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Halle Berry's Baby Daddy Hurled 'N' Word at Her

2/2/2011 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry's baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, called Halle the 'N' word, and routinely demeaned her with other vulgarities ... sources connected with Halle tell TMZ.


We're told ... in addition to calling her the "N" word, he would also call her a "f**king bitch" and other expletives.  And the vulgarities are not limited to face-to-face confrontations.  There are vulgar text messages as well.

As one source told TMZ, "He constantly demeaned her.  It was awful."

Gabriel's reps have not returned our calls.

Halle Berry


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You all should leave K_FED alone!!

1336 days ago



1336 days ago


Everytime Halle Berry breaks up with someone, she claims they were abusive! How many men is this now?

It's pretty old and low considering the child they share- and Gabriel has been the one raising Nahla when Halle is at work. All he wanted was stability for their daughter, and now she's coming up with this?

1336 days ago


She is one mixed up nasty cow. She is half white, but she called herself black, embraced her "blackness" and the black father who abused and neglected her and her mother. She went on and on about how proud she was to be black, crapping all over her white mother. Then she chose to get naked and make a baby with a white man, and now she whines that he called a nigword. She has the rep of being haughty, rude, loud and nasty. Give the kid to the father and never let this horrid woman near the child again.

1336 days ago


OOOOOOOOOOh are we suppose to feel sorry for Halle? She is one idiot. She is reminding me more and more of Oskanka!!!!

No wonder none of her relationships ever work....

1336 days ago


Smear campaign...

...text proof? HA! Anyone could've send that text.
Hell, I wouldn't put it past Halle herself to sneak a text from his phone to set him up.

Nahla deserves to see her father as much as her mother. Suck it up, Halle. Sorry that it interferes with your travel plans.

1336 days ago


Let's get something straight, the truth is undeniable. One cannot say her story, his story and the truth. If he called her out of her name then that is the truth period and just for the record when couples have arguments many things are stated in the heat of passion. So what she gushed over him in the beginning, she did not know him long. That one of the reasons the divorce rate is so high...What kind of man asks for custody and then says oh by the way give me some money to help me support my kid. This is how it goes, you have your opinion and I have mine and then reality kicks in and other than the parties involved, the truth is hidden. All us need to mind our business and perhaps these kinds of stories will not become so "sen"sationalized.

1336 days ago


GHETTO Halle, she can let her true colors show.

Wait till her latest white guy dumps her ass too!

I hope they take her kid away from her and give it to Aubry!!

1336 days ago

Tom Shattuck    

There it is the "N" word again!!! This women can't keep man no matter what color he is. She's had the beater, the cheater and now the "N" word user.

1336 days ago


Canadians don't say such things. In French or English.
This is very suspect.
And if he called her names, I'm pretty certain she called him names, too.

1336 days ago


I don't believe her AT ALL!!! I really think that this chick is really mentally unstable. Maybe Child protective services should check her out.

1336 days ago


So now she's pulling the, "N" card? I've always loved Halle Berry but at this juncture I believe she is just on a smear campaign to get what she wants, sole custody of her daughter and she will pull out all stops to get what she wants, which proves she is nothing but a spoiled little wretch.

I agree, every relationship that goes sideways she pulls the victim card out. She must think we forget about this stuff. NOT!

Grow up Ms. Berry. What comes around goes around.

1336 days ago


@133 GHETTO HALLE?? and u people think he didn't use the n..word..HA!

1336 days ago


@139 wtf, now I'm convinced he said it..LOOK A U!

1336 days ago


I am siging off...I cannot believe some of these comments come from human beings...ladden with hate and lack of sensitivity and some are just plain...FATHER help us all..We need YOU! I am sure that will stir up another round of fun...have at it..I am out...

1336 days ago
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