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Charlie Sheen:

Thanks For Having

My Back Boss

2/2/2011 8:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen compares himself to legendary actor -- and party animal -- Errol Flynn ... in a new statement thanking the big studio honchos for their support.


In his first statement since beginning outpatient rehab ... Charlie said, "I have a lot of work to do to be able to return the support  I have received from so many people."

Charlie continues, "I want to say "thank-you" to my fellow cast members, the crew of "Two and a Half Men", and everyone at CBS and Warner Bros., especially Les Moonves and Bruce Rosenblum for their concern and support. "

He wraps it up with a nod to Flynn, saying ... "And to my fans, your good wishes have touched me very much. Like Errol Flynn, who had to put down his sword on occasion,  I just want to say, "thank-you."



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Rikki Doxx    

His whole crew and staff are on standby all that time, not getting paid. The guy is a creep. He has all this and yet acts like some juvie.

1336 days ago

Crew Wife    

Thanking the crew???? You should be APOLOGIZING to the crew for putting everybody out of work ONCE AGAIN. What an insincere, self-absorbed comment to make.

1336 days ago


Didn't Errol Flynn die at 50 of alcoholism?
Time to surrender Charlie or die by 50. Lose the ego

1336 days ago


go screw yourself pock marked, woman beating f*&% stain.

1336 days ago


The saddest part of all that BS statement is the fact that he thinks his bosses LIKE him. The studio is a business and they would stand behind Adolf Hitler as long as he is box office, as long as people are buying tickets or watching the show. He is a commodity. If the ratings drop because people will not watch this arrogant putz, then they would drop him so fast his wrinkled neck would snap off his ugly head. Charlie only has friends and women that he pays for. What a sick, sad idiot he is, and he will end up alone, abandoned by the children that he embarrasses with his behavior, by any self respecting woman who would be revolted by his behavior. His parents and the parasite photographers will be the only ones at his graveside.

1336 days ago


Love you so much Charlie, hang in there! Catch ya on the flip side!

1336 days ago


Give me a break! This consummate loser is now comparing himself to Errol Flynn! Sorry Charlie, but you wouldn't be worthy to carry Errol Flynn's ................and you certainly aren't worthy to wear his tights! All I can say is the audacity of money and fame certainly isn't wasted on Charlie's ego!

1336 days ago


I am glad Charlie is getting back on the good side of thing, anyone who used drugs before will tell you how easy to skid into it when you are under a lots of pressure.

Charlie is a great actor and I wish he can recover back is health.

PS : Charlie if you read this, ditch the drug addiction and embrace the video game addiction =P It is a lots cheaper to afford than cocaine and whores.

1336 days ago


Charlie Sheen is no Errol Flynn, good as he is. It is a shame he will not live to see his multiple young children grow up if he doesn't make serious changes in his life style soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

1336 days ago


Charlie's only real problem is that he just can't reconcile the vast wealth they keep handing him for doing so god dam little in this world of any REAL value! That, in fact, is the problem with all of these young so-called stars. They KNOW how ridiculous the entire system is but keep taking the cash. If you wonder just "what" it is that is causing all the suicide attempts by the likes of Charlie, Lindsay, Paris et al, it's a natural response to uselessness. I say, ship Charlie and the lot off to Egypt. Drop them off in Cairo, and give them some REAL purpose, fighting alongside of some of the bravest people on the planet right now, who are forced to fight for what the lot of them toss away on a daily basis.

1336 days ago

lil harvey    

You cannot help someone who doesn't think they have a problem. Charlie is a very talented actor, but is also a very talented drug addict, alcholic and sex addict. When and only when He opens his eyes a accepts the facts, he is not gonna be well.



1336 days ago


Errol Flynn died in Vancouver at age 50, of a heart attack. The autopsy revealed traces of cancer, tuberculosis, malaria, cirrhosis and assorted venereal diseases; his body was, in the words of the coroner, "that of a 75 year-old man."

Read more:

1336 days ago


That's Charlie's problem. Everyone has his back and enables this train wreck.

1336 days ago


Rehab your way your home away from cameras..I knew you would do it this way..and not on celluoid..moderation my man..25 years doing good !! Nice try..with the porn star mansion..Hugh Hefner has that covered..predecessor..I think so !!

1336 days ago


Hum...what a gigantic ******* with an ego. Now if he were a woman what would people be saying?-nothing good.

1336 days ago
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