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Anderson Cooper

Attacked in Egypt

2/2/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anderson Cooper and his CNN news crew claim they were punched, kicked and shoved by a violent mob of pro-Mubarak supporters in Cairo early this morning.

Anderson Cooper Attacked
Cooper claims he and his team were trying to get to a spot in between the two sides of protesters in Tahrir Square -- when they were attacked.

Cooper claims the mob tried to break his team's camera -- because they didn't want to be on film --  when the violence escalated and men began to punch members of the news crew in the head.

0202_anderson_cooper_miniAnderson explained, "The instinct is try to punch back ... but in a situation like that you really can't because that just inflames the crowd all the more ... so all we could do is just try to walk as quickly as possible, stay together and seek a safe location which is where we are now."


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Sometimes you honestly need to just stay in NYC and go mountain biking on the streets of Manhattan with your boyfriend - it's safer.

1360 days ago

Hey Now    

Not the face!!!

1360 days ago


What do you expect when you are in a country that is in the middle of an uprising!! Makes sense that things will turn violent!!!

1360 days ago


Obviously, CNN has affiliate correspondents in Egypt who wouldn't have so blatantly drawn attention to themselves. Just as obviously, the visually NOT Egyptian Cooper wanted the free "face-time" and was sent packing. Not so surprising, is it.

1360 days ago


They have tried very hard to keep violence out of it. BUT today their LEADER... YES, Their Leader set this up so his followers and those he paid (which are small in comparison) come in with rocks, bricks, knives and fire bombs. NOW, WHO IS WRONG HERE. That leader needs to listen to his people... he needs to step down NOW. Today my prayers go with the people of Egypt.

1360 days ago


We are glad Mary got beat up.

Tonight she will be SHOOTING all over herself thinking about it!

1360 days ago

Jackie if Arabs give a crap about CNN. They knock you if u stay in their way. Hope next time Cooper you don't stand in the middle of Arabs. Now your story will sale more i boy

1360 days ago


I'm watching CNN right now. Anderson is safely off the street and you wouldn't believe the amount of molitov ****tails people are throwing at eachother. It's getting horrible now as night sets it. This is just crazy and I pray that the United States doesn't get involved anymore than Obamas statement yesterday. We don't need to be hated in that region anymore than we are. If I were Israel I would have my finger on the panic button about now.

1360 days ago


I am amazed by the idiocy on this board. Cooper is a reporter. Its his job to be where the news is and this is it. How was he complaining? He was just telling what happened. More Americans have been killed in Chicago this year than in the middle east. If I walk down the street in Chicago and someone busts a cap in my ass,am I complaining or just telling what happened?

1360 days ago


Sorry, no sympathy here for anyone who would willingly put themselves in the middle of an ultra-violent situation in a foreign country. I can't believe that Anderson doesn't have enough pull at CNN to refuse to go to Egypt. What a dumbass.

1360 days ago

R Find    

A Danish reporter was also attacked earlier today. It seems to be Mubarak-supporters. Let´s hope the reporters are allowed to continue their important job telling the world about a very corrupt system.

1360 days ago


What a Puss. "your instinct is to punch back" come on Cooper you didn't have a handbag with you so how could you punch back. Believe it or not people are really tired of your whining and cpmplaining. Go back to Greenwich Village and hang with your girls I mean boys or whatever they are

1360 days ago


Anderson- get out of ther girrrl

1360 days ago


You people on this site have no idea what is happening here, you speak as if you have no common sense. This will be the greatest event in our history if the people of Egypt should receive their reform and democracy. Anderson Cooper is recording probably the greatest story in his career and you make these stupid dumb remarks. People are dying right now in those streets because they want democracy. My prayers.

1360 days ago


I believe him...I guess. But, it seems like the pro-Mubarak side would be happy with Americans since the U.S. supported Mubarak during his entire regime, not to mention the Jimmy Carter, Camp David agreement which placed Egypt on equal footing with Israel from the U. S. diplomatic perspective, plus billions of dollars in U. S. aid for many years. Is he sure it was Mubarak supporters who attacked them???

1360 days ago
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