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Ex of Halle Berry's Ex Warns of Hoochies on the Side

2/2/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who dated Gabriel Aubry just before Halle Berry hooked up with him tells TMZ ... she warned Halle ... Gabriel was a money-grubbing dog who had a thing for very young women.

Page Bogart -- an investment banker --  tells TMZ, "Gabriel's entire motivation has always been money," adding, "I tried to warn Halle early on but I guess she didn't want to believe it."

Page, who dated Gabriel five years ago, says he raged at her -- accusing her of leaking unflattering information about him to the media  -- and she gave us one of his voicemails to make her point.

Page says she saw Halle at a Miami Beach golf club and told her all about Gabriel, to no avail.

Page says she knows when Gabriel started dating Halle, "He had a few Latin hoochies on the side," but Halle wouldn't hear about it.


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OK, Pras and Miamigurl, I can concur with Miamigurl as I too had the unfortunate lack of luck to have met up with this crazy woman in Miami Beach. Trust me when I tell you Page Bogart, again not her real name, has some sort of personality disorder. My best advice to TMZ as I'm not trying to be nasty or vindictive in anyway is to really check your information before you believe someone and print a story. Trust me when I say she essentially had to leave MIami Beach as she was a nut job that was being found out all over the place. I have many stories of craziness with her that I won't go into. She was not Gabrielle Aubrey's girlfriend, she stalked him and I witnessed it and her delusions of a past relationship with him. I honestly can not believe she has carried this on from that many years ago. She's going to get herself in trouble taking on someone that may have more resources than herself. I believe totally that she is a stalker. It is true regarding her essentially playing games and stalking very young NFL players here in Miami that wanted nothing to do with her. Trust me, she didn't have it going on! LOL! Yes and "Crazy" maybe as to your remark she used that term frequently "Latin Hoochies" LOL! She's trying to disguise herself as the "all American" blond. Take a closer look, where do you really think she's from? LOL! Oh and Page, nice boob job!

1367 days ago

Team Aubry    

So now everybody knows this poor girl who came out to show some of his true colors that were hidden for so long... I also know Page Bogart, she's not latin not is she hiding anything, she is a standup girl who has her own resources from hard work not by being a stareffer and so she's not afraid of anyone... she played golf with many NFL and NBA players while in Miami and NYC and Rome and LA . If she was run out of Miami, why did she own her apt. there til 2009? and where did she go? Obviously she's not running, cause here she is..nor looking to get together with this loser... but since Justine, and Miamigurl know her so well, then they should try contacting her as none of her contact info has changed... sounds like desperate attempts by team Aubry to discredit anyone who has anything to say about him, including Halle.. but he's got a bigger fight so maybe all his resources or what he took from Halle, should be reserved for the fight he's got going on...or maybe it's a couple of 3rd string NFL players themselves who are sore she never dated them who have to come back with this slander...

From what I hear about NFL players, they're the stalkers who are getting arrested for domestic violence every day! I think that list is long..

I'm glad Page finally came forward and said what she knew of him from her experience... cause no one had up to now...

But I guess now she knows she was lucky to escape his grasp and all the other losers and posers Miami beach seems to attract these days for abundence of desperate girls who are looking for either a free meal or a visa...

Good luck to Gabe, cause he's gonna need it...

1367 days ago


Money hungry does NOT make an abusive father or boyfriend! Regardless of possible "hoochies" on the side - her allegations of abuse have nothing to do with this. Who isn't money hungry these days? We're all suffering in this economy - I'd knock off a bank if I could get away with it just to buy some milk and gas for my car... doesn't mean I'm an abuser, just desperate to pay bills...

1367 days ago

go home!    

Nice cigar Lady. Geesh. The guy on the tape sounds like he's from "da bronx"--

1367 days ago


Team Aubry, Honestly either this is Page writing about herself trying to make herself look like a "standup" kind of woman or someone that honestly you too are having the wool pulled over your eyes by this emotionally unstable woman. I wish no harm on her as I actually feel sorry for her as she sincerely has some kind of a mental disorder. I'm not trying to be mean or argumentative, just honest. You wouldn't have to spend to much time with her to see she has a severe problem. This is all a lie. She never met Halle Berry back at that point, I know that for a fact. She has some sort of sick obsession with him and others who's names appear in the headlines. If you are defending her as she is a friend you haven't figured her out yet and I wish you luck and advise you to open your eyes. She is not the victim here.

1367 days ago


Justine, the only one that's crazy here is you.. you seem really obsessed with Page! so either you're Gabe or some jilted x boyfriend she wouldn't give the time of day to because of Gabe...

But if you have proof of her instability, please share it with us... I happened to know her and Gabe cause I worked at the golf course where they met and were together mostly...

