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Ex of Halle Berry's Ex Warns of Hoochies on the Side

2/2/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who dated Gabriel Aubry just before Halle Berry hooked up with him tells TMZ ... she warned Halle ... Gabriel was a money-grubbing dog who had a thing for very young women.

Page Bogart -- an investment banker --  tells TMZ, "Gabriel's entire motivation has always been money," adding, "I tried to warn Halle early on but I guess she didn't want to believe it."

Page, who dated Gabriel five years ago, says he raged at her -- accusing her of leaking unflattering information about him to the media  -- and she gave us one of his voicemails to make her point.

Page says she saw Halle at a Miami Beach golf club and told her all about Gabriel, to no avail.

Page says she knows when Gabriel started dating Halle, "He had a few Latin hoochies on the side," but Halle wouldn't hear about it.


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I know "Page Bogart", which is not her real name. I was friends with her when she supposedly "dated" Gabriel Aubry in miami 5 years ago. This story about Gabriel Aubrey is one big fat lie, trust me, I know, I was there. Page stalked Gabriel Aubrey and started telling everyone she was dating him. He didn't even know who she was. Page used to pay the guys at the golf course to call her when he showed up to play golf. She would go running over there to try to talk to him. He was never interested in Page and she never went out with this guy! Page never met Halle Berry, never talked to Halle Berry....once Gabriel met Halle, he was never seen in Miami again. I cant believe this conniving crazy bitch is trying to get her name in the press by lying about this guy. Page is one of the craziest people I've ever met. She had a habit of stalking different men around Miami. She stalked a young NFL player for almost a year. You should really be more careful about checking your facts before you print this stuff. I used to think TMZ was one of the best sources of celebrity news, but now I'm not so sure since I know this story is a flat out lie.

1324 days ago


Exactly why does she have his voicemails from 5 years ago????? Perhaps someone was looking to cash in at some point???

1324 days ago


This is a bitter, jealous and scorned woman who kept a tape, which does not show much,for 5 years. Tlak about holding a grudge and not moving on.

1324 days ago


Why is Frenchie copping an American accent? "You betta cawl this **** off"

1324 days ago


Sour grapes.

1324 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Never trust, nor believe, any women who has a cigar in her hand.

1324 days ago


Well Miamigurl.. there is evidence that Halle came back to Miami beach with Gabe and played golf there two days, in May of 2006 so do your own research before mouthing off... and if you knew Page you would know she had it going on so she didn't have to stalk anyone.. Gabe owned property in Miami so he came back constantly without Halle and with her.. there are photos of them on the course, at dinner... so if you know Page and wanna set her straight.. I'm sure TMZ can arrange a meeting... holla

1324 days ago


Honestly... this voicemail doesn't sound so terribly rage-filled to me. Yeah, he uses a few swear words and is clearly cross but he doesn't sound like a pyscho like Mel Gibson or Christian Bale.

Maybe Gabriel IS a gold-digger; I wouldn't know. But KFed is a gold-digger and has turned out to (apparently) be a pretty decent father to Britney's 2 sons.

1324 days ago


you guys are sick.. you let pretty boy floyd fook you guys because he looks nice and he looks soft spoken and Halle is the big bad lady.. why because she wants to be loved.. open your eyes it's a reason why she does not want him around.. something is not right with him.. i have been there.. nobody wants to believe all the time when someone looks so innocent on the outside.. that's her BABY GIRL.. she will do anything to protect her.. stop bashing her.. there's something mentally wrong with this guy..Halle keep your head up and keep doing what you need to do to protect your daughter. Halle did not have a father in her life, I thing she would not want nothing more that for her daugher to know her dad.. but just because he is the dad, does not make him a good father.. wake up people!!

1324 days ago


Halle be humble and graceful
Gab be humble and graceful
Mistakes is not today but tomorrow.

1324 days ago


Seriously?? Now this has become crazier!! This woman is a fame whore and the fact that she looks like one! what is all about latin hoochies?? that sounds a little racist to me!!

1324 days ago


What is it about a woman that continues to choose these effed up men??

1324 days ago


OK, Pras and Miamigurl, sorry, Pras, but I can concur and support what Miamigurl is saying to be true. I had the unfortunate bad luck of meeting Page Bogart also in Miami Beach. Yes, not really her birth name. Who is she really? Did TMZ really check there sources to find out who she is and what her history is. I'm just glad she is gone from Miami as she really needed to go as she essentially burned all her bridges and her crazy antics were known all over town. She obviously has some sort of medical problem and personality disorder whether it be anti-social personality disorder or borderline personality disorder or ???. I'm just saying the truth. I have so many stories of her that I will not go into at this point. She did not date Gabrielle Aubrey. She should really be careful with messing with someone who may have more resources than herself. That's Page, always stirring a pot. Funny she uses the term hoochie momma's frequently. Take a closer look at her trying to disguise herself as the all American blonde! LOL! I do know it to be true that Gabrielle Aubrey and Halle Berry have indeed been seen in Miami Beach since 2005 as I believe he still owns a condo here on the golf course unless it has now been sold. You should not trust anything from this source Page Bogart as she is a total nut job that I don't even know that she knows what the truth is. I feel sorry for Gabrielle Aubrey that he made the news to trigger her starting up all this non-sence. It is true she stalked young NFL players here in Miami Beach as well. They need to be cautious if their name hits the news. Thank God we don't have to look at that wack job around town anymore in that red Porsche convertible and her poor little dog!

1324 days ago


Oh, read this article again. Absolutely no truth to her having met Halle Berry at the golf course and warning her about Gabrielle Aubrey. I see she is doing all the same BS in LA now. She probably burned her bridges in NYC, then Miami, now it's LA. Where will she go next! LOL!

1324 days ago


Gabriel - Ça ne te tente pas de revenir à Montréal pour échapper cette merde qui t'envahie à Hollywood? Toi et ta petite Nahla méritez tellement mieux... Bonne chance.

1324 days ago
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