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Anderson Cooper

Attacked in Egypt

2/2/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anderson Cooper and his CNN news crew claim they were punched, kicked and shoved by a violent mob of pro-Mubarak supporters in Cairo early this morning.

Anderson Cooper Attacked
Cooper claims he and his team were trying to get to a spot in between the two sides of protesters in Tahrir Square -- when they were attacked.

Cooper claims the mob tried to break his team's camera -- because they didn't want to be on film --  when the violence escalated and men began to punch members of the news crew in the head.

0202_anderson_cooper_miniAnderson explained, "The instinct is try to punch back ... but in a situation like that you really can't because that just inflames the crowd all the more ... so all we could do is just try to walk as quickly as possible, stay together and seek a safe location which is where we are now."


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All the American reporting about Egypt is about how this effects israel and the USA. The Zionist/racist jew media like CNN couldn't care less about Egypt, the Middle East or ANYTHING else.

1358 days ago


PS. Anderson Cooper is a crypto-jew, like Rupert Murdoch of FOX "news".

If you want to learn the TRUTH about what's happening in the Midle East, DON'T go to jew media that supports APARTHEID israel like CNN, Fox, MSNBC or ANY of the Networks, watch Al Jazeera (or at least English - which is also run by a jew (Burman).

1358 days ago


I guess i am sheltered but i just found out hes gay.....ohh i so see him in a new light now....before he seemed so hot and sexy and composed and now? yuck

1358 days ago


Being simultaneously attacked by several young dark scruffy macho men? Ahhh.....for Anderson Cooper, that's most likely a sexual fantasy.

1358 days ago


Guys, I know arabic...the ppl around him were screaming "no one touch him, Let him go"...indead if u c the hands they were trying to cover him", I think he passed by mistake in the street of Mubark's outlaw milishias mobs!
Mr. Anderson, what where u doing btween the supportes of Mubarak? He is a pig! like all arab leaders supported by the US :P ! they sign a a deal to give the US what it wants in the middle east, in return the US turn a bild eye to there mafia actions and crimes!

1357 days ago


Really Anderson? Were you expecting to be greeted with hugs and kisses? Now its all over the CNN on how he was beaten instead of focusing on the crisis in egypt. boo hoo!

1356 days ago

robert schwartz    

all cable news network people have no business being there.
and why do newscasters can depart and arrive at any time they want to meanwhile all other Americans have to pay a fortune and wait forever at the airport to go home

1356 days ago

Jerry G.    

Well, I have a different issue and I cannot seem to reach A.C. any other way. There is a middle aged couple on at 7:45 Pacific coast, Wed. The man seems to be turned down for a new heart. They both seem to be very LARGE people! What is the guys medical history? Did he eat himself to death? If so, why in heck should the people buy him a new heart? Same thing with smokers. "I can't stop" they say. Well, the dummies always stop! They die horribly, expensively, and at great length. Why should the populace pay for this? Let them die in their own beds.

1344 days ago
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