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Gabriel Aubry Is a 'Borderline Racist' ... Says Ex-GF

2/3/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of Gabriel Aubry's ex-girlfriends tells TMZ Aubry used to spew anti-black racial slurs so often ... she couldn't believe it when he hooked up with Halle Berry.


The woman -- who dated Aubry from 2003 to 2005 -- tells TMZ he was "very disrespectful to women" for the entirety of their two-year relationship.

In fact, the woman also claims Gabriel "has always been a borderline racist."

As TMZ previously reported -- sources connected to Halle tell us Gabriel routinely demeaned her with vulgarities ... including the N-word.

However, the woman claims Gabriel never once laid a hand on her during their relationship.

We're told the ex plans on reaching out to Halle through mutual friends in the near future to offer support.

Calls to Gabriel's camp have not been returned.

Halle Berry


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The problem appears to be with Halle Berry and her ex, and nothing to do with their child. Yet another failed relationship, but this time Halle has their daughter to use as a tool to get what she wants. Doesn't say much for her as a mother.

1168 days ago


Ok, this is a good one! As a BLACK WOMAN and as one who dated WHITE men, this does happen! Even when I was in Germany, some German Women, who were married to black men, were racist! Believe it or not Halle's ex can be racist! Halle is a beautiful BLACK WOMAN, and she should have dumped him the first time he said the "N" word! And that's her bad! It never gets better after that, it get's worse! And what's up with him wanting child support? Doesn't he have money? Does she ask him for child support, NO!!!!!! Bottom line is, if he uses the "N" word now, he will use it in front of the little girl!

1167 days ago


Actually I knew a couple where the guy was white, the woman black and he was a racist and wouldn't let the kids go around other blacks. I also work with a woman who dates a guy who is always talking about how gross fat women are, and she's fat, although she doesn't think so, and in fact he's fat too. It takes all kinds. To sit and comment on these people's personalities is stupid. We don't know these people. We see what they show us. For all we know he could be an abusive racist, and with her track record with guys it wouldn't surprise me. Some people have a habit of getting jerks. She may be rich and famous and beutiful but maybe she has issues with something about herself that keeps her hooking up with abusive guys. Just because someone seems to have it all does not mean that they do. And just because he's "cute", if you like the type, doesn't mean he doesn't have issues of his own. Sometimes it's the rich ones who have the most issues and they need the money and fame to feel better about themselves when they should be using that money to get help.

1167 days ago


you know folks, sometimes certain individuals aren't who they want the public to perceive them to be, maybe this explains why so many ignorant people tend to side with the person whom they know not.

1167 days ago

Brenda Talley    

Halle you need some help from the mental health community. I some articles you stated that Gabriel was a good man and a wonderful father how in such a short time he is now this evil man. Halle you didn't have a father in your life don't this to your daughter,so many men don't even care here is a daddy who wants to be in his child's life. Please get some help!!!!!!!!

1167 days ago


Halle is forever choosing the wrong man. She only got with Aubry to have a baby. Everybody knew all Halle wanted out the deal was a baby. Now Aubry wants to play daddy. Halle should have just went to the Sperm Store and been done. Now Aubry is trying to take Halle's life by way of the courts. Oh, and by the way does it really matter if the child is green, blue,or purple. It is horrible for a child when mommy and daddy don't get along.

1166 days ago


hey mr.saleo you have no idea of what your talking about,if your race was inslaved and brought here against your will then you can speak on it if not shut tha f... up!

1166 days ago


That doesn't surprise me. I believe most whites are borderline racist just as most blacks, spanish etc. I call it the survivor instinct gone amuck. And for those who say they aren't I believe they're full of it because the minute it comes to who will get the better position or who deserves to have more money or who deserves the best of everything race will come up and any other perk in order to obtain what is wanted. And if the person knows it's a race not seen in a favorable light the person will use it to his or her advantage to get what they want. It's used all the time in politics as well. Our society unfortunately is influenced heavily by race and perception in order for the status quo to maintain their wealth. And if we're honest certain races were just not meant to have a piece of the pie. I don't go along with this form of thought but unfortunately that's how our country has been opeating for years. That's why blacks haven't done as well as they should have and could have because our system is set up against them. And there are only a few whites who acknowledge this as being true and a few hidden organizations who are also very aware of it as well.

1165 days ago


all the judge is going to want to know if he called her or the child a ****** or if he did something bad in the presence of the child. if no, then halle can give up getting full custody , the best she can get is joint. sorry halle but ur going to have to deal with this guy for the next 18 years. he may be a bum but he is still the baby daddy.

1164 days ago


Isn't it funny how this board refuse to bash Gabriel.
The article is about Gabriel being a borderline racist, yet
most a bashing Halle.

I agree with Halle and I don't see what the hell she saw in this
scrub in the first place.

1163 days ago


Halle was in an abusive relationship when she was in college. Just because she is rich and famous doesn't mean that she has not been abused by her lover/s. We will NEVER know the full story but we do know that if she stayed it had nothing to do with him being a perfect man and everything to do with her being a fractured human being.

913 days ago


I think we all need to do better about how we feel about other races, genders and lifestyles...ignorance can be changed with an open heart and mind which doesn't mean you have to be open to stupidity but open to getting to know someone for who they are and not what you were will stay ignorant if you keep yourself closed and if you keep believing sterotypes...growth and maturity starting from now and moving forward...Jesus, stop all this back and forth...all of us are here to stay so deal with it

782 days ago
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