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Halle Berry's Baby Daddy Hurled 'N' Word at Her

2/2/2011 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry's baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, called Halle the 'N' word, and routinely demeaned her with other vulgarities ... sources connected with Halle tell TMZ.


We're told ... in addition to calling her the "N" word, he would also call her a "f**king bitch" and other expletives.  And the vulgarities are not limited to face-to-face confrontations.  There are vulgar text messages as well.

As one source told TMZ, "He constantly demeaned her.  It was awful."

Gabriel's reps have not returned our calls.

Halle Berry


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GET HIM HALLE protect ur cash and ur daughter. He just looks like a sleaze, I can't wait for the dirt to come out.

1325 days ago


I do not believe her she's been married how many that in it's self say's allot about her

1325 days ago


I am just curious..does anyone think that she will go to the same lengths as Ox to fabricate evidence against GA?

1325 days ago


Look on TMZ and see how much that word is used, along with other racial slurs...Don't act like no one uses that word. He said it just like Mel Gibson said it, waiting on the texts!!!!!

1325 days ago


Does this guy have a job?! I can understand him traveling with her sometimes to look after the baby, but who wants a man that's always home?! He must be the gold digger.

Halle, look for a common dude and make sure he signs the pre-nup; you'll be a lot happier with someone that is not in the business. PERIOD!!

1325 days ago


It's impossible that this woman chooses abusive men over and over again, repeating psychological abuse patterns set in place by her abusive father and mother?

I think she needs therapy but it is not outside of the realm of possibilities that she dates men who treat her poorly and that she feels loved that way because she's mirroring what she saw growing up and is satisfying set neuropathology?

Self awareness and therapy. I believe her. She was fronting before just like with David Justice and Eric Benet. She just needs to blow the whistle way sooner next time.

1325 days ago


Halle Berry is probably lying; and stooping to a low level putting such personal things in the press. The courts will make the decision not the public that can't possibly know the truth.

1325 days ago

that girl    

That's ****ed up. That ****** was good enough for you to have a baby with, now Gabe wants to disrespect Halle and call her a ******. He just wants her money and he shouldn't get a ****ing dime...

1325 days ago


Nowhere did it state that GA was asking for anything other than joint custody of his daughter. Why are ppl taking about pre-nups and telling her to protect her money??? WTH

1325 days ago


It's really sad that for one of the world's most beautiful women and great actresses seems to attract these d-bags.

She needs to go to therapy to understand why she keep attracting these guys. She deserves better. Like me!

1325 days ago


Wow she really picks some winners. Maybe she'll shack up with Charlie Sheen next and have another kid. Then her collection of loser exes will be complete.

1325 days ago


She's on the front cover of People Magazine with the heading: "Battle for her Daughter" IS SHE FOR REAL??? IT'S 'THEIR' DAUGHTER NOT 'HER' DAUGHTER!!! Stop using your daughter as a weapon to get back at Gabe. You're going to lose a lot of fans if you keep this fight up. It's NOT about you, stop being so selfish.

1325 days ago


First of all, Halle needs a psychological evaluation. It seems nothing is ever her fault it is always the man she picks. Her judgement skills are not the best in picking me but in this case I really do not believe this. Once again she wants to be seen as the "better person" and the victim.
Halle YOU need to get help if you want to set a good example for your child!

1325 days ago


awww hell berry is going to play the race card.

1325 days ago


Halle may be a beautiful woman..but something is OBVIOUSLY wrong with her. Her string of failed marriages and relationships CAN'T POSSIBLY be the fault of all these men. And of course throwing the "N" word accusation is suppose to get everyone all RILED UP. Not this black chick. She got issues.Plain and SIMPLE!

1325 days ago
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