocrites need prayer in their life.

1361 days ago


#56 Cndy DID post the video...she admitted on youtube that her version of the taping had the panoramic view and she didn't know how to widen it. STOP COVERING FOR small minded some people are... NEFC ARE NOT TRUE FANS OF NE...YOU are fans of Candy Lowd and yourselves!

1361 days ago


#59 That's funny because panoramic view is extra extra wide. So many things said in here don't make no damn sense at all and it's always the same NE sluts that come out against candy when you find a way to attack her and yes y'all are NE sluts including the men fans.

1361 days ago
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