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'Golden Voice' -- Steak Night in Beverly Hills

2/2/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ted "Golden Voice" Williams made his triumphant return to the spotlight last night, dining at one of the most expensive steak houses in Beverly Hills -- so what made him suddenly clam up???


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He looks like Obama before an Extreme Make Over HA HA

1298 days ago


It doesn't take long for celebrity to go to someone's head. A short time ago he was grateful for the attention, and now his self-regard has swelled to the point that he has a bodyguard and is too good to be videoed. If the bodyguard made contact with the cameraman he should be arrested.

1298 days ago


Is this the same crackhead-drunk who was happy to be on camera 2mo ago...

Ain't life funny like that.

1298 days ago


Just photos! Just photos!

Yeah...if they want to hear those golden's $ upfront!

1298 days ago

Davey Boy    

I used to like this guy and his "rags to riches" story, but please...

you're too big of a star to be videotaped now? Photos only because his voice is so "golden" no one should hear it unless they pay for it.

1298 days ago


I was really hoping the best for this guy. Then I heard him on Dr. Phil telling his daughter, "I'm going to buy you a Louis Vuitton bag." All he seems to be interested in is the celebrity and the money. His 15 minutes are almost up.

1298 days ago

TMZ is racist    

No jealousy here - just disgust. A conman is all Ted is- he fakes the "radio voice" its not how he really speaks. Ted will be cracking it up by next week- then maybe he will run for mayor and get elected by people that "feel bad" for him...!He is a piece of sh*t father that only cares about getting his free ride in Beverly Hills. Pathetic. He is as fake and scamming as his lookalike- Barry Obama.

1298 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

They do not want video because his voice makes money. Who ae his handlers?

1298 days ago


Do you guys really think, it's that easy tochange yourself after so many years of selfabuse and when suddenly you get a second chance and suddenly a whole contry wants apiece of you. So many who got famous destroyed their lives, because they couldn't handle the fame.

And you think a drug- and alcohol-addict for decades can handle that better in no time?? Really??

That's a "new-born-christian"-mentality, thinking someone can change from one second to another. But that would be a miracle, and this doesn't happen to everyone!!

Healing takes time, specially in his situation and that long addictiuon-history and so less REAL support in the beginning!

Cut this guy some slack, you bunch of merciless and some of you racist haters!

1298 days ago


How much money has this man made in the brief moment he has become a "celebrity"? I truly don't understand why he got so much attention anyway. When I turn on the radio I hear people with voices like his all the time. That this man made news all throughout the US tells me how doomed we are to becoming the people in the movie "Idiocracy". The media feeds us garbage and the majority of the population gets sucked in to such nonsense.

1297 days ago


Everyone I talk to about Ted agrees that HE DOES NOT HAVE A GREAT VOICE. He sorta has a funny lisp and it is not a good broadcasting voice.

It is almost as if someone has made a bet that ANYONE can become famous if pushed into it properly. And they pushed him to win a bet.

Here's my bet: He will go back to being homeless and die on the streets pimping his girlfriend, like he was before.

1297 days ago


This guy is a walking timebomb. This thing is all going to blow up catastrophically real soon.

1297 days ago


Wake up TED your 5 minutes is over. You want that life you got it.Your money will be gone before you know it. I Feel bad for you mother and family. This just shows the power of addiction. I hope your girlfriend says away and has a new life

1297 days ago


Only in America. I'm starting to understand why foreigners look at Americans like they're at a Zoo looking at animals.

1297 days ago


wow, there sure are a lot of angry, nasty comments here, when williams is out there looking good and evidently sober.
he is probably in, or, going into, outpatient treatment as he said, so, what more do you want?
i say good luck to him with his health and chosen work!

1296 days ago
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