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Lindsay Lohan

Suspected in Jewelry Theft

2/2/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has just turned a super-expensive piece of jewelry over to cops that landed her in the middle of a police investigation ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... last week the owner of an L.A. store filed a police report, claiming a $2,500 necklace was stolen from her business. We're told the store surveillance video shows Lindsay in the store, wearing the necklace before it disappeared, although it's unclear if the video actually shows Lindsay walking out of the store with the jewelry.

Cops got a warrant to search Lindsay's home, but last night -- before the warrant could be served -- one of Lindsay's associates turned the piece over to the cops.

Mind you, turning in stolen property doesn't make it right, so the owner can continue to press the case... so Lindsay -- who is still on probation -- is not out of the woods.


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I assume you are being sarcastic. At least I hope so. They didn't know Lindsay stole the necklace until AFTER the fact. They looked at the survielance video, and saw she was the last person to look at it. Geez, in your way of thinking any bank robber who holds up a bank would be innocent because the bank knowingly saw the robbers take the money.

1324 days ago


Why don't they throw this stupid little bitch in jail! These celebrites just keep getting away with a little slap on the hand or nothing at all and i don't believe it's because they have money and good lawyers. I, an average person, would have been thrown in jail a long time ago. We should start a protest against these judge's that keep letting celeb's off so damn easy, it's bull****.

1324 days ago


I don't think she really wants to be out of trouble. She can't, if she would do something like that.

1324 days ago


And to all you who say it could have been a mistake... This happened LAST WEEK. She had the thing a week. Did she not notice it on her neck the whole time. I would hope, if someone did do something like this, and walk out of a store with something that didn't belong to them on accident, that they would return it the very moment they realized it!

What has happened to this world that people think this is OK???

1324 days ago


A necklace is usually clasped around the neck. Kind of hard to say oops didn't know I was wearing it. Then un-clasp the necklace and take it off the neck and still not no you have the necklace and leave the store.

Lo-han behold (my little pun) an "associate" returns the necklace. My God it's a miracle.

Of course the store did it. Sam is Dina Lohan.

1324 days ago


even though they may not have evidence of the act, she could still be charged with possession of stolen property. she knew she didnt buy this necklace and held onto it until she got word police were getting a warrant. immediately she knows exactly what necklace they are referring to and turns it over. how can this be a misunderstanding?

i cant wait to see what explanation she comes up with and who is gonna take the fall for her

1324 days ago


All this proves is she was in possesion of this missing jewelry,and obviously she didn't do the right thing on returning it to the store.She didn't even have the balls to bring it back herself.

Her reputation is pretty vulgar in my opinion.Just a disrespectful woman with f-u painted on her fingernail. don't matter if she's charged or not.Society has judged her now,and you,and all your posts supporting this bimbo will never be able to put Lindsay's career back together again.

Live with that..:)

1324 days ago

Inouno Nyx    

@75 - The necklace is evidence. The video is evidence. The fact that she had someone return it is evidence. She's not in jail for it? Laughable! Ever heard of the court system? It takes time to INVESTIGATE and process a case. Besides, under your assumption that the store should have stopped her from leaving with it and if not they just GAVE it to her, there would be no shoplifting! under your assumption, since Wynona Ryder was able to leave with her shoplifted items then they would have GIVEN them to her (since they allowed her to walk out) and there would be no crime. History proves you are wrong!

1324 days ago


all right,thats enough of this skank..lock her ass up and throw away the key..shes had many many more chances than anyone else..she blown all her chances and shown shes just a dime bag whore who doesnt take it serious when she is given chances to make things right...rot in jail carpet muncher

1324 days ago


Typical pattern, Dana Plato robbed a video rental store. Looks like Lohan is one of your classier whores who robs jewelry or maybe its just because most video stores are now outta business.

1324 days ago


The day Charlie Sheen and LieHo dies will be one happy day and the sun will shine bright.

1324 days ago


This looks really bad. A honest person would have taken the necklace right back to the store as soon as they realized they accientally walked out with the it. This happened a week ago what took so long. Why in the hell would she do this on probation? Now she looking at a violation. I'll be surprised if she gets away with this one. She could get some jail time.

1324 days ago


Maybe she could live in Charlie Sheen's Porn Mansion as a lower tier whore?

1324 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Sam doesn't believe what he/she is saying. He/she is pulling everyone's leg. He/she knows that stealing is stealing whether you get caught or not. Not only is it wrong, but it is a crime. Being seen on camera's and getting away with the theft initially doesn't erase the crime, it is proof of the crime. Now whether or not Hollywood justice will hold her responsible is another matter all together. Southern California is the best place for celebs to be in terms of committing crimes as they are the most valued citizens in the area. Sorta like politicians in DC.

1324 days ago


Ugh. She'll probably just blame someone else and say that she "thought her assistant paid for it". She obviously KNEW that she did something wrong since she had someone turn it over to the cops.

ONE day, she will actually HAVE to answer to something that she's done. All the rehab in the world isn't going to help her unless she forced to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER OWN ACTIONS. Going to rehab to get out of jail sounds good... but I don't think that's going to help her with all the other issues in her life.. namely, not having to be responsible for anything she every does wrong.

1324 days ago
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