He didn't think she was crazy when she gave him a set of Mizuno blades for his birthday.. their Pro Ray had to give her, his measurements and we went to pick it up for her from the shop that was custom making it...

They were together all the time.. everyone saw it and knew it.. when he brought Halle back to the course, he pranced around like an arrogant fool.. the whole staff was laughing at him.

I was there when he came to visit her at the highrise she lived in Miami... I was dropping of something off for her there. They went down to the Marina and walked the dogs together.. he didn't think she was crazy then...

She has audio of him ranting at her, I know it's not much compared to Mel, but I know it upset her at the time.. if she was trying to get attention, she would have come out with this long time ago..

So you're one kind of witness and I'm another.. she was never anything but good to the crew at the club and tipped us really good, while he was so cheap..

But clearly you are really obsessed with her here..or you are Gabe???

1367 days ago

Lo From Wisco    

So, what I'm understanding is she kept voice mails for YEARS waiting for this? Yeah, okay..

1367 days ago

Team Aubry    

Sorry Justine, it seems like it's you who is obsessed with Page.. she could have been mis quoted but if that's all your stuck on, then you're weak. but if you have proof of her instability why don't you share it with us... she has tapes of Gabe going off on her, I know compared to Mel, it's not much but at the time for some one who isn't used to this, I'm sure it was hard on her..I happened to see him visit her at the high rise she lived in Miami... I saw them together on the golf course constantly, eating at the bar in the restaurant. I saw him drive by Starbucks where he was stalking her in the beginning.. so you are one kind of witness and I am another.

And if she was trying to get attention as opposed to just reveal the real Gabe she knew, then she would have come out with this a while back..

So the only one that seems obsessed here is you with Her??

Maybe Halle and her met in the bathroom of the MBGC. Maybe they talked on the range when Gabe when to get balls...? were you there... I was, I worked there and I knew her and him...

He brought Halle in and prounced around like an arrogant pea****...the staff at the time was laughing at him..

He did like the golf clubs she gave him as present though.. he took the Mizuno Blades for his birthday.. he didn't seem to think she was stalking him then...Their golf pro had to give her measurements for his swing... we had to go pick it up for her at the shop..

Go get your facts're 3rd hand gossip with no proof or Gabe himself or his silly lil manager! or a jilted x boyfriend she didn't give the time of day to because of Gabe...

1367 days ago


Send that delicious Gabriel over to me lolololol

1367 days ago


Sounds to me like Gabe's voicemail shows that he was ticked off at the Hoochie "ex" who was probably trying to blackmail him because he dumped her for Halle!

What a low blow! Who would believe the ex anyway? Obviously she is just mad because she got dumped!

1367 days ago


LMAO Team Aubry, Obsessed with Page Bogart or Kha*********! LOL! Who is she really? I don't think you even know. I had more than enough experience with this crazy and took a big step backwards. Obsessed with her! LOL! Not at all, it's just hysterical how this came out in the news and I knew her at the time. I think he was a bit weirded out by the outrageous gift of golf clubs from someone he barely knew. So crazy that a woman that is middle aged like Page has nothing else to do with her time. I would say Team Aubry who says you work at MBGC is probably Page replying anyway! Just glad she isn't around town anymore. It would be better if she went back across the Atlantic and stayed in Italy for a while until all this non-sence she has started blows over.

1367 days ago


Pras and Team Aubry is obviously the same person. Same poor style of writing and I would guess someone who's first language is not English! LOL! Why would you feel so passionate about defending Page if you just essentially waited on her at MBGC! So she had the workers from MBGC to her condo at the ICON? Come on this is probably you Page writing all this or a friend you put up to it.

1367 days ago


this is a war that gabriel started not halle - he files for paternity he goes to radar - he is pathetic - and the problem is now that he started the skeletons of the "good guy gab" will start to come out - look at people this week - his business partner is supporting halle - I'm sure there will be more french canadian girlfriends and some hookers too - halle doesn't need to do the work - they;ll show their own face. halle has no worries her sh*t is all over the net already - old news.

1367 days ago


wow you sound like one of these local Miami haters who couldn't stand her.. she used to talk about it.. well we miss her here.. you sound like you couldn't wait for her to pack up and leave cause you were jealous... you put her name out there.. but you don't give your real name... scared much?

Sounds like you know her but no much about her and Gabe... sounds like a jilted fat guy who wanted her and never got a shot at the title or a jealous latin hoochie who wanted her man and her car and her friends.. which includes a lot of us here in Miami and LA and NYC...

1366 days ago


Yeah real abusive! Let's save a voicemail for 5 yrs for my 5 mins.. GO AWAY ALREADY!!!

1366 days ago
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